Dr. "Aura"'s Personnel File

Dr. Aura

Name: Dr. Aurora "Aura" ██████ Vesta

Security Clearance: Level 2

Duties: Xenoveterinarian, Habitat Consultant for Safe/Euclid Animal SCPs

Location: Based at Site-17, though travels where needed.

History: Born in ██████, Ireland in 19██, Aura came the attention of the Foundation during the discovery of SCP-███ which had been brought to her veterinary clinic in █████. She had already assessed its unusual differences, contained the animal and provided a full list of habitat requirements and dietary recommendations to the containment team upon their arrival. Her evaluation upon employment has noted her as 'Friendly, open-minded with one hell of a stubborn streak especially where her work is concerned'. She has also been noted to be incredibly trusting of the Foundation staff in general, though whether that is a good or bad thing remains yet to be seen.

Aura works on the principle that even though an SCP animal may need containment, a good habitat may make them less likely to attempt containment breach.

Additional Notes: "Can you please stop asking me to look at SCPs that are objects made to look like animals? I deal with the flesh and blood creatures, not ones made of bullets or trees." - Dr. Aura

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