Dr. Anborough's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Charles Anborough

Security Clearance: Level 4

Location: Site-59

History: Born ██/██/19██ in █████ ████, ██. Former nuclear physicist at ███. Recruited by the Foundation after one of his experiments accidentally transported himself and a portion of his laboratory to █████, France. The anomalous event has not been reproduced. Dr. Anborough is currently the director of Sites 59 & 117.

Profile: Dr. Anborough is 1.8 meters tall and weighs 81 kg. He is currently in stable health but is hindered by a gunshot wound in his right calf. To date, Anborough has given 45 different explanations for this injury. The angle of impact on the wound, however, suggests that [DATA EXPUNGED]1. Due to this disability, Anborough utilizes a crutch, and has been known to occasionally poke his subordinates with said implement. Anborough possesses a notable dry wit and will often insist that works by Igor Stravinsky be played in his presence. Due to this, Site-59 is stocked with multiple versions of "Petrushka", "The Rite of Spring", and "The Firebird Suite".

SCP Articles Authored:

SCP-1769: The Beloved
SCP-1428: Jinwu
SCP-1734: The Hole in the Deck
SCP-1815: A Mercurial Doppelganger
SCP-1847: The Rake
SCP-1748: The Dragon's Legacy
SCP-1824: A Mother's Son
SCP-1838: Bob
SCP-1518: The Bubble Fountain
SCP-861: A Fallen Angel2
SCP-1527: Our Bellmaker, Our Radiant Skies
SCP-1514: Star Wars
SCP-1745: Phantom Helicopter
SCP-1823: Rock in a Hard Place
SCP-1649: Heck and Becker's Timely Hour
SCP-1537: The Words of Akul'hil
SCP-813: Glass Shard3
SCP-2700: Teleforce4
SCP-631: Nyctophobic Nocturnal Predator5
SCP-1629: Ready or Not
SCP-2400: Temporal Dilation Facility
SCP-2814: Heretic of the Torch
SCP-2995: Radiant Son
SCP-2585: Savage Mountain
SCP-2675: The Cradle
SCP-3418: Devourer of Flames
SCP-3965: Zhulong

Tales Authored:

The O5 Orientation
I'll See You Next Time
His Kind Eyes
The Man in Orange

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