Dr. Aeish's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Aeish (Current alias, real name ████ ████████)

Security Clearance: Level 1

Current Research Location: Site ██

Specialization: Dr. Aeish currently possesses a doctorate in Computer Science. Considerable knowledge in the fields of explosives, physics and firearms have also been recorded. He is also currently noted as owning a firearms license, even though prior to Foundation employment he was a student in the UK Education system. Reason for this has not yet been provided.

History: Dr. Aeish first came to the attention of the Foundation during Incident █████-████, when he was accidentally counted as a Foundation Agent during personnel retrieval. This was later attributed to the subject's constant wear of some form of camouflage on his person, the presence of an RIF and the same camouflage pattern as the on-site Foundation staff, due to ████ having been on an airsoft trip with his University that day. Standard amnesiac administration was suspended when he revealed knowledge of an item which would later be contained and classified as SCP-███. Dr. Aeish was returned to his place of study (████████ University) as an embedded contact, with orders to contact Site ██ with any reports of future SCP detection in the North of England.

After completing his studies, Dr. Aeish moved permanently to Site ██

Profile: Dr. Aeish has fitted in well with Foundation operating procedure, and psych reports are showing no signs of stress. Some eccentricities have been observed, most recently the storage of SCP-2383-5 in his research area for "further tinkering", however this does not currently warrant concern. Dr. Aeish can be most easily recognised as the only member of staff at Site ██ to always be wearing camouflage trousers, most usually British Type 95 DPM. However, patterns such as MARPAT have also been observed on his person. Dr. Aeish can usually be found inside Research Lab 23-A, doing "research".

No actual research results have yet been submitted.

Dr. Aeish is an extremely amicable personnel member, and will answer to many names, including, but not limited to;

  • Aeish
  • Lord British
  • "Oi you"
  • ███████

Dr. Aeish is noted for his sense of humour, however he is now banned from being present at any communication with Overseers, after Incident Omega-5. This is to prevent further incidents of jokes concerning squid, ██████, O5-█'s mother, SCP-682 [DATA EXPUNGED] or how [REDACTED] with salt.

Dr. Aeish may have been involved in the illegal smuggling of large Trichechus, along with Dr. M███ and Agent F███. An investigation is ongoing.

SCPs Filed:
SCP-207 - Cola Bottles
SCP-325 - The Detergent
SCP-521 - The Postbox
SCP-2383-J - Science

SCPs Edited:
SCP-712-J - Memetic Post-It Note

Works Submitted:
Document Alpha-Zeta-2

SCPs Under Investigation

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