Dr. Adileh Khayyam's Personnel File
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RAISA Precis Last Updated 2017-09-04

Name: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

Clearance Level: 3

Current Assignment: Humanoid Anomaly Specialist, Site-43

Biography: Born on the 6th of January, 1976 in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Adileh Khayyam was hired by the Foundation in 2003 as part of the Ethics Committee's campaign to improve the mental health of its employees. Starting work as a Junior Psychologist, Dr. Khayyam was trained as a Humanoid Anomaly Specialist after Levi-Bussard testing demonstrated an above-average aptitude at resisting the effects of cognitohazardous anomalies.

Following the completion of her training and her Masters' at Site-19, Dr. Khayyam transferred to Site-43 as part of her in-house doctorate program, and has served for almost a decade there as both a Humanoid Anomaly Specialist and a counsellor for the staff on-site. Working with personnel at Site-43 and elsewhere, her dedication to her job has earnt her a reputation as a dependable listener and confidante among the staff she interacts with.

Outside of work, Dr. Khayyam plays jazz piano as part of the Site-43 Zoetrope Quartet, and occasionally writes articles for internal Foundation publications.


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