Dossier - FSF Delivery

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Official Designation: Foundation Space Forces Light vessel Varuna [Modified] Delivery

Design Summary: The Delivery consists of a heavily modified Varuna-class spacefaring vessel, constructed from the salvaged remains of FSFL Galaxy Cruiser (see Dispatch Timeline). Much of the vessel's internal space has been sacrificed to accommodate an oversize, reinforced storage bay. Basic landing struts have also been added, and the ship's external structure has been reinforced to allow the ship to alight on planetary surfaces. See below craft specifications for more information.


For security reasons, the structure and placement of the vessel's FTL drive systems have been removed from this schematic. Level 3-Heimdall clearance is required for access.

Crew: 5

Powerplant: NRX/XE-II Nuclear


  • 2x Subach-Innes LCOL-F 3MW CO2 pulse laser
  • 1x FSFW 'Naagastra' hypervelocity coilgun (Modified) [See Experimental Components List]

Craft Purpose: The FSF Delivery is a combined planetary scouting and resource-gathering craft for the Foundation Space Force. Equipped with an enlarged storage bay and specialized scanning, mining, and storage devices, the Delivery is dispatched to planets of interest within the immediate stellar vicinity of the greater FSF fleet, at a maximum range of one light-week. After approaching the interstellar body in question, the ship scans to acquire more detailed information for the fleet. If appropriate, the Delivery then lands on the planet and secures all resources necessary for FSF use, as well as any detected anomalous objects ascertained to be relatively safe to handle.

The Delivery has been outfitted with a variety of experimental FSF equipment beneficial to its primary mission. This both expedites resource gathering and allows for field-testing of newly-developed FSF technologies. Due to the high level of risk already accepted by the crew members of the Delivery, as well as the relative ease with which the basic craft can be replaced, it was considered the optimal ship for early trials of emerging FSF technical components. See Experimental Components for more information.

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