Doomsday Contest

Congratulations to our winners, Team Clever Gentlemen, our runners up, Team I Don't Want to Die, and our bronze medalists Fuhgeddaboutit!

And thank you to all who participated; we very literally wouldn't have had a contest without you guys.

The SCP Foundation is no stranger to the end of the world - it's caused, fixed, and then caused them more times than you can count. The XK-Class End-of-World Scenario, the ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario, the CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, and so much more promise a swift end to life as we know it.

But why stop there?

What about a DC-Class Megalomania Scenario, where the Foundation must put together a crack team to stop a cackling supervillain bent on world domination? Or a an RK-Class Rapture Scenario, where the Foundation must defy the will of God Himself? Get as big or small, as wide-spread or intimate, and as broad or one-off as you want with it. Just be creative! After all…

Doomsday is coming.

The Contest

You and your team will create a new #-Class Scenario, with a unique Class Name, Scenario Type, and method of ending the world. The documents you write must include at least one of each:

  • SCPs
  • GoI Formats
  • Tales

All told, your team must produce at least four documents, so you'll have at least two of one type. You can not combine documents into one, but you may dovetail entries (an SCP, the GoI version of it, the recovery document for it, and tale that explore the before, during, and/or after of the scenario— as an example) as thoroughly as you wish.

Additionally, to round out or buff up your collection, you may edit documents created by your team members (and only by your team members) to include your new End-of-World Scenario, where appropriate. Only articles created for the contest will count, so maybe think twice before linking your really popular +150 article.

Add anything you've edited for this purpose to your contest hub.

Your Team

Your team should consist of three to four people. You'll work together on the collection. Everyone must contribute significantly to the final product. It is expected that each team member will write at least one work.

It's always a good idea to have four people, just in case someone has something happen and can't write. Once the postings have been opened, you will not be allowed to add team members! Choose wisely.

After picking a team, decide on a cool name and edit this page. At the bottom, you'll find a simple form which you can use to include your new team on the page.

Being Classy

There are multiple ways to approach this project. You can get together with some of your friends, write stuff, and have lots of fun doing it—regardless of winning or losing. Or, you can write, get angry at your friends for not performing the way you want them to. You can complain about them, the rules, the contest, the judges, and hate your life.

Try to be a bit more classy. This is supposed to be a fun opportunity to add more to the site rather than make yourself upset, frustrated, or angry. People have quit over contests. You're better than that.


The basic rules of the contest are as follows:

  1. Your team must consist of three to four people, all of whom must be announced. You may only be on one team. Each team will have a captain, but the individual members are responsible for posting their own work. Please pick someone who is actually around to be Captain, as all communication and questions about the contest should go through them to the organizers. Any other responsibilities the team chooses to invest in the captain should be discussed among the members of the team.
  2. The scenario you create should be original - that is, if we do a Google search for the scenario, your entries should be the only ones to come up. Feel free to discard the -K naming system; DK, BM, and Äø are all perfectly fine prefixes.
  3. Furthermore, you may NOT use drafts that existed before the contest went up. All entries must have been created after the contest page went up1. Any entries found to violate this rule will be subject to Rule 9.
  4. SCP format screws are fine. You must use one of the pre-existing formats for your chosen GoI if any exists; if no format exists for the GoI, then you may create one. The tale should be substantive and long enough to show that you've invested some time in them.
  5. A minimum of 4 articles must be written for the contest; there is no maximum number, but only the five highest-rated articles (max 2 of each type) will count towards point total.
  6. SCP supplements such as separate exploration logs, experiment logs, revised versions, etc. will count as extra entries past the main four. For example, if you have one tale, one GoI Format, and two SCPs with two supplements each, the highest-rated of the four supplements will count as the fifth entry for voting purposes.
  7. Teams may create hub pages for their work. However, hub pages will not count for scoring nor for the minimum article requirements. Furthermore, they cannot be put up until your team has posted the minimum required number of articles.
  8. You may not delete or edit an article once posted, regardless of performance. Articles that dip to the deletion mark will be subject to normal deletion practices, but they will not be removed until after the contest has ended. This should encourage everyone to work hard with their teams to have a superior product. What's posted is posted. Small corrections are fine, but significant edits are not.
    • Small corrections are defined as: fixing minor sentence wording, correcting grammar usage, changing spacing, etc. Large, substantive changes are not allowed until the contest has passed.
  9. Each entry must be posted by its primary author. Collaborative entries between teammates are encouraged but each author must contribute at least one (1) entry which was mainly written by them. If you rewrote someone’s work entirely, it's not really theirs anymore, and it wouldn't be fair for them to post something you spent four hours revising when they only invested ten minutes writing it. This does mean that one or two people will be writing more than one entry.
  10. Any contestant who takes unusual and/or negative actions to increase their vote total, or decrease that of their competitors, will be disqualified for the involved contest and potentially banned from further contests (and possibly further disciplinary action).
    • Examples of shenanigans include, but are in no way limited to:
      • Downvoting all of your competitors' work within minutes of them being posted
      • Spamming people with PMs about your work
      • Spurring Malicious Upvoting/Downvoting, whether on your work or anyone else's
    • If you're not sure if something counts as shenanigans, then it probably does, but feel free to ask a Community Outreach Member.


After posting your entries, tag them "Doomsday2018" and link them to your team's hub at the bottom of this page. Winners will be decided by the total points across the team's five highest-rated entries. The winners will have their work featured on the frontpage and possibly other prizes. Runner-ups (2nd & 3rd place) will be rewarded by having an article of theirs (their choice) featured on the front page.


These teams have complete contest entries and are eligible to win:

Team Name: "Team Bird" (BE-Class "Migration" End-of-Consciousness Scenario)

Team Members: notgull (Captain), Lt Flops, Quantum Physician, Ayers

Hub: Team Bird Hub


Team Name: "The Clever Gentlemen" (ℵK-Class "Apotheosis" Scenario)

Team Members: Weryllium (Captain), CadaverCommander, Modern_Erasmus, fieldstone

Hub: Apotheosis Hub


Team Name: "☆Kyun~! Let's All Give It Our Very Best To Stop This Apocalypse! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ ☆" (GD-Class Gestalt Dissolution Scenario)

Team Members: TyGently (Captain), Decibelles, minmin, Jekeled

Hub: Skies Made Strange Hub


Team Name: "Bring Me To Life" (MA-Class Mass Animation Scenario)

Team Members: Communism will win (Captain), DolphinSlugchugger, Monkeysky, Tiefling

Hub: Mass Animation Hub


Team Name: "Cheesecake" (ARBH-Class "Insect Hell" Scenario)

Team Members: JackalRelated (Captain) , DrMorris, Prototype_Toaster

Hub: "Insect Hell" Hub


Team Name: "I don't wanna die" (ΩK-Class "End-Of-Death" Scenario)

Team Members: Captain Kirby (Captain), Croquembouche, Veiedhimaedhr, OthellotheCat

Hub: End of Death Hub


Team Name: "A Team to Surpass Metal Gear" (GR-Class Hostile Demiurge Event)

Team Members: GreenWolf (Captain), NatVoltaic, ChaoSera, sirpudding


Team Name: "Tree Huggers" (YN-Class "Ragnarok" End-of-Knowledge Scenario)

Team Members: LoveTheVoid (Captain), SecretCrow, DrZeyphr, Karnickel

Hub: Ragnarok Hub


Team Name: "It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood"

Team Members: weizhong (Captain), Drewbear, Dexanote, thedeadlymoose

Hub: Project Palisade Hub


Team Name: "Fuhgeddaboutit" (ED-K-Class "Lethe" Scenario)

Team Members: Cyantreuse does not match any existing user name (Captain), LordStonefish, WrongJohnSilver, Rimple


Team Fuhgeddaboutit Hub

Team Name: "Mikasa" (MH-Class "Large-Scale Aggressor Overrun" Scenario)

Team Members: stormbreath (Captain), DrChandra, DrCaroll, Stallmantic

Hub: War On All Fronts - Apocalypse


Team Name: "Last Light"(☿K-Class “World of Babel” Global-Incomprehension Scenario)

Team Members: DrDromeus (Captain), BlackFX, htrowii, TechSorcerer2747

Hub: Team Last Light Hub


Team Name: "("That's Stupid")" (Öß-Class "Multi-Universal Amalgamation" Scenario)

Team Members: WinterShadow (Captain), Pilzening does not match any existing user name, AkariStar, AnteaIntraTandem


Team Name: "JAWESOME" (End-of-World K/O Failure Scenario)

Team Members: PeppersGhost (Captain), The Great Hippo, Jacob Conwell, daveyoufool

Hub: K/O Failure Scenario Hub


Team Name: "The Magicifient Squelching Blunderbuggers"

Team Members: Mortos (Captain), stairfallinstitute, pixelguff

Hub: The Magicifient Squelching Blunderbuggers Hub


Team Name: "+3/+3 Cannon Rushers" (XP-Class "Reality Blue Screen" Scenario)

Team Members: Bendenewb (Captain), RhoWolf, Dyllistan, yvettethebulbous


These teams have incomplete contest entries and so are ineligible to win, but they worked hard on this stuff and they deserve some eyeballs on their work:

Team Name: "Totally Noobular" (HB "Beepocalpyse" Scenario)

Team Members: Casponaut (Captain), SpookMcBone, BlackMagicFine


Team Name: "This Should Be Illegal" (هلاك-Class "Darkbody" End-of-All-Worlds Scenario)

Team Members: djkaktus (Captain), SoullessSingularity, Kalinin, Lazar Lyusternik


Team Name: "OriKami Dragunoids" (Ϡ-Class "Death-of-the-Mind's-Eye" Scenario)

Team Members: FoldingPapers (Captain), Gummy_Dragon, magnadeus does not match any existing user name, Blibby_Blobfish


Team Name: "End-of-the-Contest Scenario" (Tashkent-Class "Cross-Pollination" Scenario)

Team Members: EldritchCadence (Captain), Silberescher, mlister, Tufto


Team Name: "The Whistleblowers" (ZK-λ-Class "Cosmic Fragmentation" Scenario)

Team Members: TheeSherm (Captain), BlazingTrail, Modulum, Yossipossi


Team Name: "Gay or European?" (XAW-Class "End of Another World" scenario)

Team Members: Reyas (Captain), Dr Lekter, Aloices, Trank


Team Name: "Hon Hon Sapphire" (ז-Class "Great Religious War" Scenario)

Team Members: Archiviste Judas (Captain), Karnot, Mein Blut, Upsiquark


  • Glory To The Machine by Mein Blut
  • The Great Religious War by Archiviste Judas

These teams did not submit any entries before the posting deadline, but there some really amusing and/or intriguing names and ideas here, so we'll keep them around under this handy collapsible.

This contest is being run by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor. The rules were primarily written by TroyLTroyL, and revised slightly by A Random DayA Random Day. Timers made by DrMagnusDrMagnus and team hub format modified by djkaktusdjkaktus.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License