Don't Forget
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This letter is to anyone who remembers that one should always take care of their fellow man.

I'm stuck in this little room surrounded by a big layer of concrete. I usually can't open the door because it locks from the other side. Sometimes people leave the door opened and I leave, but when I try to get someone to help me, nobody will pay any attention to me. I can try hitting them, knocking their stuff over, screaming at them, but they'll just keep going about their business like I don't even exist. Sometimes I try to run away, but when I get outside my head starts hurting, and then I get really tired. When I go to sleep, I wake up back in that intolerable room, locked in and forgotten. Again.

Sometimes people come into my room. We talk, and they're usually very surprised to see me. They always promise to get me help. They take lots of notes and photos so they don't forget me, but they always do. Lately, it's been a bunch of scientists in lab coats. You would think that a scientist would have a better memory then those other guys who came before them, but they forget about me like all the rest.

If you find this letter, and you come into my room, please don't leave me in there. Take me with you so we can make people see me. Make them see I exist.


Why doesn't anyone remember me?

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