Don't Call Us, We'll Find You
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Electronically recorded journal of Dr. Gerard L. Johnston. Recovered after a recommendation for employment was made by his superior, Dr. Devon Corbin. Dr. Johnston's continued employment is being reviewed at this time. Dr. Johnston is currently employed at Site 33, Psychological Care Facility 22, and believes it to be a government-run psychiatric hospital for high-clearance personnel involved in incidents related to national security.

Site 33 - Psychological Care Facility 22


[ Note: Patient 207 is Agent Corinne ████████, exposed to SCP-212 on 05/12/2002 resulting in a complete restructuring of the musculoskeletal composition of her face and torso. Agent Corinne suffers from identity issues as a result of this and has been remanded to the care of PCF-22 until she is capable of returning to duty.]

Same old, same old, journal. It's been a tense year, ever since patient 612 got here. I'm supposed to take over for Dr. Smith on that patient in a few weeks, apparently Smith's requested a sabbatical. Still don't know why they won't give us a name to identify them by, I know these are important people, but an alias wouldn't hurt anyone, would it? Anyway, I only had to deal with Patient 207, but that was enough, let me tell you. She's still a wreck after undergoing that reconstructive facial surgery - apparently a lot of the tissue wasn't recoverable, and so they had to perform a face transplant in addition to pinning about half the bones in her skull together. Honestly, whoever did it deserves a medal, she looks amazingly healthy - no swelling around the face or scarring that I'd expect, but the end result was that she can't handle looking totally different, and she got put here.

I walked into her room today, and she was curled up in the fetal position in the corner, crying again. She seemed to have gone through another episode of depersonalization, which is understandable. 207 has rejected her new appearance as that of another person, and has adopted her identification number, 207, as her new name. Often, she will pair this number with another name that she doesn't seem to be fond of, "Skip." In her periods of lucidity, she's demonstrated remarkable intelligence and a keen, if dark, sense of humor. "Corinne" is what she prefers to be identified as in these moments, and she absolutely clams up if I ask her about "Skip", or "Skip 207". The number 207 doesn't elicit the same response from her, which is odd. Skip must mean something more to her, but what is unknown and probably unimportant.

I really think she can be helped, but it's going to be a long-term process of teaching her to accept her new face and pair it with her sense of identity, which has given her a lot of trouble. You've got to feel bad for her, a nasty incident necessitating that kind of reconstructive surgery is rough enough, the long-term effects are just salt in the wound.


[ Note: Patient 337 is a D-class unit (D-42773) exposed to SCP-███, eating a single brown candy. He has been remanded to PCF-22 in order to study the length of effect of SCP-███ and to determine if it 'wears off'.]

Had to go see 337 today, which is honestly refreshing. Sometimes he hears voices running commentary on his life, sometimes they argue, but that's basically the only variation you hit in his symptoms. I feel bad for the guy, sure - he can barely communicate, suffers from hallucinations of all sorts of messed up stuff, and when he's not doing that, he just sits on his bed and stares into space for hours on end. But, on the plus side, he's basically a textbook case of schizophrenia. I thought he was faking at first, the symptoms 337 exhibits are literally straight out of the DSM-IV.

Unfortunately, he isn't responding to treatment. I mean, at all- all the antipsychotics in the book haven't done a damn thing. I switched him to electroconvulsive therapy - still, nothing. We've just had to keep him restrained until we can figure something out, but so far all that's worked are sedatives. I don't think I've had a case that any colleague not working here would believe since I've started.


[ Note: Patient 612 is Dr. ███████ ██████████, a linguist assigned to studying the symbols produced by SCP-035. Dr. ██████████'s mental state degraded continuously over the three and a half weeks she worked on the project, until she was caught fashioning a stylus out of D-13448's ulna shortly after his termination. At that point, Dr. ██████████ was sent to PCF-22, was she has resided for several months.]

I know the government's up to some crazy stuff, but this has officially gone beyond the pale. Today was my first day on 612, and I was ready for just about anything. I've seen some nasty stuff in my life, some seriously disturbed people, and so have my colleagues… which is what initially concerned me about the rumors. Something is wrong here, and I don't know what, and I don't know if I want to know.

I walked into 612's room - unpadded, and she was unrestrained, which really shocked me at first. With all the rumors flying, I was expecting some kind of feral maniac trying to rip her own face off. Instead, she had a stack of paper, a pen, and a bed. She was completely still, had the sheets on the bed pulled up over her face, and she wouldn't acknowledge me. Gave me time to evaluate the situation, I figured, and I started going through the papers. She's a doctor of linguistics, so I wasn't too surprised when I didn't understand the writing, but it was pretty clearly Latin and Greek… but some of it I didn't recognize, wedges in patterns. Sections of it were circled with notes written in the margins, same language as whatever was circled. I looked it up a few hours ago, that wedge-writing was cuneiform, Sumerian writing. She has had no education whatsoever in Sumerian culture or languages. I tried to take the papers out of the room, and the guards stopped me, saying that it was their job to handle that. When I protested, they flashed a badge in my face and said something about a foundation, then they gave that meaningful look that basically translates to 'I'm better armed than you are, back off.' I left 612's room after that, went immediately to Dr. Corbin, who's in charge around here (I thought), and got about six words in before he cut me off and told me to let the guards handle it and just worry about 612.

I didn't press it at the time, even though I probably should have. 612's cell was the same as I left it, stack of papers on the desk, blankets pulled up over her head, no response from 612. I admit my temper wasn't what it ought to have been, I should've probably left well enough alone, but something about 612 just set me off. I walked over and ripped the blankets off of 612, and got quite another surprise. 612 was using the blankets to keep people from seeing as she drew a new set of symbols on her bed in her own blood. I've seen self-mutilation and writing in bodily fluids before, that wasn't the surprising part. What got me was that these were certainly not cuneiform, nor anything from the Greek or Latin alphabets. Also notable was the pattern of self-mutilation that no one had seen fit to mention on any of the reports- these cuts were made with a pattern in mind, and for God's sake, I don't know what. When the guards noticed, they came into the cell, sedated 612, and dragged me out of there. I left work from there and came home, took a nap to clear my mind, and wrote this down… I don't know if I can go back to work tomorrow. Something is really, really wrong here and I don't know what. Dr. Corbin knows, but he won't tell me. The guards even know, and they won't tell me. Something's got to give, and soon, or I'm out of here.


[ Note: Patient 552, or Guard Matthew ████████, was assigned to SCP-231 as an observer for Procedure 110-Montauk, during which he prevented two D-class personnel assigned to the procedure from murdering SCP-231-7 in the midst of the proscribed ████ ███ ██████████ of Procedure 110-Montauk. SCP-231-7 requested to be euthanized shortly after Guard ████████ intervened, a request which was summarily denied by Guard ████████. A Class 3 commendation has been placed on Guard ████████'s personnel file and as per his request, he was transferred to Site ██-█. Shortly after his transfer, he was offered and refused a Class B Amnestic and memory implantation, after which he suffered a psychological breakdown, necessitating his current status in PCF-22.]

I can't work in this environment anymore, this has become ludicrous. I was talking to 552 today - the one with the depressive and guilt issues, fairly standard case and he seemed to be responding well to therapy. He has problems I'm not going to be able to help him with unless he opens up more… this negative self-image he carries around is like a greenhouse for depression, it's just going to keep feeding on itself and growing. The fact that a guard detail is required to accompany anyone interviewing 552 is just hindering his treatment further - it's going to be hard enough to get him to tell me why he hates himself, much less two armed guards standing less than three meters away.

To be honest, I really think the guards know more than I do about this place, and I don't like it. I swear I caught one of them making a threatening gesture at 552 today when I thought for sure the poor bastard was going to crack and tell me what was wrong. Of course, he clammed up immediately, at which point I terminated the interview and went straight to Corbin. At which point I got the same damn runaround I'm always going to get around here, where of course the guards are here for my own safety, and no, don't be ridiculous, the guards would never interfere with a patient's treatment, and blah blah you're imagining things take a day off. I'm going in tomorrow and giving Corbin a piece of my mind about this whole business, he and I both know something odd is going on, and he needs to level with me about it.

[ Note: Dr. Johnston is to be evaluated for potential direct employment by the Foundation as a Class 1 on-site staff psychiatrist. He knows enough at this point he could be considered a security risk, and he could still be useful to us. I can't keep brushing him off like I have been without making it blatantly clear that I'm hiding things from him. -Dr. Corbin]

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