Don't Blink
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It's going to be my fault. When it happens, it's going to be my own goddamned fault. Every single time I blink it gets closer and closer to me, and every time I blink is just driving another nail into my coffin. Why couldn't they have shot me, or stabbed me, or done anything but put me in here with this thing?

I don't even know what I did wrong. You don't really expect to go to prison under false charges, and you especially don't expect some goons to take you out and put you in a room with a monster. Didn't even have the decency to let me move around. They chained me up to the walls so tight that I can barely turn my head. Then they walked out and just left me to whatever this thing will do to me.

Oh, why am I thinking "whatever it'll do?" It's going to kill me; I just don't know how.

I wish I could at least fight back against this. Lash out at it in some way. But I think it wants me to do that. Everything just feels a million times worse whenever I rattle the chains or shout at it. So all I can do is hang here and wait for it to kill me.

Dammit, if you're going to kill me, hurry up! I can't stand this! Death by inches. I blink and it's a little closer, and then a little closer, and then a little closer, and then…

No. No no no no NO! It can't possibly move that fast, I still had a few good hours! Goddammit, it's right in front of me! Dear lord, what is that stuff on it? Too dark to make it out, but it looks like some sort of crudely painted face. Could just be blotches on the thing, but it looks way too much like a face. Dammit, I can deal with a shapeless thing, why'd it have to have a face?

Don't blink. There's a way out of this, some weak link in the chains, some means of kicking this thing away; maybe if I'm lucky, I can twist away and let it go right by me! No, that's stupid, it'd never work. Level head, you've got to keep a level head. I can beat this thing, I can outlast it, I can get out of here so long as I don't…!

Why am I still alive?

I don't believe it. I simply do not believe it. It… it went around me. It was practically pressed against me, and it went around. How lucky do you have to be for that to happen? Does this mean I'm done? Are they going to come in here, "Sorry for the trouble, but hey, you're still alive," and then let me go? Can I go back to my life now, no, wait, before you answer, why did you put me through that, what the hell was that thing, why am I still alive?

Dear God, I'm tired. How long have they had me chained up in here? A few hours, at least. Maybe a day. But… I have to stay awake. I've got to keep my eyes open until they come and get me. Sleep is the absolute last thing I need right now.

I went to sleep. Why'd I go to sleep, sleep could kill me, why didn't I have a strong enough head to stay awake?

There's a cold feeling on the small of my back. I can't twist to see it, but I can tell something is there. And… oh God, no. There's something wrapped around my throat. I could twitch my head before, but I can't even move it now. This thing is going to break my neck, isn't it? That's what they were waiting for, wasn't it? They wanted this thing to wear me down until I had to sleep, and then they'd have it stop fooling around and kill me.

What kind of sick, twisted bastard do you have to be just to see how long a guy can last against a monster?

Don't panic just yet. I can still see it. I can barely see any of it, but I can still see it, and that means it can't move. Maybe if I try winking, I can get out of this. They'll see that it can't kill me, and then let me out. Come on, come on, this has to work, it has to. One eye, then the other. One eye, then the other. One eye, then the other. One eye, then the other. One eye, then th…


Oh no. I… this can't be happening. I didn't do anything wrong. They just stuck me in here with a monster without any rhyme or reason.

I don't want to die, but… but… there's a… a…

There's a pipe sticking out of my chest, right through my heart.

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