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What is the Department of Miscommunications?

Founded by Dr. Eli Forkley, the Department of Miscommunications (DoMC) is a specialist division within the SCP Foundation, dealing with the following:

  • Anomalies that manipulate language and communication in such a way as to be difficult to accurately describe.
  • Anomalies that do the above in a way that makes them difficult to accurately contain.
  • Anomalies that don't do those things, but appear to do so to the uninformed observer.
  • The creation and maintenance of technologies, both linguistic and physical, which aid in the above.
  • Exploring and regulating the nebulous cross-disciplinary space between the fields of memetics, linguistics, antimemetics, counterconceptuals, metaphysics, analytics, para- and exo-linguistics, and database management.

It is small by the standards of most departments, but extremely up-and-coming. They're ostensibly the folks who deal with anomalies like SCP-426 (I Am A Toaster); if it's tricky to talk about and document, they figure out ways to subvert it and pin it to paper.

What isn't the Department of Miscommunications?

The DoMC is not a division dealing with antimemetics. I cannot stress this strongly enough. SCP-4773-2 should be proof enough for anyone; when they do get their hands on them, they're grossly underqualified and horrendously out of their depth. As a general rule, they don't handle well things that hurt your brain on the inside. Words are one thing, thoughts are another. SCP-4288 is a good example of the outlier case, where the two are combined — look to it for a sense of what exactly 'fits'. Generally speaking, unless a clerical error or some other departmental mixup happens, non-communicatory perception-altering and memory-erasing anomalies should be kept as far off the table as possible.

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