Dog Teeth's Personnel File

stank the hegog

item #: scp-6666666


tank before the war

object class: super keter

bio: stank the hegho gw as born with a special power. he was rainbow hair and spikes so he could use his light prisma powers n it made everyone at sonic hedghog high think he was an hero. but stank had a dark secret up his sleev. he was fighting wiht sonic against eggman in final battle but then eggman said do u want to join me n he said no and killed him ded. when sonic was scared he asked him why are u scared and turned around and made him extra ded. sonic beate him up but he got man earrings to cover it up and also he bleeds from his eye and has a gold toth. n so when he came back everypony was scared off him so he turned to dark side na joined shadow thoe hedghog. now him n shadow are best freinds so now maybe they r dating bc shadow saw the rainbow n his hair and said u knpw what you are cool. shadow and stank go to church every sunday bc they r good model citizens of america. stank can also get pregat


stank after the war (cool jelewry, intimdayting blood)

likes: cool people, his befriend shadow, furries, spc, crepypasta, 3 days grace (the band), scarin people, blt sandwitches, kiss (the band) jewelry (the man kind), fingerless gloves, bath n body works, mom, gloves wihout fingers, 3 days grace (like jesus), led sepelin, kiss (like smoochies), limb biscuit, feet

dislike: cupcakes, flowrs, girl things,p oeple who don't like rainbow,s people who make fun of furrys fuck u daniel u fucking ass h*le, kinkshamrs, peaces of shit, facebook fukc you give me my account back u stupid fuckin finger licken ass hackers im not a fuckin incel, drescrimnashun

when stank was in shool he also got writing really good. he has written at least 2 CSP articels and is famus so ppl are jealous and call him an as*hole so the fundation saw n hired him how does it fuckin feel to be a losr now daniel

scp-3165 monster lady dog girl
scp-3292 san diego zoo but for diosaurs
scp-3994 allens who look like people
scp-3312 my magum opals. furrys
mobile task furries furrys but with gun
scp-3486 babys
scp-3508 realy fuckin cool stuffed animals that lov u butalso knife
scp-4411 buzz lityear gets stuck in space

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