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The quality of work submitted for the 6000 Contest has been staggering - but not surprising. These collages1 are inspired by some of those works whose use of imagery caught my attention. I hope you enjoy them; whether or not you do, the articles are all worth a read!

I'm planning on doing some more while voting continues, and releasing them in batches, so if you have a suggestion feel free to mention it in the comments!23

I had to downsize the images. Please let me know4 if you want any in their full, crisp, glossy, high-resolution glory!

The Rhizome of our Minds

"So that framework, the Rhizome, was the gamechanger. That was our way into and through it; our map wasn’t just a map anymore."

Author: DodoDevilDodoDevil


"And Who Will Forgive Us When He's Gone?"

"An interesting choice of words. My given name is [COGNITOHAZARD CENSORED], but I have a number of nicknames that I quite enjoy."

Author: quickestsilverquickestsilver.



"I like rabbits but sometimes they can be disturbing."

Author: fairydoctorfairydoctor



"Hello. Right now, there are two types of people on this planet. Either you've already been changed like me, or you're just waiting for the inevitable. Either way, you're here to know what it feels like and how you will continue life as close to normally as you can."

Author: Mooagain Mooagain


De Rerum Natura

"I remember the line from Shelley, 'look on my works ye mighty…'"

Author: OrbeezTertiusOrbeezTertius


Therianthropy Virus

"Good morning, gentlemen. You may call me Belette Le Fou(ine)."


"What the fuck? Is it a were-weasel?"

Author: ChaosMageXChaosMageX


Thanks for looking!

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