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Welcome to the Den!

“From hell's heart I upvote at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last upvote at thee. Ye damned whale".Herman Melville, Moby Dick, written about an unnamed SCP Author.

Declassified Delights:


SCP-6699 — The Rhizome of Our Minds:

So that framework, the Rhizome, was the gamechanger. That was our way into and through it; our map wasn’t just a map anymore.

We're all connected, you see?

SCP-6609 — Knitting Needles:

As SCP-6609 appears capable of functioning as a completely normal human being despite its anomalous properties — of which it appears ignorant, I have approved SCP-6609's discharge from the hospital and arranged weekly appointments for continued study and observation.


Collaboration with Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD and LirynLiryn for the ADMONITION series.

This project is necessary, yes; but it is a grave uncertainty. This is a new relationship between humans and the divine.

SCP-6689 — M🜂ZE:

This containment construct is established through the use of an adapted Trismegistus-Engine Totemic Signifier — designated TETS-L — and utilizes SCP-6689's relation(s) to the Foundation and self-referential conceptualizations of containment to perpetuate the labyrinth, in accordance with principles founded upon the work of Dr. Vivian Elmwoods.

SCP-7077 — Where Sky Meets Sea:

A collaboration with Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck

This is a scene, a tableau: something frozen, captured. At a dig, you're always wanting to see more — you don't trust just the first layer, because it's already been buried — the complexity is in the depth.


Dodo's Arts and Crafts Corner:

Over 25 — and counting — works of fanart for articles across the wiki! Always open to hearing suggestions if there's something you think works in the style!


Holy hell, are we doing these yearly now?


A collaboration with Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck, FishishFishish, GremlinGroupGremlinGroup, LORDXVNVLORDXVNV, R4_EXR4_EX, and stormbreathstormbreath.

Flip a coin. Call it. If you were right, vote up; if not, vote down.


(n.) a series of artworks by a felted whale.

To depict everything is to depict nothing; as one's canvas increases, so too is their paint stretched thin.

Dodo's Printing Press:

"Print" copies of works from the SCP-Foundation and The Wanderer's Library I've put together. The words (and images in the text) are the work of the authors as cited, I've just arranged them in this form. To see (and flip through!) the full copies, follow the associated links. Be sure to check out their wiki pages as well!

A Nightmare Dreary:

A collaboration with ImpperatrixImpperatrix, LORDXVNVLORDXVNV, DrGoodayDrGooday, & LAN 2DLAN 2D.

We present to you an assemblage of apparitions in image and text, inspired by the chilling works of many authors.

PROJECT PROPOSAL 2021-298: "DISTILLATION".It's about art — and I make the rules on this page anyway.

Communities are formed and fragmented in profound and differing ways. Assemblages of people are (through their interactions) inherently engaged in practices of creation and curation, as well as decay and dissolution.

Atlantic City: Site-333

Welcome to Site-333: Atlantic City

At Site-43, they're "Subverting Common Practice;" at Site-333 no one cares what you're doing.

Folks at Site-120 "Fight Fire With Fire;" Site-333 hasn't passed a fire safety inspection since 1962.

In Sloth's Pit, stories come to life; in Atlantic City, dreams come to die.

SCP-7773 — The Usual Demons:

In the meantime, put the screws to them. I got a feeling that little ball-one will squeal.

SCP-7399 — Notice of Review by the Records, Archival, and Information Security Administration:

I'm calling on behalf of the Foundation's Records, Archival, and Information Security Administration. We've noticed some concerns related to your site's annual reporting.

SCP-7073 — Vincent Bohart and the Golden Goose:

All I know is the bastard hates me in particular. I want it out of here, I'm not running a damn petting zoo.

SCP-7703 — Like a Hole in the Head:

Noah Patel: It literally is non-anamolous. You're all overreacting!

SCP-7769 — Your First Murdered Monster:

Leonora Morales: So, are we supposed to just be okay with this?

Tony Catalano: I know, I hate working late.

Leonora Morales: No, I mean the ghost-thing that's coming here to kill us.

SCP-7529 — Josie's Better Half:

In fact, you have failed to demonstrate that this is not merely a cropped image of a whole, non-anomalous cat.


Secure Facility Dossier: Site-184

This was his third attempt to finalize the updates to Site-184's dossier entry. He knew it wouldn't take long, but that hadn't stopped him from deferring to the other tasks he could tell himself were far more important.

"Okay, first's first," he told himself as he started typing…

SCP-6559 — Ice Breaker:

SCP-6559 tentatively denotes the undetermined cause(s) of SCP-6247's movement from the seafloor of the North-West Atlantic along its current trajectory towards the Arctic Circle, which is ongoing as of 03/05/2022. This movement has been continuous, rapid, and consistently northward.

The Canadian House Hippo:

House Hippos are real cryptids. You fucking idiots don't know a govt false flag when it's waving in your faces.

The Fishing Council Hub — 🎣:

""A man may fish with the worm that hath eat / of a king and eat of the fish that hath fed of that / worm."

The Fishing Council — 🐟:

As she adjusted her hat lower, Emma thought about what series of poor decisions had brought her here.

The Fishing Council: The Bigger Fish — 🐋:

"You're telling me you're going to talk to a whale, but you need my help because you can't talk to it in Russian?" He asked, incredulously.

Henry looked at the man, aghast, waiting for an answer.

The Fishing Council: Crossover Episode — ⚓️:

"Well that does sound fun, Greg" she began, diplomatically, "but chances are they're going to be busy. I know there's a lot else going on and—"

"Not to worry," the man responded. "Already sent out the RSVPs!"

The Fishing Council: Fish Out of Water — ✈️:

Site-120 was steeped in history. You could read it in the brick and mortar of its walls. It was saturated in lore and trauma, responsive and reflective of the ever-changing world.

Fishing Tales: Plenty of Fish in the Sea — 💙:

Emma was spending valentines day alone, and that was totally fine with her.

A Man Fishes in Wyoming — 🦬:

When Greg Albenester opened the email, he was confused as to why he — a Naval Architect — had been invited to visit Area-150, in the land-locked and oddly rectangular State of Wyoming.

SCP-6529 — Eternal, the Feline Form Extends:

I saw a corpse in the ice: a withered, wind-blasted thing. I did not know it was myself for some time. I put its semblance to paper; I don't want to forget again.

SCP-5597 — The Cetacean Connection:

SCP-5597-1-4 were recovered deceased and contained a comatose humanoid specimen attached to the entity via an umbilical cord within an atypical abdominal cavity. When removed from the entity, these individuals: a woman, aged 38, and three children, aged 3, 4, and 6, became conscious.

SCP-5297 — JamBomb:

The incomplete or erroneous employment of these glyphs can lead to unpredictable and inconsistent anomalous effects.

SCP-5516 — 101 Lobster Friends:

Cmt-3: Due to my ongoing studies into SCP-5516, I believe we have been too hasty to assign a group-consciousness to SCP-5516. Individual entities are seen displaying clear preferences, distinct from collective behaviour.

SCP-5194 — Resurfaced Memortics:



The sleek, angular profile of the SCPS Palma, an experimental Engle-class stealth missile corvette, cut silently through dark waters. Her decks hummed with a vitality that Captain Barrett could feel resonating throughout the command deck - a low, constant vibration that settled deep in the roots of his molars and dulled the osteoarthritis in his knees. She was hunting.


Miles was suddenly, and violently aware of the ocean outside Site-184, the waves crashing, endlessly, rising up the beach as the tide shifted. He wiped something wet from the side of his ear before continuing.


Occult Orientation: Dept. of Presumptive Divination

She turns to the door, carrying the still-dripping carcass with her, leaving you alone with the copper bowl and the pressures of expected prognostication.

SCP-6297 — A Bloody Affair:

In this role, you come to see death as a window to look through. It's something that's already there, before you start gazing at the true subject, what's really important. It doesn't feel like that anymore.


SCP-6269 — Multiversal Claw Machine:

Collaboration with GremlinGroupGremlinGroup, JakdragonXJakdragonX, and FishishFishish.

It's very ethical.

SCP-6269-J — Multiversal Fishing Machine:

It's very sustainable.

The Bathrooms Wiki:

A collaboration with a lot of people.

Who here's heard of the wild bathroom?

Rate My Director:

A collaboration with even more of people.

[SYSTEM NOTICE: Please fill your review. You cannot submit a blank page.]


SCP-6867 — Lucky Bucky: The Incredible, Miraculous, Diving Horse!:

Approved by one of the world's leading experts on "that horse."

SCP-2516 — The Man from Taured:

SCP-2516-1 is deceased; the remains of SCP-2516-1 have been disposed of. For more information of the disposal of SCP-2516-1’s remains view addendum A-2516-2.


Jan Matham had always been fascinated by omens: portentous signs of an inhuman, divine will, glimpsed by the observant in the movements of celestial bodies and oil in water, expressed through lamb entrails and monstrous births.


In a darkened copse of solemn birches, the man who was once Magnus Kinslow sat — half-hidden in the interplay of light and shadow cast by a smouldering fire — watching the slow death of another world unfold.

SCP-5838 — Over the Falls in a Bear-el:

The Foundation has embedded memetic agents in promotional advertisements and tourism material related to Niagara Falls to dissuade individuals from entering the Niagara River in close proximity to Horseshoe Falls.

SCP-5837 — The Most Fitting Form:

These manifestations were composed of ink printed on exceedingly thick wax paper and instructed individuals within Site-112 to contact "ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b#ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b" with suggestions on how to improve an unspecified "home."

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