Documents Recovered in Honshu, Japan, 1949
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Description: The following documents were discovered by Agent ██████ during a scouting mission in Honshu, Japan. Team S-A486 were sent into the field in order to scout possible anomalous activity following Typhoon Vera. While surveying the nearby villages, Agent ██████ found the documents laying in an abandoned hotel suite.

The differing mediums and handwriting suggest multiple parties were involved. Documents were collected due to similarities with other documents pertaining to Nobody. The other party is thought to be ██████ █████████, a reporter for Thrilling Adventures Magazine. Connections between Nobody and ██████ █████████ are currently under investigation. Due to the heavily water damaged state of some media, reconstructive computer imaging has been used to clarify language. Large parts of some texts are missing, likely due to poor weathering. Document set one is believed to be written earlier than document set two, judging from the times mentioned in texts.1

Below are copies of the original files, separated by style and time.

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