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A modified submersible drone was developed for the purposes of this exploration. The drone is equipped with a 140W HID lamp and a high-definition video/audio recording unit with direct upload to Outpost-1734. The drone's external surfaces have been reinforced with 5cm thick steel plating. Dr. ███████ was assigned to direct the drone remotely.

The drone is lowered into SCP-1734-1 by Agent █████ and becomes submerged in the water flooding the first chamber. It then proceeds to enter the secondary breach in the floor of said chamber, descending parallel to the tentacle; there is approximately 70 cm between the drone and entity. The drone proceeds to descend through the second area of SCP-1734-1. The camera feed displays complete darkness despite the effect of the HID lamp. Only the tentacle is visible, which continues for at least 10 meters below the drone at this point. Current depth is approximately 20 meters from the second breach.

At a depth of 50 meters, the mass observed during Exploration 1734-E5 is visible, though distinct alterations are noted. Approximately 20 spherical white masses are visible interspersed among the human remains. The diameter of these objects is roughly 10cm. As the drone nears the mass, the reaction documented during 1734-E5 does not occur, and the entity remains unresponsive to the device's approach. An attempt is then made to explore the surrounding area. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the mass is not as small as previously thought, and continues for an indeterminate extent in all directions along a horizontal plane. No fewer than 140-150 bodies are visible.

The drone attempts to inspect the nearest sphere, coming within 20cm of the object. Fissures are visible in the object's surface. A sampling attempt is made. Upon contact, all visible spheres immediately retreat into the mass, which begins to undulate. The bodies then begin to draw away from the tentacle, forming an opening in the mass. Four (4) additional tentacles emerge, in addition [DATA EXPUNGED] during the 3 minutes and 48 seconds prior to system failure, the events recorded by the drone's camera appeared to occur in "slow-motion", though the device demonstrated no malfunctions. A high-pitched sound lasting approximately 15 seconds was recorded before the transmission was lost.

Analysis of the recording has determined that the sound is a voice of indeterminate origin. The vocalization occurred at a significantly accelerated rate, and was only comprehensible after the recording was played at 1/5 its original speed:

"It is interesting that you make so little use of the finite lifespans you are given. We would have thought that might instill some sense of urgency in you. Though it does not matter, since every lifetime is just as delectable. We taste everything, everything they would have done in their lifetime, had we not taken it from them. Every success, every failure…mostly failures. █████1? He would have returned home only to have his daughter grow ill and die three years later. █████2 would have been burnt alive to stop [REDACTED]. Don't worry, that breach won't happen for [REDACTED]3. What about you, █████4? Do you want to experience the failures in your future? We will gladly take them off your hands for you. Even we cannot see the future of a life not consumed, but we doubt it will be much different from the rest. Perhaps you'll come across one of our children, or our [DATA EXPUNGED], and give your time to us anyway. The silence of a future emptied is as vast and beautiful as the ocean."

The drone was not recovered in the aftermath of the incident. Dr. ███████ was rotated off for a 4-week psychological evaluation, and has since returned to active duty. No further explorations within SCP-1734-1 have been permitted.

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