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Recovered UIU Documentation

Audio Log of Item #258 Examination

Location: USAF Installation at Groom Lake, NV

Foreword: Item #258 is an unused satellite developed by Project Excalibur-██ and identical to those deployed for SDI-██ System "Xye". This examination is being performed with the objective of obtaining information pertinent to the understanding and repair of Item #234 (the core component of SDI-██ System "Xye"). "R" and "N" are mechanical engineers with a background in space exploration. "E" and "A" are agents overseeing the procedure.

<Begin Log>

R: There's no conduit from these panels…are they just for show?

E: Most likely, we are not sure as of yet what it is powered by.

N: Opening superior side access point.

A metallic sound is heard, accompanied by a grunt from "N".

N: What in all—?

R: What—is that blood?

N: No, blood is brighter-colored and more opaque, and—

A sharp inhalation is heard.

N: It smells like iron, this doesn't.

A: What does it smell like?

N: I have no idea. R, here, take a sample to the lab.

R: Roger.

"R" is heard leaving the room.

N: Continuing with the examination.

Wet, rustling sounds are heard.

N: Components 23, 24, 27…missing. Unsurprising, all the solar conversion components are gone. There's a lot of wiring, much more than there should be. Looks like fiber-optics, all pale gray, tightly-bundled. Wait a moment…there's no charge, it's certainly not electrical…It's unusually warm in here.

E: Internal temperature?

N: …37 degrees Centigrade.

A: What's that in—

N: 98 degrees.

A: …Odd.

N: That is odd. There's really an enormous amount of wiring in here, and I barely see any of the original components—wait a moment.

E: What?

N: I found…something, it's not a component I recognize but-Jesus, what is this—

The sounds of rummaging can be heard.

N: It's an irregularly-shaped container, I'm not sure what it's made of, but it's not metallic…the wiring seems to congregate on this object.

A: How big?

N: Maybe 25cm across at the widest, 15cm at the thinnest…it's fairly light.

A: What—

N: It's warm.

A: Same temperature?

N: Warm…

A: N?

E: N, are you okay?

N: Are you warm enough?

E: N, what—

N: Sleep now…warm and cozy…

A: Fuck.

E: Get him out of there. Now! Get him out now—open!

Loud thrashing is heard, "N" appears to be crying or laughing, it is unclear.

A: Oh God—

E: Get them out of him—

A: They're getting longer—

E: That's not fiber-optics—


E: Who is he talking about?!

A: Cut the wires!

<End Log>

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