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Recovered Project M██████ Documentation

Journal of Dr. █████:

Entry ██: The Russians are very proud of their telepathy research division, but they lack vision. They fail to respect the power of human emotion, but they'll see that power soon enough, just as soon as our work on Empathic Resonance is complete. Thanks to the materials provided by ███████████, we should have this project completed ahead of schedule. Mind over matter. Heart over mind.

Entry ██: The first two subject batches exposed to the serum were utter failures. The first all died from cerebral hemorrhaging, the second group went into encephalopathic delirium. Our consensus is that the adult human nervous system is too inflexible, too resistant to change. That being said, further experiments on the current subject pool are likely to be fruitless. Still developing systems, preferably those still in gestation, are likely to be ideal. We shall requisition more appropriate subjects from ███████████.

Entry ██: Two of our five subjects miscarried. After confirming that their carriers had no reaction from the serum, we had them terminated. We've lowered the dose volume on the remaining subjects, hopefully to mitigate the potential damage.

Entry ██: ███████████ ordered us to retrieve one subject for closer inspection. Caesarian section of subject 4 was successful, however, in the aftermath of the procedure, the carrier regained consciousness [DATA EXPUNGED] I don't understand, why did the carrier demonstrate a reaction to the serum but not the fetus? ███████████ seems excited by the news, I can hardly say I am as well, we lost five personnel from the incident. We've had the carrier placed in a chemical coma, hopefully to prevent any further [DATA EXPUNGED].

Entry ██: Clark went nuts today. He tried to break into Subject 4's room, claiming he wanted "what was (his)." I had no idea what to make of it at first, but then I saw the logs, and noticed he'd been monitoring Carrier 4 for the last two days. Empathic Resonance is more volatile than we estimated, a telepathic event from an unconscious individual? We've barred all access to the carrier's room and reinforced the walls with [REDACTED], provided by ███████████, but we have no countermeasures if another energy projection event like during the C-section occurs.

Entry ██: We're fucked. ███ is going to shut the entire Project M██████ down. ███████████ has ordered us to continue our work while they handle the situation, but we haven't gotten anything, anything out of Subject 4. The other subjects and carriers have all been terminated, they'd shown no response and were little more than a financial black hole. My staff are losing their minds, and I'm tired of cleaning up after them.

Entry ██: Well, the ███ situation has been solved, though it's blown up in the general media, unsurprisingly. We can't be bothered to think about that now, though, because Subject 4 has started to emit [REDACTED] radiation consistent with telepathic properties. As far as we can tell, however, the subject does not demonstrate sentience. This is the first sign that subject 4 has responded to the serum at all. We're not sure what to make of this yet, nothing seems to make sense with this experiment. We're going to biopsy Subject 4's neural tissue and run an analysis.


Entry ██: All of our materials have been moved to Lab B, and the remains of Carrier 4 have been locked in a [REDACTED] casket, though given that it could still detect what was happening to Subject 4 when its entire room was lined with it, I doubt it makes much difference. We obtained a neural cell sample of the carrier shortly after its termination, ███████████ wants to research methods of replicating the sample, for what I have no idea. Subject 4 is stable, no attempts at a biopsy are planned or even permitted, not after the last attempt resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] and half our staff.

Entry ██: They were playing us right from the beginning, Colin was the one that suggested we use fetuses, and he was one of their agents the whole time. They knew exactly how unstable Empathic Resonance was and how dangerous this project would be, so they let us do the dangerous work. The bond between a mother and child, of course it would provoke the strongest reaction: a telepathic link that can't be deterred by any means. A mother trying to protect her son…the readings we got from the last event are unlike anything we could have predicted. ████████████ has taken Subject 4 and the cell sample of its carrier, they're going to continue with the cell replication on their own. I understand now, the subject was never the weapon, it was only the trigger: the carrier was the weapon.

They think they know everything. But they didn't see what happened during the last incident, and I have no plans on telling them. They think that just because Subject 4's growth is arrested that it won't develop sentience, but even they underestimate this power.

It won't merely relay orders forever, it will begin choosing what to relay or ignoring them altogether…maybe giving orders of its own.

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