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The following is a compilation of executive summaries of various anomalous incidents that has occurred during Occult War i and plausible analogous events in the current reality. Executive summaries have been compiled by the first iteration of the O5 Council via the following format:



Analogue in Current Reality:

A summary description of Occult War i is as follows:

A global war occurring throughout the 19th century Anno Domini, coalesced from three separate conflicts in Europe (Napoleonic War), East Asia (Daevite conquest) and North America (American Civil War). It is also notable for overt use of anomalous objects, leading to an IK-class Global Civilisation Collapse scenario.

For more information on Occult War i and its consequences, see [REDACTED].

Europe and Russia

Phenomenon: UnLondon Proposal

Description: An evacuation plan was presented to the British Parliament by Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal, whereby the populace of London shall be evacuated to an underground shelter in light of potential French invasion of the British Isles. Proposal was rejected due to its impracticality and relative ease of alternative evacuation to Ireland and other dominions.

Analogue in Current Reality: UnLondon Proposal was not presented to the British Parliament. However, the term 'UnLondon' is used as a referent for SCP-1678.

Phenomenon: Uralic Front

Description: A series of battles in the Ural Mountains between the French-led Continental System and Daevite Empire. Russia joined the Continental System during this period, primarily offering assistance via the House of Romanov's pact with a Grigori.

Analogue in Current Reality: Napoleonic France instead invaded Russia, to which SCP-2617-A instances were used to retaliate.

Phenomenon: Samothrace Anomaly

Description: [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO O5-1]

Analogue in Current Reality: See SCP-1173

Phenomenon: The Schriftsteller and Giftschreiber

Description: The Schriftsteller and Giftschreiber were thaumaturgic-memeticists working throught Europe, providing textual memetic effects to clients.

Analogue in Current Reality: The Schriftsteller were killed in the Battle of Herbsthausen on the orders of General Franz Freiherr von Mercy with the exception of PoI-382 (Thilo Zwist). See SCP-5382, SCP-5734 and SCP-5054-EX for related anomalies. The status of the Giftschreiber is currently unknown but presumed to be active.

North Africa and the Middle East

Phenomenon: Phélippeaux's Crisis

Description: An eruption originated from a crater in French Levant, spawning numerous entities which later attacked locals and occupying French forces. Some entities were captured by the French for undetermined purposes.

Analogue in Current Reality: Did not occur. Instead, French Col. Picard de Phélippeaux augmented containment of SCP-1844 as per Napoleon's orders.

Phenomenon: Evacuation of Tehran

Description: Amidst a surprise Daevite assault into Tehran, 90% of the city's populace evacuated the city. Shah Naser al-Din was able to escape with the aid of golems summoned by the city's rabbinic community and an ancestral takwin.

Analogue in Current Reality: The aforementioned takwin is believed to be SCP-2067, in which Shah Naser al-Din is believed to be aware of. No known evacuation of Tehran's populace has been noted thus far.

Phenomenon: Invasion of Yajuj and Majuj

Description: Following a failed invasion of the Ottoman Empire, retreating Daevite forces intentionally destroyed the Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn, triggering an invasion of the Middle East by the forces of 'Yajuj and Majuj.' After suffering heavy losses, the Ottoman army repelled the invaders and rebuilt the Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn with the assistance of Neo-Gnostic engineers from the Kingdom of Ionia, a French client state.

Analogue in Current Reality: The Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn is contained as SCP-2309, and no known breach has ever taken place.

North America

Phenomenon: Strannik's Testimony

Description: A testimony obtained from Vladimir Strannik, a white human with the ability to travel to different points in history while asleep (designated as Phenomenon 2896-012 by the American Secure Containment Initiative [ASCI]). Strannik claims that the general populace have no recollection of Occult War i in the 20th century and beyond.

Analogue in Current Reality: Strannik is contained as SCP-2896. The claim of no recollection among the general populace is believed to be due to a CK-class restructuring event.

Phenomenon: Navajo Nation

Description: A Navajo nation-state formed following Cem Anáhuac's invasion of Texas. Members of the Navajo Nation possess the anomalous ability to alter its appearance into that of various animal species, which is believed to have contributed to the Navajo's resistance against Cem Anáhuac. As such, ASCI has rounded up significant portions of the Navajo population for experimentation to identify measures against mental malady created by Cem Anáhuac.

Analogue in Current Reality: Semi-autonomous Native American territory formed after the Treaty of 1868. SCP-2750 population has been decimated due to the policies of the ASCI.

Phenomenon: Gerald's General Goods

Description: A small but formidable group formed after the complete disbanding of Marry, Catherine, and Duke's trade goods. The group was designed to create anomalies and to supply them to people for a price. Gerald Nakelo, the leader of the group, was reported to have created a book that, once weekly, would inform him of a way to create an anomaly, and how to control it after creation.

Analogue in Current Reality: Group was disbanded shortly after being founded, but did create a failed prototype of the book before disbanding, which has since been heavily altered by another entity.

Phenomenon: Preacher of the Cicada

Description: A middle-aged man walked North America during the height of the American Civil War. He would walk to family gatherings and deliver a speech of hope, attempting to ensure everyone that everybody would survive the war. Persons at the gatherings would offer gifts in a basket that he brought, so he may offer them as tribute to the Cicada Lord.

Analogue in Current Reality: According to the confiscated text [REDACTED], the Cicada Lord was supposedly furious at the Preacher sometime during his servitude. He then shed the man's skin, and allowed his spawn to manifest in the empty skin. The puppet is said to wander around North America, giving speeches of "hope" to the participants of family gatherings.

Phenomenon: Civil Rights Act of 1866

Description: A bill signed into law by the U.S. Congress. Anomalous elements in the bill's text caused 3.2 million human beings with non-standard anatomical features to manifest in cities controlled by the Union. A majority of the humanoids were forcibly drafted into the Union Army after initial containment efforts by the ASCI were met with failure.

Analogue in Current Reality: The bill was vetoed by President Johnson and a non-anomalous revision was introduced to the U.S. Senate by embedded ASCI agents. Copies of the original bill are currently in storage, though it is believed that other copies currently exist outside containment.

Phenomenon: Bigfoot

Description: Reports of ape like creatures that stand upright are noted within the northwest region of North America. ASCI agents were sent to investigate these claims, and communication was lost. After approximately 3 months, the agents returned claiming that they have made a treaty with them, allowing them to use their anomalous biotechnology in exchange for aid whenever the creatures would need them.

Analogue in Current Reality: The apes went uncontacted from humans for thousands of years after an event known as the Day of Flowers. Instances have been spotted off and on throughout human history, and only recently have the creatures been designated as SCP-1000.

East Asia

Phenomenon: Southern Qing Dynasty

Description: A rump state established by Qing loyalists who have fled to Taiwan island following the Daevite conquest of East Asia. Despite limited naval capabilities, the Southern Qing were able to establish settlements on various islands across the Pacific Ocean via unknown means.

Analogue in Current Reality: Paralleled to the Kuomintang's exile to Taiwan following the Chinese Civil War. Additionally, SCP-2880 is speculated to be the means in which the Southern Qing used to settle on other islands.

Phenomenon: Later Qin Dynasty

Description: A Chinese state located in central China, founded after the Daevite's occupation of Shaanxi Province, China. Despite being surrounded by Daevite-occupied territories, the Later Qin has maintained independence. Rumours alleged that it is ruled by a figure named 'Qin Shi Huang'; it is unknown if it is indeed Qin Shi Huang (first emperor of the Qin Dynasty) or a person using the name 'Qin Shi Huang'.

Analogue in Current Reality: No such polity is known to exist. SCP-2101 is to be monitored at all times and the Foundation is to offer support to SCP-2101-1 instances in the containment of the former.

Phenomenon: Legend of Silent Wind

Description: A folk legend originated from contemporary Jiangsu Province, China. It revolves around an eponymous martial artist who died protecting a village from a Daevite regiment. The corpse of 'Silent Wind' was never found.

Analogue in Current Reality: 'Silent Wind' is one of the personas utilised by SCP-2788. However, it has no recollection of fighting against the Daevites.

Non-combatant Regions

Phenomenon: Quechuan Insurgency

Description: Second-hand reports of sapient alpacas inciting rebellions in the Viceroyalty of Peru. Said inciters advocated for Inca religion to serve as state religion. Outcome of insurgency is unknown.

Analogue in Current Reality: Peru declared independence from Spain in the 19th century. As there is no attempt to enforce Inca religion as state religion, involvement of SCP-1253 is believed to be minimal or insignificant.

Phenomenon: Messer's Fourth Law of Anomalous Phenomena

Description: Colt Messer, a physicist that originated the area known as "The Secluded Garden", set forth a law regarding anomalous phenomena. For every anomalous phenomenon, there is a non-anomalous phenomenon to balance it out within the universe. Whenever a phenomenon is fully explained to be non-anomalous, another anomaly will manifest in the universe to balance it out. This law applies to all fields of science where anomalies occur.

Analogue in Current Reality: After the occurrence of SCP-001, an anomaly was explained by the SCP Foundation, yet no other anomaly was discovered using [REDACTED] Universal Reality Detecter (SAHURC), breaking Messer's Fourth Law of Anomalous Phenomena. However, as the failure of Messer's Fourth Law of Anomalous Phenomena is considered an anomaly, the law was never broken as an anomaly did manifest in the form of the failure of Messer's Fourth Law. [REDACTED] The following paradox manifested as SCP-033 (Mathematics), SCP-2821 (Physics), SCP-2046 (Chemistry), and SCP-1877 (Biology), correlating with the main branches of scientific study where anomalies normally manifest.

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