Document Alpha-Zeta-2
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Document recovered in the canteen of Site-██. Current source of writings are unknown, but at this time theorised [REDACTED]. Item appears to be some form of diary, however as the possibility of it actually being sourced from [REDACTED] are unlikely, it is kept on record as a hoax.

However, entry 1,900 correlates directly to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Excerpts from the text follow.

Day 1,450
Nice day. Woke up, but wasn't particularly hungry, so I just helped myself to a snack. No-one ever seems to ask me for payment, but then again I haven't got a job, so that's probably a good thing. The canteen is nice, and I saw that nice lady again, she always seems to be helping someone. This time she was talking to that weird guy who always has a gun with him. I don't like him.

Well, that's it for today, can't think of much else to write.

Day 1,451
Had a sausage sandwich for dinner today. They make really nice food in that cafe down the hall from my room. Those two guys who stand outside my room sometimes were there again today. I dunno why they're there, although that nice man who gave me the room did mention people would stand outside sometimes to keep me safe. Or was it to keep someone else safe? I can't remember.
Either way, they're never very talkative, which is boring. I just wish someone would come and actually have a proper conversation with me. Instead of just walking into my room (WITHOUT EVER KNOCKING!) and then look surprised I'm in here.

I mean, they must know I'm in here, otherwise why would I have this room?

Day 1,500
I'm another year older! No-one brought me a cake though. There was a big boom somewhere else today, must have been that guy in the weird pixelly clothing. He's always making things explode.

It being my birthday did mean I wasn't as bored today. Had to take some more paper and pens and things out of the store-room though. Everytime I asked, nothing happened, so I did it myself.

I know this is some kind of research place, and that I shouldn't go outside because of the disease, but it's really boring being ignored all the time. I wonder what the disease is? He said it was bad, but never said more when I think back about it. Hope it's not too bad.

Day 1,759
I swear to god the next person to walk into my room without knocking is going to get my chair thrown at his head.

Day 1,761
Throwing a chair at someone's head does not get their attention. Or make someone come and shout at you. I could live with shouting, as long as someone actually talks to me.

Day 1,830
Drew on the walls today, make my room a bit brighter. Just need to find some paint and I can make it look good. This was this guy walking past today wearing a really shiny necklace.
Looked expensive, I wonder why he's wearing it in a lab?

Day 1,850
Painted my walls after finishing the drawings. Looks really good. Hope the next person to walk in likes it.

Day 1,899
Meh, looks like another dreary day ahe

Day 1,900
OH MY GOD YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. I was just sat in my room, filling in my diary as usual, expecting another boring day of nothing, as always. Suddenly, there's this massive BANG and a lizard thing breaks down the wall with my door in it. It had some guy on it's back shooting at it, and then another giant (he has to be a giant, he was too big to be a person like me) pulled a sword out of NOWHERE and starting hitting the lizard and it was the best thing ever. I might try drawing a picture of it.

Day 1,903
Finally finished painting my walls again after that lizard thing came through it. They look really good again now.

Day 3,050
I wish someone would remember me.

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