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Foreword: Below is an archive of all documented "shifts" undergone by SCP-507. Each of these entries is presented with their contents in the following order:

__**(Universe Designation)**__

**Retrieval:** (used for the documentation of any complications or anomalies in the recovery of SCP-507 post-shift)

**Description:** (Description of reality, and description of any aftereffects caused by visiting said reality.)

**Requests** (Listings of any special requests made by 507 upon return, or for noting any "souvenirs" retrieved from the shift.)


For ease of reference, this is a list of equipment granted to SCP-507 thus far:

  • Handgun, loaded with rubber bullets. Only one magazine which is carried in the gun.
  • Knife with sheath and belt.
  • Tank of air.
  • High intensity flashlight.
  • One week of vegetation ration packs.
  • Waterproofed set of binoculars.
  • Tracking collar.
  • Camera.
  • Keychain-sized Rubik's Cube.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a desert environment, and wandered around for roughly an hour before encountering another human. Said human was wearing a tanned leather overcoat and was described as "completely unshaven." Man was extremely surprised to find the subject, and demanded that the subject follow him in order to lead it back to food and shelter.

Subject originally began to follow the man, but intentionally lost contact with him upon noticing that his leather coat contained no seams or stitching.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a forest habitat, with no signs of previous or current industrialization. No further anomalies were perceptible until the subject grew hungry, at which point it discovered that harvesting or eating the plant life would cause them to emit "telepathic screams." Subject abstained from eating for the first day as a result, but became hungry enough on the second day onward to consume the flora in spite of the screams.

Testing has shown no biological changes in the subject from this, but subject repeatedly affirms that it "felt horrible" for doing so.

Requests: None specifically, but subject adopted a gelatin- and pudding-based diet for two and a half weeks after returning from this shift.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a dimension with flipped genders. No notable differences besides this were discovered, although subject found issue with the fact that its female counterpart "looks pretty much the same" as the standard version.

Requests: None.

000-000-000 (Invalid)

Retrieval: Via tracking device. Plainclothes agents found subject sitting in an alleyway at ███████, ███████.

Description: Subject was largely unresponsive upon retrieval, and remained so until the standard questioning phase. When asked where it went this shift, subject answered, “Nowhere. I think I missed it this time.”

Subject experienced minor motor skill impairment and decreased activity levels for roughly a month after this shift.

Requests: A wristwatch which makes an audible "tick" as the second hand moves. Approved.


Retrieval: Subject was found in its quarters, sprawled on the floor, attempting to chew through the sleeves of a straitjacket it was wearing. The jacket, leg restraints, and the loss of motor skills still present from the last shift led to the subject being unable to stand up or open the door to find assistance.

Description: Subject shifted while sleeping, and awoke restrained and lying in a hospital-grade bed. A nurse informed the subject that he was still a patient at the ████ ██ asylum, and was currently suffering from advanced stages of dementia. Subject was then sedated, and spent the rest of this shift alternating between semi-consciousness and total unconsciousness.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject once again arrived in the forest habitat from 9E2-66V-7HG. The flora seemed to have remembered subject's last visit, though, and they reacted by "screaming" for its entire four-day shift.

Requests: A hug. Approved.


[DATA EXPUNGED] under the direct order of the O5 Council. Level 5 clearance required.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a derelict metropolitan area. Subject was unable to locate any other humans, but noted an overabundance of cats in every area it visited. Said felines seemed no different from normal housecats, though, and subject spent most of this shift petting any who came near.

During the standard examination procedures after retrieval, trace amounts of a Toxoplasma gondii variant were discovered on the subject’s clothing, as well as larger amounts on its shoes. Further testing showed that subject had not yet been infected with the Toxoplasmosis variant, most likely attributed to the short timeframe of this shift not allowing the subject to grow hungry and seek out food.

All clothing and belongings that were on subject's person during this shift were incinerated, and the subject forced to undergo special decontamination procedures, in order to prevent any possibility of contagion.

Requests: a pair of rubber gloves. Denied, on the basis that hand protection would not have protected subject from infection in any way.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was attempting to return on its own, but was making less progress than usual due to the discomfort of doing so.

Description: Subject once again arrived in a pitch-black area, with muted breathing nearby. Subject decided to seek an exit this time via blind wandering. Subject eventually found itself at the mouth of a corridor with what appeared to be a light source at the end. Subject began to run towards the light upon noticing this.

As it grew closer, the light suddenly grew in intensity and the subject was exposed to "searing pain." Subject passed out at this point, and only awoke after it had shifted back.

Examination upon retrieval revealed that the subject's epidermis had been cleanly stripped down to the stratum granulosum in all areas open to sunlight, and down to the stratum lucidum in all areas covered by clothing.

Requests: None, but subject reappeared wearing a pair of large, heavily tinted sunglasses. Subject did not notice that it was wearing these until they were pointed out, and supposed that they were probably why its eyes did not undergo the same process as its skin.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in an urban area, with no major changes as far as it could tell. Subject used the public computers of a library to search for differences between this dimension and ours, eventually finding that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by his Vice President in order to claim his position. This ultimately led to the Presidency becoming a "tribe-leader-like" position, where the current holder is legally allowed to be challenged and overthrown by other suitable candidates.

Subject noted, with great surprise, that this change did not do much to alter most "major" presidents taking office. Many minor and/or detrimental presidencies tended to end via bullet wounds, often in unlikely locales or from improbable angles, which deterred most from attempting coups at all.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived at the mouth of a cave with intense heat. Subject walked outside the cave for further investigation, to find that the area around it was a wasteland. Most of the heat appeared to emanate from two suns in the sky; the subject could not discern whether they were extremely large or extremely close to the planet.

Upon further examination, the "suns" blinked and turned away, and the heat subsided.

Subject spent the rest of the shift within the cave.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject found in the cafeteria, masticating on what appeared to be [REDACTED].

Description: Upon containment of [REDACTED], Subject uttered the words, "More! More! More!" before losing consciousness.

Subject regained consciousness 2 hours later, expressing a strong desire for pudding. When questioned, Subject claimed to see "the biggest mound of pudding ever". When questioned as to why it was masticating on [REDACTED] upon arrival, subject claimed to be eating a "glob a pudding" at the time.

Subject reported seeing [REDACTED] rolling around the hallways. Hallucinations passed within 24 hours.

Requests: Pudding. Request granted.


Retrieval: Subject found in Service Tunnel 6r3bk without original equipment. Subject was wearing a simple uniform with a similar design to the current Foundation D-class uniform.

Description: Subject shifted while dining in the cafeteria. Destination dimension had an analogue to the Foundation with a facility in the same location, although internal layout had significant differences. Security responded to subject as an intruder and detained it immediately. During this process, the subject was imprisoned and stripped of all equipment, including the tracking device. For the remainder of the shift, subject underwent repeated questioning, the Foundation analogue refused to accept subject's explanation of dimension hopping.

Information gleaned from post-shift debriefing indicates that F24-9S6-33C has a Foundation analogue in the Society for Containment of the Paranormal. This analogue has a strong British influence, and is opposed by the Covert Occult Group and Church of the Mending God. Further details remain unclear as the Society refused to answer the subject's questions and only slipped details by assuming it knew them already.

Requests: Replacement equipment. Request granted.


Retrieval: Subject was found by the cafeteria kitchen staff of Site-██, drenched, covered in mud, and suffering from severe hypothermia.

Description: Subject arrived in a large field during a rainstorm. Subject attempted to find shelter from the rain, but found none, remaining in the rain for the entire shift. After an unknown length of time, the subject reported seeing entities in the distance. Although the heavy rain obscured the subject from obtaining a detailed report of their appearances, the subject described them as being vaguely humanoid in shape. The entities began to slowly move towards the subject from all directions. Near the end of the shift, the subject reported hearing labored breathing from the nearest entities.

Requests: a set of warm clothing. Approved.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in midair, falling from an outdoor environment into a subterranean body of water at the bottom of a large cavern. Though admittedly experiencing a strong surge of adrenaline from this event, subject reported swimming "a long way" before reaching land. Subsequent observation revealed a giant hole in the ceiling of the cavern, through which subject had apparently fallen. Also reported were archways to other large caverns, most with shafts of sunlight visible indicating other surface collapses. Regular vertical grooves in the walls indicate possible excavation, despite the caverns' immense size. No other sign of life was observed.

Before returning, subject realized that the possibility of shifting back to our reality so far underground might cause it to be displaced in solid rock, and spent its remaining time frantically searching for a way back to the surface. When subject succeeded, it discovered that the sinkholes were much more widespread than what had been visible from below ground.

Requests: Diving Lessons. Denied.


Retrieval: Via tracking device.

Description: The length of time the subject was absent from our reality was notable, being roughly three months in length. However, during this time, it made several notable discoveries, including several SCPs uncontained by our reality's SCP Foundation but contained by Universe 2UU-5I9-Q3D's equivalent. These SCPs have now been contained.

Through this three-month time frame, the subject managed to become a member of 2UU-5I9-Q3D's SCP Foundation equivalent, working its way up the ranks far faster than would have been anticipated assuming it had been made a member of Foundation personnel on the same day. At the time of its return, he was apparently in the field, working to contain 2UU-5I9-Q3D's equivalent of SCP-███. Curiously, our Foundation had sent out a Task Force for precisely the same reason, on the same day. Further links between Universe 2UU-5I9-Q3D and our reality are being investigated.

Requests: To be made a member of Site personnel. Denied.


Retrieval: Subject retrieved via implanted tracker; medevac required to Site ██

Description: Subject was immobile upon retrieval due to greatly increased body mass, measured at ███ kg. Lead Researcher ██████ approved emergency use of SCP-394 to keep it alive in order to obtain a report.

Upon recovery, subject reported being surrounded by "really [EXPLETIVE] big" creatures resembling ██████████. They quickly trapped him in a transparent container. It was then transported an unknown distance to a shiny surface, whereupon the creatures began to observe him. After approximately one day tubes were inserted into [DATA EXPUNGED] unknown fluid which was not found upon examination.

Subject reported that the tubes were removed shortly before the shift and it observed [REDACTED] approaching it, presumably for the purpose of extraction.

Requests: Services of a personal trainer. Dr. ████████ has agreed to let the subject borrow her workout tapes. Subject now displays a strong aversion to pudding.


Retrieval: The subject was found hanging from its ankles in a tree on-site. Subject was partially encased in insulated, reflective titanium armor upon retrieval.

Description: The subject described the world it had arrived in as "extra shiny" and stated that it was apprehended by law enforcement officers upon arrival. After being apprehended, the subject was transported to a nearby manufacturing facility and placed upside down on an assembly line where a series of metal sheets were shaped and cut to fit its body. It briefly had time to ask for clarification, and was informed that the radiation from the sun was extremely dangerous and titanium reflective suits were required by law to prevent thermal radiation damage to any person or structure.

Requests: Sunscreen and an eye exam. Granted.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was found inside a padlocked metal shed, behind an abandoned house on the outskirts of ███████, ██.

Description: Subject arrived in a small room housing several dried corpses. Besides said corpses, the room was mostly bare; the only things subject noted were a single paneless window and a light fixture on the ceiling which occasionally flickered. Subject attempted to rise to his feet, but had difficulty doing so due to repeated and unpredictable surges of motion.

Subject eventually made its way to the window, at which point it discovered that its "room" was actually a container suspended in midair by a large chain. Subject watched as similar containers passed by him, and as it passed by others, via a complex web of rails above it which the chains were attached to. Subject could see nothing besides this but darkness in all directions.

Subject then tried to wait out its time in this dimension by falling asleep, but found it difficult due to a newly discovered quality of the corpses. During moments of darkness caused by flickering, the corpses rearranged themselves into poses which would be logical for living people during that particular moment. If the subject was looking out the window the corpses would be crowded around him in an attempt to get a better view, if the subject was sitting they would also be seated in a pattern to form a full circle, if the subject attempted to reach the light fixture they would act as a support/seem to be in the process of pushing him upwards, etc.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject arrived in a crowded casino-like area. Subject noted that the only type of machine available was something similar to slots, but they apparently required no money to play and gave out nothing upon a "win."

Upon actually sitting down in front of one and trying it, the subject discovered that the machine dispensed a small slip of paper with writing on it upon every pull of the lever and spin of the symbols it displayed. Subject could discern no real pattern to what symbol would produce what type of note, but wrote down a list of its attempts and what it received from each just in case.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject appeared in a white corridor, with steel doors lining both walls. Each door had a keypad, a small speaker system, and a clipboard containing forms written in undecipherable characters.

As the subject approached one door to examine said clipboard, the door’s attached speaker turned on and began to address it. Subject was informed that the voice belonged to the person locked behind that specific door, and that he was wrongfully imprisoned, then left to die. The prisoner then pleaded with the subject to release him from his cell.

Subject, jokingly, replied that he would free the prisoner if he promised not to stab the subject upon release. There was roughly a seven second pause before the prisoner asked what “stabbing” was. After a moment of deliberation, the subject defined stabbing as "putting a hole in someone using a sharp object".

Another pause followed. The prisoner eventually affirmed that he could not stab the subject, because all of his objects were “very blunt.”

Subject did not open that door or any of the others.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was in a holding cell of the ███ █████ police station, under charges of public indecency. Extraction was successfully made with no complications.

Description: Subject arrived in an area apparently undergoing a large snowstorm. Subject attempted to find shelter but could not find its way in the storm, and had almost succumbed to exposure by the time it was located and pulled into a cave by a man covered in protective furs.

The man helped the subject out of its wet clothing; although he did not have an extra set of garments, he led the subject to an underground hot spring his cave was connected to. When the man was sure that the subject was regaining its strength, he removed his furs and entered the spring as well.

Subject was extremely surprised to discover that the man was a second SCP-507. Subject noticed no obvious physical differences between itself and the double, although the alternate-507 had a pattern of "tribal scarring" across his torso, as well as at the bases of some of his limbs. Subject and the double remained in the cave and conversed with each other until the subject’s shift ended.

Requests: Subject drew a replica of the alternate-507's scars from memory, and asked for any information on possible cultural or symbolic meaning behind the patterns. None have been found so far.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject recovered in a cornfield in ██████, █████████, with unidentified brown liquid splattered on its cheek. A human heart with the words "I NEED YOU" written with the same liquid was discovered in subject's hand. Subject claimed that said object was not in its possession during the shift and does not know how it came into its possession. Researchers are attempting to identify the liquid.

Description: Subject arrived in pitch black darkness, with the sound of crying nearby. Upon activating its flashlight, subject discovered the "Smiling Man" from previous shifts leaning towards him. Brown liquid leaked from around its sunglasses. Smiling Man pushed its face closer to subject's and uttered the phrase, "Why did you do this?" Smiling Man then wiped off a portion of the brown liquid from its eyes with its hand and began caressing subject's cheek with it.

Subject forcefully pushed Smiling Man away. Subject observed that the Smiling Man's business suit contained several holes, with brown liquid trailing down from them. Subject drew its firearm and pulled the trigger; however, for unknown reasons, the pistol did not fire. Smiling Man began slowly walking towards subject. Subject ran for approximately 10 minutes and spent the rest of the shift huddled in a corner.

Requests: A more reliable pistol. Denied, as the cause of the error is unknown.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was discovered 7km (4.3 miles) North-East of the facility.

Description: Subject shifted while reading in its quarters. Subject found itself returned to the forest habitat containing telepathic trees. The trees remained silent upon its entry to the environment. The subject admitted that despite its previous experiences within the environment, it was curious about the absence of any human habitation. The subject propelled itself to the highest ground it could find in order to see over the tree canopy.

The subject found a clearing on the top of a hill. Subject reported seeing a huge semi-translucent blue dome covering the entire forest. The tree canopy extended out to the edge of the dome with foliage so thick that looking up and through it was unfeasible. Subject reported itself to see the dome slightly off-center, suggesting it was not underneath the direct middle.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject was found prone and unresponsive in its quarters. Subject was bleeding significantly. Several deep gashes were discovered in the left side of the subject, just under the armpit. The claw marks extended to the bottom of the ribcage. Subject received traditional first aid and was committed to the onsite infirmary.

Description: The subject woke up on a snow-covered plain. Subject did not have its backpack on hand at the time of the shift, having been asleep. All that went with it was its bed sheets and pajamas. Subject reports having seen a TV show of how to survive in a cold environment before the shift. It attempted to build a crude snow cave using its hands when it was interrupted by a large white bear.

This is the extent of its recollection.

Requests: A proper weapon. Granted. Losing subject to a non-anomalous polar bear would be a waste of Foundation resources and an embarrassment. Subject shall receive a knife, sheath, and belt and is required to keep these items on its person at all times.


Retrieval: Re-contained in the kitchen missing left hand and using expletives in an uncontrolled fashion. The subject was returned to the infirmary.

Description: The subject transitioned into a dimension very similar to our own at first glance. The subject was apprehended by Foundation personnel in the infirmary and questioned about his small "canines." The subject admitted to not knowing what that meant, but quickly worked it out after his interviewer opened its mouth and pointed to a set of large fangs located either side of its incisors. The interviewer also commented on the subject's roundish body shape, which was considered unusual and fascinating in this dimension.

Despite these differences, the subject described the creatures who interviewed it as kind. They proceeded to bring the subject a large amount of food. The subject noted a distinct lack of anything green in the meal offered to him. When later told to elaborate by Foundation personnel, he stated, "It was all meat!" After eating the meal, two of the creatures containing the subject in their equivalent of the infirmary escorted him into a small room nearby containing a locket hanging on the opposite wall. They told the subject to remove its clothes and stand in front of the locket. After the subject had done as ordered they opened the locket and exposed it to a green orb for approximately 8 minutes. The subject noted the lack of any scar tissue on his left side and a strong feeling of general well being.

The next day a creature came to him and asked for a small portion of his skin and musculature in order to "study genetic differences." To this, the subject responded with, "Only if you provide me with another delicious meal!" The creature was visibly excited by this outcome. A small biopsy was conducted on the subject's upper right thigh. The subject described this experience as "painful but totally worth it." A huge amount of unspecified meat was delivered to the subject upon completion of the biopsy. The subject was then released to explore the facility.

For the next month and a half, the creatures continued to supply the subject with mounds of meat and engage it in amiable conversation. The subject acquired 14kg (30.8lb) of fat during this time. On 16/4/2015 the subject was escorted to the kitchen equivalent. It was then put on a chopping block and its left hand was removed.

Requests: A replacement hand. Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a large, opaque dome filled with plants, without any signs of human habitation. Subject stated that walking was difficult and uncomfortable. Upon further investigation, the subject found a window, displaying what was described as "pitch black, with Earth on the horizon."

Several minutes later, a tall humanoid encountered the subject, inquiring about his comparative short stature. Subject replied, asking where he was. The humanoid stated they were in "Base 12, oxygen and vegetable wing". Subject asked what Earth was doing in the sky; humanoid appeared puzzled and responded, "That is the moon," gesturing to Earth. A short argument ensued and the humanoid departed.

Subject noted that after the Earth "set," a rocky grey landscape became visible, becoming identifiable as the lunar surface after "an hour or so". Subject attempted to explore more of his surroundings, but shifted back to our reality shortly after setting out.

Requests: One camera, denied.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject shifted while attempting to fall asleep. Subject arrived in a large body of fresh water. Subject swam upward an estimated thirty-five meters before reaching the surface of the water and beginning to tread. Subject noted several dark shapes moving in the water beneath it and bright lights in the distance, but did not attempt to approach either. Subject reportedly found breathing extremely difficult. Subsequent physical tests indicated that the subject had ingested substantial amounts of methane during the shift.

Requests: A tank of breathing gas as part of its equipment. Approved.


Retrieval: Subject was found in the location in which it had left, curled up and crying violently. Subject screamed "Why did I have to go?!" when an attempt was made to interact with it, and suffered from severe depression for several days thereafter. Agents described a "beautiful" smell coming from it.

Description: Subject landed in a place it could only describe as "impossibly beautiful". Subject stated that it was "like the best parts of every place all put together", and that the beauty was so overwhelming that Subject had no desire to move. When it began to become thirsty and hungry, plants apparently extended vines and shot a liquid into its mouth which it described as "the best anything I have ever drunk ever — sweet and rich and everything all at once". After roughly one day (subject, having never looked at his watch during this time, had no clear knowledge of the duration) a humanoid female close to subject's age unexpectedly encountered subject as she walked over a hill. Subject claimed that they had a "long conversation", despite not speaking the same language, and was unable to explain how this was possible or the form their communication had taken. Subject claimed that he understood her answers to his questions about her and their location, but was unable to articulate them. Subject described her with: "I know I'm sounding repetitive here, but she was the most amazing person I've ever met". With some reluctance, subject stated that they had been about to kiss when the shift ended. Subject then had to be prevented from committing suicide. Tests after successful psychiatric treatment indicated subject was considerably more physically fit and had gained roughly 8 IQ points, despite having done no significant exercise during the shift.

Requests: Various foods, beverages, and pictures of women widely regarded as very physically attractive. The subject considered all granted requests unsatisfactory, making statements such as "it's not the same," and "no, no, not like that!" Subject then requested a way to stay in a universe permanently after having arrived there, and was reminded that that was impossible.


Retrieval: Subject returned malnourished and suffering from the effects of an unknown toxic substance, from which it soon recovered. Later analysis showed the substance to be a venom containing a high level of silicon. A small silicon-based crystalline creature was hanging from the subject's finger when the subject returned. This specimen subsequently died of unknown causes, possibly starvation.

Description: Subject shifted to a dimension which primarily contained crystals of varying sizes and hues. The sun was described by the subject as "smaller and bluer than ours." The ground was covered in sand, also of various dull colors. The subject noted that many of the larger crystals were moving slowly and appeared to be alive. It also saw smaller creatures which scuttled around quite rapidly, and seemed to be composed of crystal. The subject spent some time searching for water, which it found. It noted that there seemed to be considerably more of the smaller crystalline animals near the water. Shortly before the subject returned, it was attacked by one of the small creatures.

The subject described both the larger and smaller creatures as both looking and behaving similarly to crustaceans.

Requests: Food and water "that doesn't taste like sand." Granted.


Retrieval: Subject was found in Sector █-█, a highly restricted area. Subject was swiftly removed.

Description: Subject shifted to a dimension with a world covered in saltwater. Subject then equipped its scuba gear and decided to see what was below the water. Subject descended for approximately 3 minutes and believed it had traveled 50 meters down before seeing the ocean floor. The floor was covered with abandoned buildings and rubble, corroded and covered with aqueous plant life; several skeletons could be seen. Subject had searched the underwater city for 3 minutes when the he spotted 3 black, fish-like creatures moving towards it. Subject drew his knife and firearm before shifting back into our dimension.

Requests: A pair of waterproof binoculars. Approved.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject appeared in the bedroom of a suburban home and was greeted by several people of varying age and race. They welcomed him to their home and showed him around the building. Subject noted an abundance of windows in the building. Upon looking outside, subject noticed that the house was encased in a large glass dome and was being viewed by several cameras, and the residents explained that they were part of a zoo-like enclosure.

Requests: None


Retrieval: SCP-507 was found in Dr. King's office.

Description: Subject appeared in what seemed to be an endless forest of apple trees. It was inhabited by a race of humanoids, all of whom appeared identical to Dr. King. The entities seemed to recognize SCP-507, and gave him a message to pass on to Dr. King:

Come home, lost child. We have sent you the signs countless times, yet still, you do not come. Do you not remember the holy orchard of your birth? The wind through the trees, the crisp delight of Her Holy Fruit? Please come home.
We miss you.

Requests: To pass the message on to Dr. King. Denied, for the safety of SCP-507.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject appeared in a highly furnished version of its containment chamber. After leaving the chamber it discovered that the facility was inverted from the main reality in the sense that all of the offices were replaced with containment chambers and vice versa. Further inquiry revealed that foundation staff were being contained due to their ability to create dangerous experiments. The primary containment staff consisted of more docile versions of the baseline reality's humanoids in containment. Notably, less hostility did not make their lack of containment any safer, causing the facility to be filled with biological, memetic, and other hazards. It is unknown how a K-class scenario has not occurred despite the apparent lack of containment. D-class and non-research staff were unchanged.

Requests: Heightened psychological evaluations on staff. [REDACTED].

I swear you guys aren't telling us something about 507. It didn't bring anything dangerous back somehow and never does. Not to mention it was in a mental institution and aspires to be a researcher. - Agent McDaniels


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject appeared in the middle of a large, dense forest. The forest showed no signs of life beyond plant life, including insects or animals. Subject attempted to leave the forest on foot, but, despite traveling for over three weeks on foot, subject was unable to locate an end to the forest. Subject was forced to scavenge edible-seeming nuts and fruit in order to survive.

Requests: That enough non-perishable rations to last a week be added to its gear. Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject appeared in a world entirely made of candy. It described it as "Willy Wonka's factory but on steroids." Upon reappearing subject appeared to have gained 6.8 kg (15 lb).

Requests: More candy. Denied.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject arrived in an urban area in a reality which appeared at first to be modern-day Japan. Subject figured out that it had not left the Western hemisphere through attempts to gather information, including successfully accessing the internet on a tablet computer it found in an internet café. Subject spent several days without issue in the alternate reality before shifting back.

Based on Subject's research and limited conversations with locals, it figured that the point of divergence from our universe was that Japanese sailors discovered a way to America in the 14th century. As a result, America's western coast was colonized by the Japanese and the influx of food and natural resources to Japan resulted in Japan's dominance first in Asia then globally. The Japanese empire and European powers apparently waged several wars in America and Western Asia. The most recent war with the British empire in 1932 resulted in a cold war that lasted until Britain's bankruptcy and the independence of its overseas territories in 1977.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject appeared in ████████ with severe lacerations covering its left side and arm.

Description: Subject appeared in a pitch-black space, with lights floating at head level. Closer examination of these lights revealed them to be a type of fruit, hanging from trees with black bark. The flashlight was noted as being less effective than before. A distant light moved steadily towards the subject. Upon closer inspection of this light, Subject reported it to be a humanoid figure, glowing brightly. The entity was non-hostile, and preferred to follow Subject. After two hours, the entity left the vicinity of Subject, and disappeared among the strange "fruit". Subject noted heavy breathing approximately one hour after the entities' departure. Subject used the flashlight to illuminate the source of breathing, which proved to be a pitch-black entity, making it almost invisible in the dark. Subject fled from the entity, which gave chase and attacked Subject, causing lacerations down Subject's left side.

Requests: Medical attention and a stronger flashlight. Approved.


Retrieval: Subject appeared in its quarters bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Subject remained in a coma in Medical Bay C for 42 days after returning. During this time, Subject did not shift or change position at all.

Description: Subject recalled appearing in a shifting white landscape looking upon a city "made of pure light." The buildings of this city were built into impossible shapes and forms that rendered Subject incapable of describing it in any detail.

Out of the city came two massive beings who approached the Subject. The very presence of these beings, presumably the inhabitants of the city, caused extreme pain and rapid blindness to the Subject. The beings attempted to speak to the Subject, only for the Subject's eardrums to rupture under the force of their words. Subject's last reported feeling is a sense of "coming undone" before it blacked out.

Note: Despite reporting massive injuries, Subject was completely uninjured when it awoke from its coma. An inquiry into this is ongoing.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was discovered in ██████ National Park in the back of a cave halfway up the mountain. Subject was dressed in animal skins and was clutching a crude crossbow.

Description: Subject was transported to a world where human beings never became the dominant species on Earth. The ruling species was a form of reptile, possibly a descendant of the larger dinosaurs.
Subject was immediately apprehended upon arrival, stripped of its clothes and gear, and placed on a human reservation. These reservations were used for hunting the remaining humans for sport. Subject was able to survive due to its higher reasoning skills, and ability to hide. Subject spent the remainder of this shift hiding in the trees in order to survive the various hunting parties.

Requests: Replacement gear. Granted.


Retrieval: SCP-507 appeared nude in Basement Hallway-4C, although it still had its belt, knife, and flashlight.

Description: Subject arrived in an environment where all artificial objects and structures were replaced with living, deformed humans. Subject conjectured that the population took turns performing various mundane jobs along with acting as its own infrastructure and food source. Subject's clothes were stolen by other people, although it did not have to complete any jobs in its time there (about 7 days).

Requests: "To not have to see any people it does not need to for a few weeks." Granted for three weeks.


Retrieval: Found approximately 120 km away from original location.

Description: Subject appeared in a dimension made of varying forms of gelatin. The area appeared to be a flat plain stretching to the horizon with occasional small hills about 20 km apart. The subject traveled for about a day before climbing a hill and noticing "a metal object glinting in the distance". The subject continued to travel for several days, occasionally sipping from puddles of liquid gelatin or sleeping, and was still several kilometers away from the metal object before returning to our dimension

Requests: Subject refused to consume soft foods for nearly a month.


Retrieval: Appeared about fifteen feet above the ground in the site cafeteria.

Description: Subject appeared in a large basketball court which was occupied by six individuals playing basketball. This group included two humans, two tri-laterally symmetrical insectoid beings, one squid-like organism with a sharp rough brown skin, and one hovering yellow spherical being with eight triple-jointed arms. Subject asked where he was and was told he was in an "All-Species Sports Center". Subject then checked several rooms with various games, most of them unknown and several unplayable by humans, before being taken to a locked room by two creatures wearing orange and pink uniforms. When the subject asked why he was brought there, one of the creatures claimed that he was "being held until closing time for sneaking into the sports centre." Subject stayed there for about seven hours before shifting back.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a dimension where everything was frozen in place as it was on December 24, 2012, according to computers found there. Subject found it easy to find food and water, but noted the sky was red and pink and displayed a message reading "ERROR 14528: LOADING TIME: expec. 228-342 years". Subject spent nearly two months there before shifting back.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject appeared in ██████, Idaho.

Description: Subject appeared in a dimension where the average human life span was around 24 hours. Despite their short life span, citizens would still obtain jobs and marry, except at an accelerated pace. Subject personally witnessed a couple meet, get married, and have two children within the space of three hours.

Subject remained in this dimension for 2 months. Because of his normal life span, he witnessed several generations live and became internationally famous as "The person who doesn't die." Subject reported that it was treated as a wise elder, and consulted for advice on world events.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Appeared in a janitorial closet in the site basement.

Description: Subject appeared two meters above the stands in a very large indoor sports arena of approximately four kilometers in length and half a kilometer in height. At the center of the arena were four teams wearing orange, yellow, pink, and purple body armor and fatigues respectively, engaged in combat. Each team possessed four members, armed with two anti-tank rocket launchers, four assault rifles, and one tank. Subject was unable to ascertain the approximate amount of people watching the event, but he claimed every seat was full.

After three minutes, subject was apprehended by two guards and escorted to a cell. When subject asked why he was being held, a guard responded: "You have disrupted the daily games and will be held as a player for a future game." Subject was allowed to watch 'the games' on an old-fashioned television in his cell and learned that all games are controlled by someone called "The Master, Zero-Two-Four", who regularly interrupted with rule changes. During the third game the subject watched, several researchers wearing outfits bearing an altered Foundation logo were forced to play in obstacle courses. Subject returned after approximately thirty-six hours.

Requests: Access to the site gym in case of a similar circumstance. Denied on the grounds that 507 revisiting this dimension in the future is unlikely and that it would not offer a substantially higher chance of winning.


Retrieval: Subject was found in the on-site break room, with what first appeared to be a series of deep gashes running down the subject’s right cheek, neck, and shoulder. Subject informs that the “gashes” are actually stage makeup.

Description: The subject appeared in a site break room appearing identical to the one of his retrievals at first glance. Researcher ████ and Dr. ███ had been talking about nothing in particular, equipment seen on a television show set production present, along with men in uniforms resembling those of a tv show set worker uniform managing the equipment. Upon taking a closer look, the subject realized the break room was actually just a set for a television or movie. The two doctors replied to the subjects sudden appearance by expressing surprise at his entrance, but for the reason that the subject’s “shift back to our reality scene wasn’t for another ten minutes”. Dr. ███ also informed the subject that he needed to stop by the makeup department. Subject notes that after this Researcher ████ then tells the men managing the equipment to start the scene over from the top.

Subject had just returned from the makeup department back to the apparent “set” when it shifted back into our reality.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject was found approximately twenty kilometers from the site.

Description: Subject appeared in what first was thought by subject to be a forest. Subject quickly determined that the "forest" was in a concrete heptagonal tunnel, lit by an unknown brand of blue fluorescent lamp, with each side approximately eight meters long. Subject then discovered that the tunnel contained an incredibly diverse amount of plants, containing many that do not naturally grow even on the same continent.

Subject soon found the phrase "043 WARNING" written in yellow spray paint exactly every one hundred meters, with an abnormally large bloody handprint on the wall near each message. Subject attempted to find an end to the tunnel, eating many of the recognizable plant species he could find, but did not reach the end. Subject shifted back after six days.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Subject fell approximately nine meters to the site's roof and broke his leg. Subject is currently healing in the site infirmary.

Description: Subject woke up in a dark room, with a clock displaying the time and date as 07:33:84, 3120 GAN 01. Subject quickly found a staircase and ascended eight levels of stairs before reaching what the subject described as "an airplane control room", overlooking a destroyed airfield, with several dozen stone statues standing in various poses outside. After the subject blinked, it was noticed that almost every visible statue had moved. Subject spent the remaining four days of the shift hiding in the stairwell with his flashlight attempting to read magazines and flight manuals in an unknown language. Subject noted no people during this shift, but claims to have heard explosions in the distance three days into the shift.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Subject was retrieved in a large blue dog costume, with large patches anomalously fused to the subject's skin. The costume was removable, but large portions of the subject's skin had to be taken off, prompting a skin graft.

Description: Subject arrived in a building exactly like the Foundation's site ██, excluding that all staff seemed to be wearing anthropomorphic animal costumes. The staff quickly tried to corner the subject, talking about something called, “being furred”. The subject escaped and ran off in a different direction, but due to its broken leg sustained during the last shift was caught by a different staff member, who then put a large blue dog costume on the subject, who then felt large amounts of pain and then shifted back.

Requests: A thin skin suit. - Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject appeared in an alternate Foundation site where everything was a shade of red, including all living organisms. Subject was contained and designated as an anomalous object due to his strange appearance. Subject was contained for about twenty hours before shifting back.

Requests: A green blanket instead of its current red blanket. Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject appeared in a featureless white room containing nothing but the subject and the late 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush. George H. W. Bush proceeded to produce wet broccoli from an unknown location and continually throw it at the subject while repeatedly saying “1992.”

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject appeared in a room with entirely black walls, ceiling, and floor. After the subject got its bearings, it attempted to knock on several walls. After knocking a few times, the subject noticed a humanoid entity standing in the corner. Said entity was wearing a standard Foundation D-Class uniform and appeared human from the neck down, but the entity’s head was that of a domestic house cat, complete with fur and whiskers. The entity then proceeded to hit 507 in the stomach with a baseball bat it had been holding. When asked why it did this, the entity responded “You know damn well, punk. Don’t leave.” The entity then walked through one of the room’s walls. Subject spent the remainder of its shift unsuccessfully attempting to break out of the room.

Requests: None. Subject’s bruised abdomen taken care of.


Retrieval: Subject recovered seventeen kilometers away riding to the site with a recovered bicycle-like vehicle. (See below)

Description: Subject woke up in a field near a farmhouse and a barn. The subject went to the farmhouse to attempt to find signs of life, and was greeted by an elderly Caucasian man and the man’s family. The man was able to somewhat communicate with subject using a book that the subject later found to be a Spanish-to-English dictionary. The subject gave a cover story of having developed partial amnesia and managed to find that he was in a country that had rebelled from the prominent “Spanish Empire”.

The subject was given a ride into a nearby town and some money and spent most of the remainder of its shift in the town’s public library using an advanced computer system that offered English as a language. The subject managed to find a vehicle resembling a bicycle in a trash can and was riding said vehicle when it shifted back to our reality.

  • Retrieved Items: One vehicle resembling a bicycle but with three wheels in a row, a seat with a backrest, and a broken brake system. Several paper bills printed with purple ink depicted various unknown individuals and Spanish phrases.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Subject appeared in the medical wing of Site ███ in ███,███ screaming and wildly swinging a chair.

Description: Subject appeared in the maternity ward of a large hospital. Subject was discovered by a being dressed as a nurse checking on the infants. Subject was unable to describe the appearance of the nurse as it began screaming every time it tried.1

The creature spoke to the Subject in a pleasant voice that it had been "upsetting the other patients" with its strange appearance and that "it was time to start the operation."
The nurse then pounced on the subject and wrapped him in a straitjacket before wheeling him into an operation room. When the straitjacket was removed, Subject jumped off the table and attempted to fend off the creatures when it shifted back.

  • Retrieved Items: One chair. It appears to be a normal office chair, but further tests must be performed.

Requests: A memory wipe. Denied.


Retrieval: Via Tracker. Subject found unconscious several hundred meters from the site lying on the ground with various burns on its chest and face. Subject was determined to be under the effect of a high-grade sleeping medication, which wore off nine hours later.

Description: Subject is incapable of remembering anything that occurred in the twenty-five hour duration of the shift. Attempting to remember this results in the subject rapidly losing consciousness and bleeding from various orifices. Giving the subject Class-W mnestics has had no effect.

  • Retrieved Items: A blue bathrobe, worn by the subject upon return.

Requests: Replacement tools. Granted.


Retrieval: Subject found in a locked storage freezer next to the cafeteria. Subject released from the freezer.

Description: Subject shifted to a near-identical version of its containment chamber with a male skeleton wearing SCP-507's jumpsuit and utility belt nearby on the floor. After this, the subject found a loaded pistol nearby on the floor and used it to shatter the window to the observation room overlooking the containment chamber. This resulted in a deluge of water flooding into the room and the subject losing consciousness.

Subject then awoke wearing a diving suit in a dark room with nearly waist-high water and several crates scattered around. Subject spent the next several minutes attempting to leave the room but found all doors were locked. After waiting several more hours, a trapdoor in the floor opened and three humanoid creatures with fish-like skin emerged. One of the creatures offered subject several dozen wet pieces of seaweed and various meats. Following this, all three vocalized "Don't smile back. Smiles hide lies. Stay here." in unison before leaving through the trapdoor.

Subject spend the next several days in the room not wearing the diving suit. One of the creatures returned briefly after two days to remove several rusty medieval weapons from one of the crates. The creature did not vocalize anything during this time, but hummed an unknown song.

Following the departure of the creature, subject attempted to find what was in the various crates, and found several items including bags of microwaved popcorn, laundry, toy kaleidoscopes, and various machine parts. However upon opening a crate labeled "G-4567-A2", subject found a corpse highly resembling, but not perfectly matching, the "smiling man" encountered on previous trips. Subject spent the remainder of the shift avoiding that part of the room.

  • Retrieved Items: A November 1996 Boy's Life magazine issue found in a crate. The magazine has not been found to contain any differences from the baseline issue beyond word choice in certain articles.

Requests: A warm blanket. Granted.


Retrieval: Via Tracker. Subject was found buried in a grave in █████, India.

Description: Subject spent the entire shift free falling through the air as if it had jumped from a plane. During the entire shift, Subject was unable to see any kind of solid ground, only more sky. The only other notable feature, according to the subject, were immense birds in the distance.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject appeared in its chamber hyperventilating and collapsed to the floor.

Description: Subject manifested within a cramped crawlspace between two walls, unable to move. Subject attempted to call for help but heard no noises beyond a dripping noise and an unknown creature scurrying nearby on two occasions. Subject shifted back after approximately twenty-four hours.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject manifested in a large auditorium containing an estimate of 50,000 identical 507 objects. Objects seemed to be having an analogue to a political rally, advocating for the overthrow of the government, under the organization name of the "People's Dimension-Hopper Republic". Within the two weeks of the duration of subject's shift, the PDHR overthrew the United States government, establishing their own government in the form of a republic entirely composed of 507 objects. Subject was elected to the office of representative of Massachusetts, and was about to introduce its first piece of legislation when subject shifted back to prime reality.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject reappeared within its containment chamber, without its handgun or knife.

Description: Subject manifested in a train-like vehicle. Upon manifesting, it noticed several other individuals seated at various locations along the carriage, who did not remark upon his sudden appearance. The subject noted that the train appeared to be in some kind of black void, with nothing visible out the windows. After 30 minutes, a humanoid creature without facial features spotted the subject, and asked him for his "ticket". Upon the subject reporting his lack of tickets, he was searched, and his weapons were confiscated. The subject was told they would have to leave the train at the next stop, and they would be fined "10 minutes". The subject began to explore the train, but shifted back after walking approximately 3km and finding no end.

Requests: Replacement gear. Granted.


Retrieval: Subject appeared in its containment with multiple deep bite wounds in the forearms.

Description: Subject arrived in a facility identical to Site-██. Intercom warnings stated that "SPC-507 has displaced. If spotted, the object is to be punched immediately and returned to containment." Subject reported fearing for his safety until the alternate Dr. ███ entered its containment to reassure it that it was not the one to be “punched back into this world”. Subject stayed in containment for 3 hours before a “[EXPLETIVE] huge shark” materialized in containment with it and proceeded to attack the subject. Two guard personnel entered the subject's containment and proceeded to “punch [the shark] in its stupid shark face” multiple times.

Requests: Shark repellant. Denied on the grounds that Site-██ has no non-anomalous shark repellant.


Retrieval: Subject reappeared in its containment chamber, asleep.

Description: Unknown. Subject claims to have slept through the entire shift.

Requests: A wristwatch that will detect when it has shifted and sound an alarm to wake it up if it is sleeping at the time by detecting the absence of signal pings from the site. Granted, watch currently in development.


Retrieval: Subject reappeared exactly where it had disappeared (from its seat in the Site cafeteria), a fraction of a second later. Subject did not realize it had shifted until informed of such by Agent M█████, with whom it had been speaking at the time.

Description: Unknown. Duration of shift is estimated to have been fewer than 100 milliseconds. As it occurred while SCP-507 was blinking, subject was not able to visually observe destination universe before the shift ended.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Subject appeared in the employee break room, seeming to repeatedly mutter phrases described as being about laundry detergent. Subject recovered after 5 minutes, although it proceeded to talk primarily about a non-existent product named "Reality-Cleaning Laundry Detergent" for an additional 30 minutes. Subject vocalized the inclusion of the hyphen.

Description: Subject appeared in the middle of an empty highway and immediately went to the side of the road, beginning to walk towards a city in distance. Upon arrival, subject noted that, while there were few pedestrians outside, some electronic devices were still active. Most notable of which were a variety of "retro" television sets throughout sidewalks and roads. Any pedestrians that were outside sat or lay on the ground, watching said television sets. Subject then sat down in front of one of the sets and saw an ad for "Reality-Cleaning Laundry Detergent". Purported advertisement used a substantial amount of Christian imagery. Subject shifted back after 53 minutes, unable to recall any other programming that wasn't an advertisement.

Requests: Multiple cases of "Reality-Cleaning Laundry Detergent." Multiple researchers have suggested that the subject should go through cognitohazard training in order to prevent further damage to its mental state. Proposal is pending O5 approval.


Retrieval: Subject appeared unconscious within a temporarily unoccupied containment chamber within a highly classified portion of the site, but required no amnesticization due to bodily effects sustained for a few hours following the shift.

Description: Subject appeared in a hallway in a large government facility roughly analogous to the site, but with significantly looser security. Various anomalies such as "vegetable robots" and a "lion in a toga" were observed walking around the building and even fraternizing with guards and researchers, and subject was gifted a soft woolen robe upon being first being noticed by staff. All encountered persons proved extremely amiable and open, one being disappointed after subject attempted to end a conversation after nearly two hours of dialogue.

Attempts to leave the facility were fruitless as no exits or maps could be found, and questioned persons were confused at and rejected the idea of reality external to the location. The total extent of this location is unknown, as subject managed to traverse a single hallway for thirty-two miles before abandoning the route and sleeping in a cafeteria. Food in this cafeteria consisted entirely of various meat products, but was otherwise normal.

After three days, a high-pitched squeaking noise began emanating from a singular speaker in each room, after which all personnel and motile anomalies began calmly walking further along that hallway and discussing an action called "ploking" in vague and spiritual terms. After one guard briefly tripped and stopped walking, subject was told to look away, but instead asked what it means to "ploke". Upon hearing this, a humanoid with several segmented legs emerging from facial orifices asked how an individual could be unfamiliar with ploking before using its non-walking legs to form a previously unknown kinetoglyph and induce paralysis and a temporary loss of hearing, vision, and smell. Subject then attempted to apprehend the humanoid but stumbled and fell onto a cold, rocky surface unconnected to the facility floor felt seconds before. Subject spent remaining ten days of shift alternating between pacing, sleeping, crying, and consuming rations, and despite a lack of auditory or visual input, reports "hearing from [his] hands" an avian entity having slowly and constantly approached from the distance, before landing on his head, sighing, and continuing in the opposite direction.

  • Retrieved Items: One woolen robe, determined by testing to be nonflammable and self-cleaning. When left unobserved after testing, was replaced with or transmuted to 5 ml of Ovis aries semen and a large black feather of indeterminate genetic makeup.

Requests: Emergency meeting with provided therapist. Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject appeared in a series of tunnels that were filled with murines, ophidians, and arachnids covered in cardboard Items (in the form of boxes and tubes). After 10 minutes, several humanoids covered in cardboard, around the ages of 6-12 appeared, repeatedly saying “I don’t want to play anymore.”, “I’m the Tunnel Monster.”, “Help me.”, and other similar phrases. Subject manifested back to the site as the creatures started climbing on top of him.

After subject described the appearance of these “monsters”, they were noted to closely resemble SCP-3663. After Site-54 was contacted, Director ██████ of the site claimed SCP-3663 was still in their tunnels. After this encounter, it is believed that there are more instances of SCP-3663 that have yet to be contained.

  • Retrieved Item(s): A murine covered in cardboard items.

Request(s): A pet cage for the recovered murine. - Granted.


Retrieval: Uneventful

Description: Subject shifted while sleeping but quickly awoke due to its new extremely warm environment, estimated to be somewhere from 40-45ºC. The location was within a subterranean tunnel and very moist, with a soft black mold covering most of the rocky surfaces. After roughly 50 meters of travel through the tunnel and making a sharp right turn, the subject entered a large hemispherical cavern with a lake of roughly 200 meters diameter containing an olive tree stretching upwards an unknown distance into a dark crevice, as well as an emaciated unmoving humanoid perfectly resembling SCP-3048 in its center. At this point, the subject noticed all water native to TNT-LUS-IC9 became a highly durable ice when exposed to his natural body heat and failed to melt when removed. Further long-range inspection also revealed the humanoid to be frozen in place up to its waist roughly 3 meters from the tree's lowest branches.

After fifteen minutes, the humanoid awoke and noticed the subject, beginning to loudly vocalize in an unknown Italian dialect and gesture at the tree and the water. Subject considered a rescue attempt but feared becoming similarly trapped in the lake and reentered the tunnel, traveling along it for roughly 300 meters before again finding himself at the same cavern. Here, the humanoid was observed attempting to smash the ice with its own skull for several seconds before recognizing the subject and hurriedly pointing at the tree. Shortly afterwards, a cervine entity at least 4 meters in height descended from the tree's hidden upper branches and urinated on the humanoid's head before retreating once more.

Subject spent the remaining 8 hours of the shift consuming rations, pacing, and sleeping on the edges of the cavern and ignoring the now-screaming humanoid.

  • Retrieved Items: Samples of previously noted black mold. Tests proved close genetic relation to Aspergillus wentii. ~200 ml of anomalous water. Chemical analysis showed no difference from standard water, although crosstests with similar anomalies suggest [REDACTED].

Requests: Reading material with which to more easily pass time. Granted.


Retrieval: Subject appeared three miles off site and had stayed in a local gym until containment operatives arrived.

Description: Subject materialized roughly four feet above the ground and fell into muddled ground, spraining his ankle. He claims to have been at the bottom of a massive crater. After a couple hours the subject managed to crawl his way out of the crater to discover that he was in a world where time seemed to have stopped. He saw people and animals frozen in place. He saw birds frozen mid-flight in the sky and the sun remained at the same point in the sky during his four day stay in the reality. He found a working smart phone and found that the date was frozen at 02/07/2034. Subject explored the local town until he found building 100 meters tall with a V logo and the word “Vanguard” in big green letters above the entrance. Inside he found many individuals whose identities matched that of several Foundation staff.

Requests: None


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was found attempting to return to the site, but with some difficulty. This was intially belived to stem from inebriation, but upon interviewing the subject was determined to instead be due to vection2 caused by extended exposure to a non-stationary environment.

Description: Subject arrived in a populated area experiencing what it perceived as "at least" a magnitude 7 earthquake. Despite this, subject noted a distinct lack of infrastructure damage. Local inhabitants expressed confusion upon subject's attempts to question them about the unusual amount of tectonic activity. After 30 minutes, subject was approached by law enforcement and detained under suspicion of public intoxication due to its inability to stand or walk normally.

At the police station, subject learned that the current level of tectonic activity was considered normal in this universe. Almost all architecture was designed to incorporate a complex series of gyroscopes and gimbals that offset the constant motion it was subjected to.

Subject was released after passing a breathalyzer test. Unable to contact a local Foundation equivalent and lacking sufficient funds for better accommodations, it eventually settled in a homeless encampment located in the city's central park, where it adjusted to the constant motion over several days.

On day 47 of its shift, subject was awoken in the middle of the night. Although at first unable to identify what had awakened it besides a feeling of dizziness and nausea, subject quickly discovered that the shaking it had become accustomed to had entirely ceased. It was then further roused by the sound of screaming, sirens, and distant rumbling crashes and explosions.

Upon exiting its tent, subject discovered that the area had been impacted by a "magnitude 0.00003 earthstill" which had leveled much of the city. With no counterbalancing tectonic activity, the massive gimbals integral to the city had ripped themselves from their foundations and destroyed the buildings they supported, crushing or trapping thousands of civilians under the rubble.

Subject spent the remaining nine days as part of a volunteer disaster response effort attempting to extricate survivors from the ruins.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a dimension with a reversed day and night cycle, and found it difficult to adapt for the first two days.

No further unusual traits were noted until the subject came across a small village, which was populated entirely by what appeared to be human children. Children ranged from around three years old to roughly ten years old, and appeared to be in a constant state of panic. Children would attempt to avoid the subject, and would shriek in fear if they were looked at.

Subject eventually made its way to the center of the village, where it found an empty playground, with a merry-go-round in the center. Upon moving closer to the merry-go-round, a child wearing a black hooded sweater appeared, and began to watch the subject. Subject moved closer to the child, at which point the child began to back away, still staring at the subject through the eyeholes of its hood.

Subject followed the child around the village, and eventually caught up to it at the edge of the village. Child was standing in front of a dark doorway, with no apparent door handle. Child then backed through the door, and the door closed behind it.

Subject attempted to press its ear to the door, but found that it was too cold to touch.

Requests: None.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. Subject was found at the bottom of a large canyon in a state of severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Description: Subject arrived in a dimension where it observed its own body with no apparent changes. Subject did not find any unusual changes until after it had eaten its first meal, which it reported as "tasteless and bland."

Subject also reported a severe increase in hunger after eating, such that it could eat multiple meals without any apparent change in hunger. This hunger increased exponentially over the course of a week. Subject refused to eat or drink the last two days before it shifted back.

Requests: A full-course meal. Granted after the subject had recovered from its malnutrition.


Retrieval: Uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a populated area in the Midwestern United States where Christmas decorations were put up on houses and buildings despite the date being in early September. Upon further investigation, the subject learned that most widely celebrated religious winter holidays were celebrated throughout the entire year in this reality. Throughout the duration of its stay, the subject saw mostly Christmas festivities and celebrations, likely due to the religious demographics of its location. Subject noted that this change had minimal impact on everyday life for most, but it did have some cultural impacts such as all music being holiday themed (most popular songs were Christmas oriented) and people using holiday-skewed variations of common phrases such as "we'll wrap that gift when we get to it" and "you can give a reindeer a red nose, but you can't make it glow".

Starting in the month of December, subject noted that people were preparing for "the winter holidays" by taking down and ceasing all holiday-oriented decorations and festivities. Subject noted that during this time, radios stopped playing holiday-oriented music and instead played music similar to what would normally be heard on the radio in baseline reality, which most people seemed to have a strong distaste of.

Approximately 3 months into its stay, the subject noticed that it was being followed by two men. Subject claims that one looked similar to Agent ██████, a plainclothes agent who had previously helped retrieve the subject during the events of entry 000-000-000. After being followed for 10 minutes, a red and green van with the markings "Snow Cookies Presents" pulled up next to the subject. Subject shifted after multiple armored men with weapons stepped out of the van and approached it.

Requests: For all winter holiday-oriented decorations set up around the facility to be taken down, as the subject shifted back on December ██. Denied.


Retrieval: Subject and visiting Sr. Researcher A. Yik from Site-48 were found in Site-19 hallway, in good physical condition.

Description: Shift occurred as the Subject was mid-fall after slipping on residue from SCP-███ while roaming near its containment cell; S.R. Yik, who was still unaware of the finer points of local protocol such as prohibition of physical contact after two weeks since previous shift, reached out to catch subject and was subsequently taken as well. The duo appeared in underground ruins of indeterminate cultural origin. After explanation of situation and consequences of a similar previous incident (see Addendum 507-00 of primary file), S.R. Yik made sure to keep a physical grasp of Subject at all times from then on, even as they proceeded to begin taking detailed notes and recorded observations of the physical state, inscriptions, layout, and local artifacts. Valuable observations were collected, including potential implied context behind [REDACTED], as the duo continued in such activity over the next 13 hours, until the return shift back occurred to the express relief of Subject and contrasting disappointment of S.R. Yik.

- Mobile gaming device for any future long stretches of inactivity - Denied; potential issues due to unnecessary electronic devices in unpredictable environments deemed unwarranted.
- Box of Lego bricks - Denied; too bulky considering range of other approved items.
- Rubik's Cube - Approved (Keychain-sized miniature version).


Retrieval: Subject manifested inside the first floor Site-19 women's bathroom, startling Guest Researcher K, who subsequently struck the Subject unconscious, believing Subject to be a peeping tom.

Description: Subject manifested in an alley, and quickly discovered nearly all color was replaced with shades of white, black, or grey. In addition, Subject found sound could only be produced by speaking, and striking objects, snapping fingers, and other such activities made no noise. Subject exited the alley and found a city street filled with people, all dressed as mimes, communicating in an unknown form of Sign Language. Some individuals manifesting anomalous properties by appearing to pedal a bike or drive a car, and gliding at a high speed down the middle of the street.

Subject attempted to ask passersby where it was, but all individuals suddenly clamped their hands over their ears and winced at the noise, with individuals appearing to ride bikes or drive cars suddenly falling to the ground, some being severely injured by their inertia, but did not cry out. After the cringing subsided, Subject found all individuals staring at it in varying degrees of horror. Subject was shortly after handcuffed and apprehended by several headphone-wearing individuals, duct tape placed across its mouth, and taken to the third floor of a nearby building.

One individual attempted to communicate in sign language with the Subject, but eventually gave up and forcibly showed Subject a handwritten note detailing that Subject was "an Aberrant Being capable of generating sounds in excess of a full decibel" and a specialist team from the Aberrancy Security Vault would thus "soon be here to take [it] to a facility suited to house [it] for the foreseeable future." Subject spent the next hour attempting to learn sign language from scratch, following the individual's movements, but returned to this dimension right as several other headphone-wearing individuals appeared to take it to what it assumed was an alternate version of an SCP Facility.

Requests Sign language lessons. Granted.


Retrieval: Subject displayed relatively diminished communication and vocabulary skills. Retrieval was otherwise uneventful.

Description: Subject arrived in a location which it described as "somewhere in Africa". Analysis of the recovered video footage revealed that the location in question closely resembled a replica of our universe's city of Kampala with the primary exception being that the city's entire landscape was covered in wild plant life native to Central Africa, which is typical for cities which has been abondoned by the human populace for significant lengths of time. The subject soon discovered the city to be inhabited by an unsually dense population of great and lesser apes (including chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons). The inhabitants of the city displayed familiarity with guerilla warfare and close-quarters combat tactics, far greater that what is considered normal for non-anomalous non-human apes. A battalion consisting mainly of chimpanzees equipped with guns of various makes and types, bulletproof vests, army attire, and forest camouflage ambushed and restrained the subject; and began preparing to ceremonially execute it. However, the battalion themselves were ambushed by an enemy battalion consisting of humans. The video footage was lost at this point.

The subject recalls just barely avoiding dying on the battlefied during the ensuing conflict. The subject was taken as a prisoner of war by the apes and forcefully brought to a concentration camp, stripped of its belongings and incarcerated in a cage, placed in an area containing many other detainees and mercilessly beaten upon attempting to communicate with one of its captors. Through watching news material viewed by its captors, subject managed to learned that the universe it shifted to was a world dominated by sapient non-human apes as the superior species. Humans were also present in this reality, although they lacked sapience unlike their close relatives the apes. Subject also learned that the Earth's counterpart of universe K11-6969-NFDL-04 was experiencing a violent SK-Class Dominance Shift Scenario perpetrated by the human populace which had achieved a higher level of intellect through unknown means, named 'the Great Human Revolution' or 'the Great Human-Ape War' by the inhabitants of K11-6969-NFDL-04. By the time of the subject's arrival, the human-ape conflict had consumed well over 45% of Central Africa, and many important African cities such as Kampala, Mbuji-Mayi and Bangui had fallen under human administration.

Subject was soon noted for his unusually developed motor abilities, which were considered extraordinarily advanced for a human. Subject's ape captors reacted with shock after discovering that the subject is sapient. The subject was successfully taught the language of the inhabitants of the universe which faintly resembled a mix of Swahili and Dutch. Subject was offered to serve the ape armed forces in the ongoing war with humans, but was teleported back to our universe before he had a chance to deny the offer. Subject insists that if they actually had a chance to respond, they would turn the offer down as they find their body to be grossly out of shape for armed conflict.


  • Grammar lessons. Granted.
  • Psychiatric treatment for subject's PTSD. Denied, the subject was not diagnosed with PTSD despite the traumatic nature of the experience.

Addendum 507-3B-00: Due to a particularly trying encounter with ███-███, several documents in the archives have been altered, corrupted, or technically-never-existed. Document 507-3B appears to have been affected by this, and is currently being rebuilt using backup files, references, and █████ respectively. Subject matter may occasionally increase, decrease, or undergo modifications in light of this. -Dr. ███

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