Document 48116-88 ("Son of the Earth")
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On ██/██/19██ a message in Russian was received by the [REDACTED] observatory via a radio telescope operating as part of the SETI program. Supposedly, the signal originated from a space research station [REDACTED] which was launched in ████1 to Titan's orbit. Due to the message's obvious connection to SCP-████ this document was classified to Level 4.

On ██/██/19██ the following emails were exchanged between ████████ ████████████, an undercover Foundation agent in SETI, and ███████ ███████, Area 14 supervisor.

From: Undercover research group member ████████ ████████████
To: Area 14 supervisor ███████ ███████
Subject: Received message

24 minutes ago, as part of the SETI project, I received and decrypted a message sent at the ████ MHz frequency. Scrambling method and modulation are similar to those we use to communicate with Foundation satellites and probes. This is the first time this message was received as part of the SETI program. The signal originated from an object (a space station) located near Saturn or one of its satellites. We were unable to pinpoint the location due to their proximity. I'm not sure whether your Area equipment has detected this message, but I can tell you for sure this facility does not have any equipment capable of receiving messages on this specific frequency. The event was not witnessed by anyone, as there was no research being conducted during that time, and I was the only one responsible for monitoring. I have attached the decrypted message. Please check your equipment and poll other undercover SETI agents - a leak in other facilities is possible. Log files were updated promptly, I'm carrying on my monitoring.

From: Area 14 supervisor ███████ ███████
To: Undercover research group member ████████ ████████████
Subject: Re: Received message

We got your message. Neither our Area equipment, nor the equipment in other Areas or SETI facilities have received this message. Supposedly, yours was the only telescope to detect this signal, although several facilities with low information availability remain to be checked. During the course of an action meeting we decided the signal was weak enough (intentionally?) to only be detected by highly sensitive specialized gear that was as close to the source as possible at the time of reception, and only at a specific latitude (a station █ degrees away from you did not detect the signal). Seems like we got lucky. Site 7 is already investigating this incident. Rumor has it, it's related to days long past, but that's above my clearance level so I don't know anything for certain. Carry on monitoring, report any new detected messages promptly. Although, if we did get lucky, we won't be receiving anything else.

Addendum: Transcript of the received message

My dear beloved Mashen'ka.

I'm still on the station. Our time is running differently, so I think this message will not reach you in quite some time.

Below me, lurid blue seas are washing against a brightly yellow land. Methane and ethane color them that way. The Sun looks like a minuscule dim star and barely gives any warmth. I'm trying to remind myself that it has not changed in any way, did not shrink or go dark, that it's the same fiery luminary for the Earth. Sometimes, when Saturn rises above Titan, I'm thinking it looks like a big Moon with a ring around it.

As you can see, my heart is still on Earth: I'm trying to find echoes of a familiar life everywhere. That's how humans are - their craniums are just too small to encompass space in its frighteningly alien fullness. Although I do know things on Earth are not like they used to be. A month ago I received a message from Mission Control (Mission Control no longer exists, but some people were kind enough to remember me and let me know). They told me something happened on Earth. They did not tell me exactly what, but they spoke about a secret government (as I understood) and a replicator facility they had to utilize. They told me humanity was fully extinct but recreated anew. They also hinted that a clone of myself was created too and that there's another me living on Earth now.

My dearest Mashen'ka, does it mean that the other one is now beside you? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. After all, I'm content with being able to hug you through hundreds of millions of kilometers.

They recommended me to take it in stride, with dignity and humility, they told me they are sorry, and I'm trying to meet their expectations. I'm alone here, but I promised myself not to lose my mind just yet, and I think I'll manage to remain sane. I'm stranded here, the solar panels barely give enough electricity to power the station, and I have no fuel to return to Earth. Although, I understand now there is no reason to return; you have your own life there, and there's no place for me in it.

I know this message will not reach you. They will not allow you to know. And you, my dear, you are no longer there. You are dead, just like the rest. I'm sending these words into the void you now dwell in, and I hope they will get stranded in the blackness that surrounds everything here. I'm ready to accept. To accept and let go - of you, of the Earth, of myself. It's like an umbilical cord breaking. It's like when you're out in space, and your tether snaps.

Now it is only me and Him. I have already looked in His eyes.

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