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Medical Examination of: SCP-446

Conducted by: Dr. ███████

Subject is female. Physical characteristics noted as being consistent with the description in the primary SCP documentation. The subject is nude and reclined on the table. Also as noted in the documentation, the subject's eyes follow me as I move about the examination room.

Although it is unclear whether or not this subject is "alive" given the lack of respiratory and cardiopulmonary functions, this examination will be conducted in the manner of an autopsy in order to gain as much insight as possible, insofar as the subject is not significantly damaged.

The body is warm to the touch. There is no sign of rigor mortis or livor mortis. The neck, torso, and extremities show no signs of injury or trauma. The skin is smooth and undamaged. Of particular note is the clarity of the facial skin; there are no blemishes nor any sign of past injury. The scalp hair is brown and the hair color is natural and uniform throughout. Moving on to the eyes, the irises are blue and the pupils are equal, measuring 0.5cm in diameter. It should be noted that the pupils' size is constant regardless of light intensity and the subject does not blink even when the surface of the eye is touched. The corneae are clear and there are no signs of petechiae in the sclerae or conjunctivae.

Examination of the mouth by penlight reveals a blockage at the top of the throat. The opening is completely covered by a metal plate that appears to be bonded to the sides all the way around. It shifts slightly when pushed but does not dislodge. Similar blockages are observed in the ear canals, nostrils, genitalia, and anus.

Now on to the internal examination. X-rays previously taken of the subject show a number of irregularly shaped masses throughout the body. Among these are the orifice blockages noted above. The brain, heart, liver, and kidneys are also obscured by additional masses.

Before attempting the Y incision, I elected to excise a 1cm square of skin from the subject's left flank. Examination of the tissue under a microscope shows nothing out of the ordinary. However, observation of the wound shows that scab tissue is visibly forming already, less than a minute after the excision. Within 5 minutes, the wound is healed and there is no scarring whatsoever.

Given the rapid healing of tissue damage, the internal examination had to be quick by necessity. I hesitate to repeat the Y incision in order to examine the subject more thoroughly, at least for now. As I completed the incision I saw the subject's lips moving silently as she continued to stare at me. We should avoid the possibility of irreparable damage until we know more about its behavior, or until we have located a second specimen.

During the brief internal examination I observed that the masses on the X-ray appear to be boxes made of the same metal as the blockages. They are connected to each other and to other unobstructed organs by an assortment of wires and hoses. The boxes themselves appear to be seamless and were not noticeably damaged by my scalpel or bone saw. The wire and hose connections are flush to the boxes and have no obvious means of removal.

At this point the Y incision was slowly closing as it healed. I removed the clamps and watched as the incision healed fully in just over 11 minutes with no visible scarring. The subject's lips stopped moving shortly before the wound closed completely.

Unfortunately it seems that this examination has produced more questions than answers. The movement of the eyes and mouth during the examination suggest that a degree of sapience may be retained by the subject. However, there is no concrete evidence. I can speculate that the organ boxes may be preserving the body and governing its limited and peculiar functions, but there is also little evidence to confirm this. These questions will likely remain unanswered until I can conduct a more thorough internal examination.

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