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Interviewed: SCP-3965
Interviewer: Dr Albert, Research Personnel David Fù and Emily Fù
Foreword: Fifth interview with entity. David and Emily Fù are blood relatives, and former members of Children of the Torch, having been recruited by the Foundation in 20██, in California. The interview is being overseen by two security personnel, who have agreed to refrain from interrupting the proceedings unless asked, or unless a breach of protocol occurs. Although Dr. Albert is fluent in Chinese, it was agreed that the interview would be conducted in English.


SCP-3965-A during Interview E.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Albert: Stating for the record that this is our fifth interview, presided over by Dr. Albert, Level 3 Research Team Leader and Outpost Supervisor. Accompanying me are research personnel David Fù and Emily Fù. How are you this morning, SCP-3965?

SCP-3965: That is such a funny name. I am doing as well as can be expected, but tell me, who has come with you?

Both David and Emily Fù immediately bow upon approaching the site.

SCP-3965: Can this be? Flames of the ancient way? One budding and one withering, and yet such hope and tenacity I sense from both!

David Fù: Great and mighty Zhulong, my name is David Fù, and I must ask: is it truly you? Please forgive the insolence of my uncertainty, but to be granted the presence of such majesty…

SCP-3965: Do not fret, loyal servant, and lay your doubts to rest. I am sentinel of which you speak. I am he to whom our father referred when he gave the name "Zhulong."

David Fù: In my dreams, I have seen you, soaring through the heavens, bringing song. I never imagined…I never dared to imagine that such an honor could be granted to me.

SCP-3965: It stokes the fire in the very core of my being to find one such as you, one through which father's words have endured.

Dr. Albert: If I might interject with a question, this "fire" or "flame" to which you refer, is that something akin to a soul?

SCP-3965: Somewhat. You might use the term "essence." If the soul is a particle, the flame is a wave, but yes, it is the true "you." But alas! In all this discussion we have forgotten our manners. Who is this maiden that has stood so silently and still, with such respect and reverence?

Emily Fù: Uh, um, I…Oh, god, I'm so sorry! (She immediately drops down and bows a second time.)

SCP-3965: Ease yourself. David, yes? Is this beautiful maiden your granddaughter? I feel a kinship in the flames…

David Fù: Yes, this is Emily. She is very nervous.

SCP-3965: One notices.

Emily Fù: (She raises her head.) Please forgive me, great and mighty Zhulong! It is an unspeakable-no, not unspeakable, I mean-an unbelievable honor to meet you!

SCP-3965: It is a great pleasure to meet you both as well, but I fear we must bring the introductions to a close, as there are important things to be discussed, and regrettably, I cannot fixate upon this place indefinitely.

David Fù: Are we distracting you from pertinent matters?

SCP-3965: You are not a distraction. My concentration is focused on a number of things, and can only fixate here for a brief period, in addition to things which I cannot ignore for a moment.

Emily Fù: We are eternally grateful that you would consider us worthy of your attention, great Zhulong. (She bows again.)

SCP-3965: It is not necessary for you to continue doing that.

Emily Fù: Of course! Please forgive me, great Zhulong! (She bows again.)

David Fù: She is very nervous…and very respectful.

SCP-3965: Quite. David, Emily, both of you must listen to me carefully. I have things to tell you.

David Fù: You have our undivided attention.

The color of SCP-3965-A changes from its typical green to a bluish hue.

SCP-3965: Our father's rest has not been peaceful.

Dr. Albert: Pardon me again, but I have a quick question about the "Father." That is [REDACTED], yes, the Radiant Father?

SCP-3965: It feels so unnatural to put that name into sound like that. But yes, that is of whom I speak. He and his nine brothers were as ancient as the cosmos, beings of light which brought life and warmth to the cold and darkness of the universe. They are all gone, now, and all that remains of our father is your star.

Dr. Albert: The sun. I see. But what do you mean by his rest not being "peaceful?"

SCP-3965: His remains have been disturbed by a number of opportunistic vermin, but the present infestation is the most concerning. David, are you familiar with the message I gave shortly after our father's death?

David Fù: (He nods.) The remnants of his flame.

SCP-3965: In my slumber, those remnants have been infested by abhorrent things. There is a parasitic, cancerous growth feeding on our father, and it is now feeding on the first planet as well. I have stopped it for now, but to reverse the spread, I must destroy the parasites, and I must do it soon. These things are no threat to me, but they are a threat to that which our father held most dear.

David Fù: Do you know the identity of these parasites? Are they lingering minions of the traitorous brothers?

SCP-3965-A changes color again, this time to an intense reddish hue.

SCP-3965: No. They are a different variety of traitor. They are machinations of the serpent.

Emily Fù: The snakes?! The children of Xia?1 But how could they possibly…

SCP-3965: I do not know. "How" is no longer important; this is the result of their actions long ago, and I suspect they no longer even have any control of what they made.

Dr. Albert: So these parasites have become too powerful for their creator to control?

SCP-3965: Yes. These things have grown strong from feeding upon our father. Just the very sentiment…

(SCP-3965-A becomes momentarily violent, producing at least one hundred lightning strikes over a 50km area (pictured above), though none are within 10km of where the interview is taking place. These strikes all occur within a period spanning 2.5 seconds.)

Emily Fù: (She shrieks and falls to the ground in supplication.)

David Fù: …We understand your fury.

SCP-3965-A returns in color to the previous bluish hue.

SCP-3965: I apologize for frightening you, Emily. Please, stand up.

Emily Fù: (She stands up slowly, shaking.)

SCP-3965: …Do you know the ancient purpose of this place?

Emily Fù: M-Me?

SCP-3965: Yes. Ease your fears, Emily. I will never harm you, and in this place, I will permit no other force to harm you. We are both children of the torch, you see, children of the father.

Emily Fù: (She becomes noticeably more relaxed.) I do not know about this place, great Zhulong. Would you…would you teach me?

The color of SCP-3965-A returns to a greenish hue, but is more saturated then before.

SCP-3965: (It laughs.) Of course! This was a place of pilgrimage for our people, they would bring gifts, items of tribute, and dance upon the stone sun, singing praise to our father. And when the festivities came to a close, I would descend from my nest and fill the heavens with light of every color. I would bring down lightning and lead our people in the final song…in truth, I would give anything to see those days once again. Loyal followers bringing their children for the first time…the old and wise still gazing upon the lights as they had when they were children…flames, old and young, united in a bonfire, and our father overhead, listening to the songs. I was once for greater things.

The color of SCP-3965-A returns to a bluish hue.

David Fù: …In my heart, I know that you will always be for great things, mighty Zhulong.

SCP-3965: I see them in you. I see our followers of old. Your eyes glisten with the wonder of a child. You must never forget the importance of that wonder. Emily, one day this task will fall to you; look in your grandfather's eyes and never forget what you see there.

Emily Fù: Yes, I will not fail you, and I will not fail our father!

SCP-3965: Such tenacity and hope. David, do you know the ancient tongue?

David Fù: I cannot speak it.

SCP-3965: Listen well. When your mind is clear and your heart is pure, the song will rise from your flame and through your lips.

SCP-3965 begins to vocalize in an unknown language. Characterization of linguistic properties is impossible. After listening to SCP-3965 for approximately two minutes, David Fù joins him in vocalizing, producing what is presumed to be the closest human analogue for the language produced by SCP-3965. After several more seconds, Emily Fù joins in vocalizing, as well. SCP-3965-A changes in color to a previously unseen gold hue. During this period, the security personnel consult with Dr. Albert about possible intervention, but Dr. Albert decides to take no action. Vocalizations continue for eight minutes, until the end of the interview.

<End Log>

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