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On ██/██/20██ at 4:28AM, four amorphous black objects were visually detected by a Series II Quicksilver satellite monitoring SCP-3965. The objects were approaching the surface of Mercury, and specifically SCP-3965, at a velocity of █████m/s. Upon approaching within 1000km of SCP-3965, all four objects were immediately intercepted and instantly destroyed by four shafts of intense luminescence originating from SCP-3965 itself. Both Quicksilver satellites subsequently detected a massive surge of electromagnetic radiation, comparable to a coronal mass ejection, before the closer satellite was temporarily disabled by the emission.

Following this event, SCP-3965 became mobile, propelling itself from the surface of Mercury in the direction of what was later determined to be SCP-1815. The body of SCP-3965 became intensely luminescent during this time, and it achieved a velocity of .██c before observation became impossible.

Monitoring these events from Site-59, several research personnel notified Outpost-3965-A of the situation, and then decided to recalibrate the remaining Quicksilver satellite to observe the current location of SCP-1815 and determine its present status. Utilizing onboard technology derived from [REDACTED], the research team was able to observe events occurring in the vicinity of SCP-1815 with extreme precision, but only for a period of seven minutes (due to the satellite's system limitations). The observations are transcribed here:


SCP-3965-A during Event-3965-Bàoyìng.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3965 arrives in the vicinity of SCP-1815. Approximate diameter of SCP-1815 at present is 3,000km. SCP-3965 rears its head and spreads its jaws, as if vocalizing.

SCP-3965-A is presently an intense red, and demonstrates violent meteorological activity of an unprecedented scale, resembling an extratropical cyclone. Upon receiving news of SCP-3965 activity from Site-59, Dr. Albert leaves the Outpost-3965-A bunker and begins traveling to the designated SCP-3965-A interview site in an armored polar exploration vehicle. Dr. Albert is accompanied by David Fù, Emily Fù and one additional security personnel, whom together make up the entirety of Outpost-3965-A's present staff. Not only is this action in clear violation of outpost protocols, but it is an exceptionally dangerous endeavor.

Seemingly in response to SCP-3965's activity, SCP-1815 undergoes previously unseen changes. The approximate spherical space of SCP-1815 becomes utterly black, in contrast to even the surrounding space. A singular white point, facing in the immediate direction of SCP-3965, appears on SCP-1815. This point then extends vertically (with regards to SCP-3965's orientation) in both directions, creating a perfect line which terminates at the poles of SCP-1815. This line then "expands," revealing a single immense eye. The iris is formed from a single, massive, coiled ophidian entity. The eye fixates on SCP-3965.

SCP-3965 and SCP-1815 fixate upon each other for exactly forty-eight seconds. SCP-1815 then produces numerous black objects identical to those which previously assaulted SCP-3965 on Mercury, numbering in the hundreds. Upon approaching within a set distance of SCP-3965, these objects are summarily annihilated by shafts of luminescence similar or identical to those employed by the former previously. This activity continues for over a minute, with thousands of black objects being produced and destroyed within this time. The activity then abruptly ceases, and the two entities once again fixate upon each other.

Meteorological activity of SCP-3965-A reaches catastrophic severity. Dosimeters onsite detect lethal levels of gamma radiation, though the interview site appears to be uniquely protected from this radiation through unknown means. Dr. Albert's vehicle has already reached the interview site at this time.

After another fourteen seconds, the ophidian entity within SCP-1815's eye tightens its coils so that the pupil appears to contract. Black objects resembling cords manifest around SCP-3965, ensnaring it. SCP-1815's pupil contracts further, and SCP-3965 is inexorably drawn toward the former, while the latter struggles considerably. Before SCP-3965 makes contact with SCP-1815, the former emits intense light of an unprecedented magnitude, such that it is visible to the naked eye as a "spark" when it reaches Earth eight minutes later. Following this, SCP-3965 vanishes from its present position, and reappears an instant later in its original location, no longer ensnared.

SCP-3965 then spreads its jaws in the direction of SCP-1815, producing a shaft of luminescence which is directed precisely into the center of SCP-1815's pupil. Unlike previous shafts, this one persists and grows in intensity over time. The ophidian entity within SCP-1815's eye appears to conflagrate, writhing and loosening its coils so that the pupil dilates. The surface of SCP-1815 begins to ripple violently. The ophidian entity then disintegrates, and the entirety of SCP-1815 begins to collapse, distorting heavily as it implodes. SCP-3965 maintains the shaft until SCP-1815 is wholly annihilated, after which it finally ceases.

SCP-3965-A changes in color to a deep gold hue, similar to that seen in Interview E. Meteorological disturbances cease, and the weather becomes abruptly calm.

SCP-3965 returns to Mercury and becomes motionless.

Following these events, Dr. Albert, David Fù and Emily Fù exited their vehicle, and were promptly contacted by SCP-3965. The conversation is transcribed below:

<Begin Log>

SCP-3965: David, Emily, listen to me, quickly.

Emily Fù: We are listening, great Zhulong! Are you okay?

SCP-3965: Relatively speaking? No. I was arrogant and rash, and severely underestimated how little of my strength had recovered since I was awakened. I must sleep again.

David Fù: Is there anything we can do?

SCP-3965: No. Do not worry, it will be a brief rest. Unfortunately, I cannot say how brief, though. Do not concern yourself with me, however; you have a duty.

David Fù: What is it? We will do anything you require of us.

SCP-3965: Pass on what you have learned. Ensure that our songs reach the next generation. Our father will never truly die as long as his songs reverberate in our hearts. Never forget the wonder in a child's eye. It is the flame within, fueled by the beauty of all things in the cosmos. Let your children, and their children, and their children see the wonder in your eyes. Let them see the love.

David Fù: (He turns to Emily.) These words are for you, Emily.

Emily Fù: But-

David Fù: (He interrupts her.) No. My time is near an end. When my flame dies out, this duty will all be yours. You must do this, you must do it for great Zhulong, and for our Radiant Father.

Emily Fù: …I-I will, grandfather.

SCP-3965 vanishes from Mercury. After several seconds, SCP-3965 emerges from the Arctic Ocean, approximately 700 meters north of the interview site. The entity approaches the interview site, levitating over the landscape and halting at a distance of 50 meters from Foundation personnel. David and Emily Fù immediately bow and prostrate themselves, and Dr. Albert genuflects.

SCP-3965: Please, stand up. It is far too cold for that.

All personnel return to their feet. David and Emily Fù are holding each other with both hands.

David Fù: There are no words.

SCP-3965: I feel the same. I had to see you both before my sleep. I had to see you with my eyes of flesh. You two have brought me a warmth that I have not felt in eons.

Emily Fù: You are beautiful.

SCP-3965: As are you. Our legacy is in worthy hands, father. Farewell, David…Emily.

SCP-3965 retreats into the Arctic Ocean and vanishes, reappearing on Mercury several seconds later.

<End Log>

Due to the high profile nature of Event-3965-Bàoyìng, Contingency-310-Nightfall was enacted, in addition to standard media blackout procedures. No further communications from SCP-3965 have been made. The entity remains motionless on the surface of Mercury. SCP-3965-A remains a golden hue, and no further meteorological disturbances have been observed. No further activity has been detected from SCP-1815, which has been tentatively reclassified to Neutralized. No disciplinary action has been taken against Dr. Albert, Emily Fù or the attendant security personnel. David Fù passed away of heart failure two weeks after Event-3965-Bàoyìng.

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