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Document-3477 #2 - Complete List of SCP-3477 Instances

Instance Anomalous Properties Additional Notes
SCP-3477-1 SCP-3477-1 has been subjected to numerous biological grafts, giving it sharklike skin, the ability to breathe underwater, reduced ageing, and multiple sets of teeth. SCP-3477-1 was the first instance of SCP-3477 discovered in 1970, and was initially believed to be SCP-3477-0. SCP-3477-1 was discovered off the shore of Victoria, Australia, where SCP-3477-0 went missing. SCP-3477-1 claims to have been modified by "The Great Barrier Reef Empire-In-Exile", a group composed of intelligent dolphins living off the shore of Victoria. SCP-3477-1 claims to have pledged to help the GBREIE reclaim the Great Barrier Reef in exchange for its modifications.
SCP-3477-2 SCP-3477-2 is an instance of SCP-742-1, and claims to have been infected during 1967. The SCP-742-1 instance that infected SCP-3477-2 died shortly after infecting SCP-3477-2. SCP-3477-2 was originally captured during an operation during 1971 to quarantine an outbreak of SCP-742 in Canberra, Australia and was noted to strongly resemble SCP-3477-0. It was then discovered that SCP-3477-1 was already in containment, and the designation for SCP-3477 was expanded.
SCP-3477-3 [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-3477-3 served as O5-7, having been recruited by the Foundation under the belief that it was SCP-3477-0. When SCP-3477-1 was discovered, it was believed that it was merely a mimic of SCP-3477-0, but as more SCP-3477 instances were contained, the O5 Council voted (12-1) to classify SCP-3477-3 as an instance.
SCP-3477-4 SCP-3477-4 has the ability to transform itself into a neophoca cinerea (Australian sea lion) by donning a cloak made of sea lion skin (referred to as SCP-3477-4-1). This cloak separates from SCP-3477-4 when it returns to human form. While in the form of a neophoca cinerea, it does not age. SCP-3477-4 was initially believed to merely be an unusually intelligent sea lion and was briefly contained as SCP-2967 before full knowledge of its anomalous properties was learned.
SCP-3477-5 SCP-3477-5 is an anomalous clown, formerly in the employ of GoI-233 (Herman Fuller’s Circus of the Disquieting). Interviews and analysis suggest that SCP-3477-5 was created in a similar manner to SCP-3036. SCP-3477-5's 'act' consists of making satirically long-winded and pompous political diatribes while periodically honking its nose. SCP-3477-5 was found having apparently been fired from the Circus due to a lack of appeal for its act.
SCP-3477-6 SCP-3477-6 possesses extensive knowledge of thaumaturgy, and utilizes eclectic and seemingly contradictory forms of magic to maintain its youth. SCP-3447-6 claims it gained this knowledge by enrolling in the International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology, where it was working as a research professor at the time of recovery.
SCP-3477-7 SCP-3477-7 is a Class Two Reality Bender, and uses its anomalous abilities to ensure its longevity. SCP-3477-7 claims to have learned how to manipulate reality by attending a free three-hour self-help seminar.
SCP-3477-8 SCP-3477-8 is an animate human skeleton that is genetically identical to other SCP-3477 instances. The joints of SCP-3477-8 are held together by an unidentified black substance, which cannot be removed or broken down for testing. SCP-3477-8 lacks vocal cords and communicates via sign language. SCP-3477-8 has conveyed to researchers that it contacted a necromancer to become transformed into its current state.
SCP-3477-9 SCP-3477-9 was subject to advanced longevity treatments that, while themselves nonanomalous, were discovered via anomalous means. SCP-3477-9 contacted a small group of transhumanist researchers and volunteered itself for experimentation. The group allegedly self-terminated when they attempted to use the resultant treatments on themselves. It remains unclear why SCP-3477-9 was the only successful specimen.
SCP-3477-10 SCP-3477-10 utilizes a beryllium-bronze pocket watch (referred to as SCP-3477-10-1) to age or de-age itself by turning the hands backwards or forwards. De-aging causes it to lose the memories of the specified period of time, and jumping forwards affords it knowledge of the future. SCP-3477-10-1 cannot be taken from SCP-3477-10, and reappears on its person whenever removed. SCP-3477-10 keeps extensive notes on both lost memories and gained foreknowledge. Notably, it has made no record of how it originally acquired SCP-3477-10-1.
SCP-3477-11 SCP-3477-11 appears to be biologically immortal, and shows no signs of medical ageing. It claims to have gained its anomalous properties through "forbidden molasses-based alchemy." SCP-3477-11 has never learned about or interacted with William Henry Seward.
SCP-3477-12 SCP-3477-12 is temporally locked to its physical state on 17 December 1967. Any changes made to its body are reverted within one hour, causing it to not age and reset all physical harm. SCP-3477-12 is additionaly capable of remembering events through multiple timelines and has consistent subjectivity during split timeline events. It remains able to control its body in each timeline separately through such events.
SCP-3477-13 SCP-3477-13 has had numerous mechanical augmentations, having replaced most limbs and sensory organs with clockwork replacement parts. These modifications are typical for the process of "Standardization" in GoI-004B. SCP-3477-13 and SCP-3477-14 are the only two instances of SCP-3477 to have come into contact with one another before containment by the Foundation. SCP-3477-13 and -14 were discovered having a religious debate with one another during a violent clash between GoI-004B (The Cogwork Orthodox Church) and GoI-0537 (The Sinew Brotherhood).1
SCP-3477-14 SCP-3477-14 has numerous mutations, including the replacement of the left forearm with four tentacles and relocation of the left forearm to the right arm. SCP-3477-14 has been implanted with an SK-BIO Type Z. SCP-3477-14 is genetically human, despite obvious morphological differences and the inability of baseline humans to support such changes. SCP-3477-14 was a võlutaar in GoI-0537 (The Sinew Brotherhood), the most active Sarkic group in Australia. See Additional Notes for SCP-3477-13.
SCP-3447-15 SCP-3447-15 is the head of SCP-3447-0 preserved in a glass jar filled with formaldehyde mounted on a wooden cabinet. This cabinet has four mechanical legs, four mechanical arms, and a gramophone style speaker affixed to it. SCP-3447-15 claims that its anomalous features were created by a group of anartists operating in China, who picked up SCP-3477-15 in a submarine on December 17, 1967.2
SCP-3477-16 SCP-3477-16 is a animate statue composed primarily of dried red clay, molded into the approximate likeness of SCP-3477-0, clothing including. SCP-3477-16 says that a rabbi made a golem and brought it to life using the heart of SCP-3477-0. It should also be noted that SCP-3477-16 is an observant Jew, unlike other instances.
SCP-3477-17 SCP-3477-17 resembles common depictions of a satyr, with ears, legs and horns resembling those of a capra ibex (Alpine Ibex). Additionally, SCP-3477-17 possesses minor thaumaturgical ability, allowing it to not age and create shared visual hallucinations. SCP-3477-17 claims to have acquired its form by “taking the corgi train to the Seelie Court and challenging a vain and arrogant prince to a riddle contest.”
SCP-3477-18 SCP-3477-18 is a Class IV reality bender possessing immortality, transfiguration of both itself and adjacent matter, and rudimentary control over the natural elements. SCP-3477-18 claims to have to journeyed to the top of Mount Olympus to find and consume ambrosia. It says the ambrosia appeared before it in a flash of white light. When it consumed the ambrosia, it gained its anomalous abilities.
SCP-3477-19 SCP-3477-19 is a non-corporeal humanoid entity physically resembling SCP-3477-0. SCP-3477-19 was able to direct Foundation agents to the grave of a corpse (referred to as SCP-3477-19-1) genetically identical to other SCP-3477 instances, claiming said body formerly belonged to it before its transformation. SCP-3477-19 claims to have determined how to transcend physical form by researching esoteric religious texts, and completed the transformation after forsaking all possessions. However, the process necessary to transcend physical form required the ritualistic suicide of SCP-3477-19, producing SCP-3477-19-1.
SCP-3477-20 SCP-3477-20 is an individual by the name of ██████ █████████, born December 17th, 1967. They identify as the reincarnation of SCP-3477-0. Testing has shown it to possess all of SCP-3477-20's memories and is a perfect match with all other instances psychometric profiles. SCP-3477-20 was discovered when it appeared on an Australian television show about individuals claiming to be the reincarnations of famous individuals. Agents were sent to investigate the matter and confirmed SCP-3477-20 as an instance.
SCP-3477-21 SCP-3477-21 claims to possess ‘quantum immortality' or 'unfailing good luck'. Despite its chronological age of 109, it suffers no ill health and all attempts to harm it will invariably fail, typically due to a series of highly unlikely events. SCP-3477-21 kept a low profile for several decades, surviving by periodically winning small lotteries. However, its statistically impossible winning streak was eventually noticed and the Foundation was brought in to investigate.
SCP-3477-22 SCP-3477-22 is an advanced stage of senescence appropriate for a 109-year-old human, but testing has shown that despite its advanced age life functions will continue regardless of injury or deprivation. SCP-3477-22 claims it was able to acquire a wish from a djinn, and it asked for eternal life. It neglected to also request eternal youth.
SCP-3477-23 SCP-3477-23 is an humanoid animatronic resembling SCP-3477-0, and claims to have transferred its conscious from its original organic body into the animatronic with the assistance of Marshall, Carter and Dark. SCP-3477-23 was recovered during a raid on a MC&D facility, where it was working in order to pay off its contract.3 According to documentation recovered on site, SCP-3477-23 was inspired by SCP-2776.
SCP-3477-24 SCP-3477-24 has the ability to remove its tissues and organs and replace them with new ones it has acquired. All integrated components function normally and cause no deleterious immune response. SCP-3477-24 is currently provided with body parts from terminated D-Class; however, it has been reluctant to specify where it acquired its donor parts prior to coming into Foundation custody.
SCP-3477-25 SCP-3477-25 has had numerous body parts removed and replaced with arboreal replicas, including a right leg constructed out of eucalyptus wood and hair consisting of assorted grass species native to Australia. SCP-3477-25 is able to sustain itself upon photosynthesis. SCP-3477-25 has been branded with numerous glyphs of Daevic origin. SCP-3477-25 claims to have discovered information on Daevic culture and determined how to replicate their herbomancy.
SCP-3477-26 SCP-3477-26 is invulnerable to all forms of damage and does not age. It possesses anomalous strength beyond physical capacity, able to bench press up to two metric tons. SCP-3477-26 claims it developed these properties after being exposed to radioactive waste, and had been patrolling the streets of Brisbane as a nocturnal vigilante before being contained by the Foundation.
SCP-3477-27 SCP-3477-27 is a thought-form or 'tulpa', allegedly sustained by the thoughts of all individuals aware of the existence of SCP-3477-0.4 SCP-3477-27 has said that it studied at a Buddhist monastery for several years until it was eventually able to transcend the flesh and exist as pure thought.
SCP-3477-28 SCP-3477-28 has the ability to enter into periods of rapid reverse aging, restoring its youth. SCP-3477-28 currently has a biological age of 9, as it appears to lack precise control over this process.
SCP-3477-29 SCP-3477-29 has the ability to resurrect after suffering biological death. After dying, SCP-3477-29’s body will begin to glow with an intense white light of indeterminate origin for a variable amount of time depending on cause of death. After this light fades, SCP-3477-29 will be alive, unharmed and biologically 59. SCP-3477-29 claims to have spliced its genome with biological material it recovered from the Holy Lance.
SCP-3477-30 SCP-3477-30 has regenerative properties, which allow it to regenerate any body part. While SCP-3477-30 ages, its regenerated bodyparts are biologically 59.5 To prevent itself from aging, SCP-3477-30 periodically removes bodyparts and regenerates them. SCP-3477-30 was handed over to Foundation operatives during a collaboration deal with the Global Occult Coalition, which had apprehended it as NTE-1997-Red. The GOC had refrained from terminating SCP-3477-30 under the belief that it was SCP-3477-0.
SCP-3477-31 SCP-3477-31 has the ability to siphon 'life force', most likely some form of Elan Vital Energy, from other individuals by touching them, gaining approximately one year of life for every year it takes. SCP-3477-31 insists it's never taken more than a few years from any specific individual, unless they were already terminally ill or injured.
SCP-3447-32 SCP-3447-32's core body temperature is currently 137 Kelvin, effectively preventing biological aging. Its cells have been modified to secrete an organic cryoprotectant, allowing bodily fluids to remain liquid in a supercooled state. How it maintains this low temperature is unknown. SCP-3447-32's temperature was initially 183 Kelvin, and has been decreasing since initial containment. SCP-3447-32 claims that it learned how to consciously control its bodily temperature, and has gradually reduced it to its current level. It has stated its ultimate goal is to reach 0 Kelvin.
SCP-3477-33 SCP-3477-33 appears to be immune to entropy. As a result, it does not age, requires no air or sustenance and excretes no waste. SCP-3477-33 claims to have undergone an experimental surgical procedure to convert its body into a perpetual motion machine. It has been unable to provide any useful information on who performed this surgery or what it entailed.
SCP-3477-34 SCP-3477-34 is perpetually on fire. While it does not appear to be harmed by the fire, its body has become charred and burnt after several decades of burning. SCP-3477-34 remains burning despite the lack of any fuel source. SCP-3477-34 claims that it will remain alive as long as it remains on fire, and that extinguishing the fire would kill it. As such, testing involving extinguishing the fire of SCP-3477-34 (such as removing oxygen or submerging SCP-3477-34 into water) have been indefinitely postponed.

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