Document 3210-i (Partial)
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The following contains excerpts from Document 3210-I that have been declassified for Level 3 personnel assigned to SCP-3210.

Interview #: 004-05
Date: 01/21/18
Interviewer: Agent Forwald ("Jefferson")
Interviewee: SCP-3210-B-004 (Glen Warner)

Jefferson: In light of the information we've gathered, my superiors would like to try to anchor the reality around Ridgefort in order to keep the whole town in this universe.

Warner: Anchor the reality?

Jefferson: Yes, we have that capability.

Warner: Greenfield will stop you.

Jefferson: That's our concern, not yours.

Warner: How are you going to do it?

Jefferson: We have machines that can prevent reality from being altered within a given area. We want to do this to SCP-3210-A.

Warner: Don't do that.

Jefferson: Why not?

Warner: It won't end well.

Jefferson: You need to be more specific if you want to convince us.

Warner: You can't force people to live in your reality if they don't want to. What you're talking about will lead to violence, and trust me, nobody wants that.

Jefferson: If the information we have is accurate, separating Ridgefort from our universe could cause this universe to be destroyed. We need to know what's really going on, which means we can't have reality constantly fluctuating while we're trying to perform tests.

Warner: It's not a good idea.

Jefferson: Why not?

Warner: If you want to find out what the world looks like, test it outside of town. Far away from where anyone lives. And be careful.

Jefferson: We'll do that. Thank you for your cooperation.

Warner: But I guarantee it won't end well. You'll unearth things we've buried. Things are okay now.

Jefferson: Thank you for your cooperation.

Interview #: 004-06
Date: 01/24/18
Interviewer: Agent Forwald ("Jefferson")
Interviewee: SCP-3210-B-004 (Glen Warner)

Warner: This town… doesn't need more terror. People are on edge enough as it is. Whole place has gone hysteric ever since Greenfield left.

Jefferson: What did Greenfield do exactly?

Warner: He did a lot. I'd tell you to go to the town library and sift through the records, but you might have trouble getting there.

Jefferson: I'll take it under consideration. Tell me more about Greenfield.

Warner: Greenfield was a demagogue. And an asshole. He was always better with people than I was… better at connecting with them, and convincing them. Even if what he said made no sense, he could make it sound as right as "the sky is blue."

Jefferson: What types of things did he say?

Warner: He had a message. He said, the world isn't some beautiful thing with ugly parts. It's a big pile of shit with flowers sticking out. So he told us, we can make our own world that truly is beautiful. We have so much power, why not use it?

Jefferson: I see.

Warner: But first he had to convince everyone. So he did his best to prove how our town, our wonderful town, was really a hellhole.

Jefferson: So he tried to drown the town in lava?

Warner: No, he wanted to show that the what was underneath the town was already lava. Just enough to convince people that we'd be better off in a universe of our own making. We had it patched up until you decided to bring it back out.

Jefferson: What about the people who lived there?

Warner: Some died, some didn't care. He wasn't the only one with this idea. See, it's easy to blame him. He's the head of the movement, sure, but he wouldn't have gotten anywhere on his own. People had been thinking these things quietly before he said them out loud. People had been drifting apart for years. The fact is, half the town wanted to abandon this universe and make a new one the moment they heard the idea. He catalyzed the division, but he didn't create it.

Jefferson: But half didn't? Half wanted to stay.

Warner: That's right. Because it would destroy this universe. The way we know how to move the town would leave nothing in its place. The type of nothing that swallows all the something around it. What we do doesn't just affect us, it affects the world.

Jefferson: So you tried to keep them here?

Warner: Yes. We're still trying.

Jefferson: How is that going?

Warner: Well, the issue is that we can't risk escalating the situation because violence would be more destructive than the slow death we're facing. We've already seen violence, and we managed to stamp it out quickly. But people are mad. The next time rocks get thrown, boulders will follow.

Jefferson: The slow death seems pretty bad.

Warner: It is. When I was young, this never could've happened. People would take about things – disagree – and then find a solution. But the discourse has broken down. Reality has become amorphous. People can look at a statue and see totally different figures. Entire swaths of land are inaccessible to some and home to others. I love this town. I'm watching it crumble before my eyes; buildings are decrepit and the roads are full of rubble. But someone sees the pavement lined with gold. Where I see pasture, others see magma. We live in two different worlds in the same place, and I don't know how to bring them together. I just have to watch them slowly drift apart.

Jefferson: And we can't anchor them together, clearly.

Warner: No. These people, they don't want what we have. Some of them I've known for years. Grew up with them. Some even voted for me, once upon a time. But now, it's like every value we have conflicts. Many of them are good people, but it's hard to continue believing that when they don't mind annihilating a universe. It's just abhorrent. How can they not see that? I don't know if I can even call them people anymore. Most of them are so far into their new universe that all I see is a ghoulish silhouette. Like they're dead to me and I'm dead to them. You can't negotiate with a specter. You can't kill a ghost.

Jefferson: We don't intend to kill anyone at the moment.

Warner: Good. That's a fight you'd lose. Everyone would lose. That's what's so frustrating about it. Anything we do hurts people. But we must resist.

Jefferson: There's still time. The future is not yet written, as they say.

Warner: I admire your optimism. I wish I could share it. But I don't think any of us can now.

Interview #: 004-19
Date: 05/25/18
Interviewer: Agent Forwald ("Jefferson")
Interviewee: SCP-3210-B-004 (Glen Warner)

Jefferson: My superiors have instructed me to take more active measures against Greenfield. How do you suggest we proceed?

Warner: As I've told you, I suggest you don't.

Jefferson: How certain are you that a large number of people would die in a conflict with Greenfield?

Warner: Certain.

Jefferson: Billions would die if they rip the universe apart.

Warner: We want to delay that eventuality rather than encourage the apocalypse.

Jefferson: We'll work on a solution.

Warner: You can't force it. People want what people want. Half the town is as far gone from us as Washington is from Moscow. I'm surprised you haven't realized this yet.

Jefferson: You don't seem very optimistic.

Warner: I'm not. Greenfield isn't dumb. He knows about you. If you make a move, he'll make it hurt.

Jefferson: He's known about us for months and we have made moves. If you actually help us, we can make him hurt.

Warner: There is no solution, as I've been telling you since you got here. I admire your persistence, I really do, but there's only one way this can end. You're wasting your time.

Jefferson: There must be a solution. God damnit, the world's not over yet. We'll find one, but we need your help.

Warner: Like your last solution? You've been here for months, and what have you gotten done? Besides dredging up lava and breaking lots of robots, I mean.

Jefferson: You didn't tell me that would happen. Don't blame that shit on me.

Warner: I told you not to use those anchors. And let me tell you something now: Stop. You've done more harm than good here. You're never going to beat Greenfield.

Jefferson: Fuck Greenfield. We can beat him if we work together on something new. But only if you actually try something other than sitting on your ass.

Warner: Who's we? Last I checked, you lost almost your whole team just finding me. It took your guys four tries to fly in ammunition, and Greenfield got everything they dropped. I doubt you could even make it back to the fence without my help. You know I hate to say that there's nothing we can do, but there's nothing we can do. I'm doing my best to buy us time, and I'm sorry if that's not good enough, but it's all I got.

Jefferson: I'm not going to the fence, because I'm not a coward. If you just want to give up, if you really are okay just letting Greenfield win, that's fine. We're not. Fuck Greenfield. I'm going to find that son of a bitch and shoot him in the fucking head, and then I'm gonna leave this godforsaken hellhole.

Warner: What?

Jefferson: You know, Warner, the reason people listen to Greenfield is because he actually does what he says he wants to. He doesn't bitch about not getting his way and pout that people don't like him. If you had half the guts he does, he wouldn't have ever gotten this far. I don't even know why I'm still asking for your help. You don't want to fight him? That's fine. We'll do it without you.

Warner: No, no, no, I'm sorry. I'll help you.

Jefferson: And not to — wait, really?

Warner: Yes. I'll help.

Jefferson: Yeah, I'm sure you will. You're clearly the fighting type. No wonder you lost the election.

Note: This was the final interview with SCP-3210-B-004. Agent Forwald was unable to locate the subject to conduct a followup.

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