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The following is the extended log of information gathered from SCP-2481-3’s written text, regarding the Xia Anomalous Culture Group.

About the Yellow Emperor1


Our great ancestor, the Yellow Emperor, once fought Chiyou and the Yan Emperor. He defeated Chiyou at Zhuolu, made the Yan Emperor retreat at Banquan, and killed Xingtian at the Changyang Mountain.



Chiyou got rid of his body, skin, and hair, and sacrificed them to the Brass Dragon, also known as Fuxi. Chiyou had eighty-one brothers, all possessing heads of brass and iron. The Yan Emperor prayed to Nüwa, thus becoming immortal and immune to diseases. He could survive with his head removed, and could craft flesh into different shapes/forms.

The Yellow Emperor saw this and commented: "Fuxi is our father, and Nüwa is our mother. But they have trapped each other in Taisui2 for over ten thousand years now. Sacrificing in vain, each fighting for their own master/lord, but for what? The ways they taught are still preserved, why not study those instead? So we can understand the Way of the Serpent and modify ourselves into the shape of the Dragon."


Chiyou was defeated but said: "Me and my eighty-one brothers are all blessed by the Brass Dragon. We have bodies of brass and iron that nothing can harm us." Applying swords and knives to them were proven useless. The Yellow Emperor thus summoned lighting and fire, turning them into molten iron, and sealed them in Shu State3.


After the Yan Emperor surrendered, there was the one called Xingtian, who worshiped Mother Dragon. He rebelled holding axe and shield. The Yellow Emperor cut off his head, but he grew new mouth and eyes and kept fighting. The Yellow Emperor burned him and he finally died. He was buried in the Mountain of Changyang.

About King Yu4


During the reign of King Yu, Xiangliu caused chaos by spreading plague and harmful insects. Xiangliu possessed body of a snake and nine human heads.


Xiangliu was originally humans combined. They did not adhere to the Way of the Serpent and listened to the words of the Dragon, so their flesh melted together and their souls were gone. One would be consumed if came in contact with it.

禹王时,洪水滔天,治而无用,问于伯益。对曰:“自伏羲囚女娲于太岁,八千万岁矣。今有龙蛇兴于河道,多属毒虫类,异也。当查于太岁。” 是以收天下之金,铸禹台。又立大舟,过太阴、荧惑,至于太岁。

During the reign of King Yu, there were big floods. Regulating had proven unsuccessful, so King Yu asked Boyi for help. Boyi answered: "Eight million years has passed since Fuxi trapped Nüwa in the planet of Taisui. Now there are venomous dragons and serpents in the rivers, such is anomalous. We need to check on Taisui." Thus King Yu collected metal from all over the country, and built Towers of Yu. He later built a huge ship, passing by the Moon and Mars before sailing it to Taisui.

伯益曰:“太岁者,囚龙之所也。今见裂隙,肉降九州,故有相柳之类。” 又铸大舟者三,驻于太岁,弥其隙。又杀相柳,平水患。于启王时,又立门径,通达太岁。

Boyi said: "Taisui is where the Dragon is trapped. Now that the cage has a crack, flesh descended down to the Nine States, causing the likes of Xiangliu to appear." Thus King Yu built three giant ships, and stationed them on Taisui, mending the crack. During the reign of King Qi, a gateway leading to Taisui was built.

Researcher's Note: While the connection is unconfirmed, this fragment greatly resembles the To the Dragons' Witness poem from CotBG Archive ██/██/20██-███. — Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History - Religious GoI Threat Analysis

About Transformation


One will receive their ritual of Transformation at the age of twelve, to become similar in appearance to our Mother Dragon and Father Serpent. Farmers acquire scales, craftsmen acquire serpent heads, scholars/officials possess body of serpents, while lords look like dragons. Merchants, servants/slaves and savages do not belong, and will not go through the rituals.

Researcher's Note: The Mekhanites, the Daevites, the Sarkites, and now this? Various ancient cultures have undergone anomalous phases (often with a strong emphasis on corporeal augmentation/transmogrification); how much has it influenced the development of our species? — Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History - Religious GoI Threat Analysis


Those who contributed greatly could perfect the Transformation ritual, joining the ranks of scholars or even lords.

About the Dragons


The gods gathered at the great abyss, like insects drawn to flames. The abyss is also called Guixu. There were two great dragons, who fed on gods. One of them stands for Yang, and is the spirit of metal, whose name is Fuxi; the other one stands for Yin, and is the god of body/flesh, whose name is Nüwa. The two dragons mated and humans were born. Thus the humans are descendants of the dragons.

Researcher's Note: Dualism is not unexpected (the basic concept existing among a majority of theological, mythological, and even philosophical traditions), but the nature of the dragons, of organic versus inorganic, is not something found in known Chinese traditions. However, a similar concept can be found in the heterodox writings of a little known Mekhanite sect whose beliefs were never codified and incorporated into the later Church of the Broken God theology. — Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History - Religious GoI Threat Analysis


Fuxi is our Father Serpent. He first taught us written language, and then the bagua to help us understand the rules of the world. Machines were made based on bagua. Since then, we all studied the Way of the Serpent.


Nüwa has sharp claws and teeth, and is our Mother Dragon. She breathed life into soil to make humans. There are six beasts serving her, called Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu, Taotie, Gonggong and Zhurong.


Fuxi fought Nüwa, causing the pillar that holds the sky to break and the strings that tie the ground together to break. People suffered, only one out of ten survived. Fuxi couldn't bear to allow this, so he used his own body as a cage, trapping Nüwa in the planet of Taisui.


Researcher's Note: The following do not seem to be directly relevant to SCP-2481, but are archived for their possible implications. — Head Researcher Xue Qing


In the far west, there was a kingdom of apes. They walked on bare feet and controlled beasts of various kinds. King Shaokang fought against them, and it was not until the reign of King Mang that the war was over.

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