Document 2216-X1999-1
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Document Type: Supplemental (XC-2216/1999)

Security Clearance Level: 4-2216/1999 Eyes Only, Need to Know Basis.

Abstract: Since roughly 1940, the name "Loewes" has been known to anomalously appear on objects found in museums in and around the New York area. In 1982, as part of ongoing MTF-Iota 9 operations, the video cassette now classified as SCP-2216-2-1 was taken into Foundation possession by Agent █████ as an instance of SCP-1999. Upon routine testing of the cassette, Dr. ██████ began to experience anomalous symptoms, consistent with SCP-2216-1 exposure. Upon the discovery of SCP-2216-1, SCP-2216-2-1 was reclassified as an instance of SCP-2216.

SCP-2216-2-1 is a focus of cross-SCP research for two reasons:

  • It represents an instance of SCP-1999 attributed to a video storage device.
  • It represents the prime instance of SCP-2216-2.

For these reasons, SCP-2216-2-1 is classified at the highest levels and only available to researchers appointed by unanimous O5 decision. This document exists as a database of pertinent information for the discovery of the presumed connection between SCP-1999 and SCP-2216. Additional information will be added as research progresses.

Background Data:

Test Data:

Photographic Data:

Following TE-2216-21-1, SCP-2216-2-1 was digitally copied to a Foundation laptop and broken down by video forensics experts into individual still frames. At the time of TE-2216-21-1, SCP-2216-2-1 displayed the following image where D-15117 had spotted SCP-2216-1. (Image has been confirmed as non-anomalous).

Final Addendum:

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