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Rules currently known or suspected to govern the behavior of SCP-1384

Rule 1: SCP-1384 is able to treat abstract concepts as having real existence.

See Incident SCP-1384-2.

Rule 2: SCP-1384 is able to take a step forward if it is left alone for thirteen days.

Initial containment procedures were focused on not approaching SCP-1384, on the theory that it would be unable to advance without interaction. Cameras watching showed it move thirteen days after last interaction. When questioned, SCP-1384 said, "I told you I'd get out eventually without you. It'll take a while, of course, but you can't just leave me be. I'm on the home stretch now. The bones will roll, you know."

Rule 3: SCP-1384 is able to affect the passage of time for individuals.

Several statues were found half a kilometer further back in the tunnel. When examined more carefully, they appeared to be flesh-and-blood humans in clothing appropriate for the 19th century. When asked about them, SCP-1384 responded, "They asked me for the time of day. Well, I gave them the time of a day about sixty years from now. Ought to be a nice one. I think they'll like it."

Rule 4: SCP-1384 cannot acknowledge anyone or anything that is predominantly yellow.

When Dr. Ho entered wearing a yellow rain slicker, SCP-1384 refused to acknowledge his presence until he removed it. Further experiments with maize, yellow paper, and pencils had the SCP ignore these objects, except as they related to other, non-yellow objects. For example, he can acknowledge the pencil as a researcher writes with it, but ignores it when presented with it directly.

When asked why, it responded as follows: "Well, it's acrosswise, you see, which means it's not at all friendly. Not to me, anyway, I suppose my buddy's got no problems there, but we can't help where we sit, right?"

Researchers painted the floor ahead of SCP-1384 yellow. However, the paint vanished the next time SCP-1384 made a move.

Rule 5: SCP-1384 is able to take a step forward if certain people cross its shadow while walking in a clockwise direction.

Dr. Ho was performing a careful inspection of SCP-1384's form when he walked around it. SCP-1384 stepped forward into a black square. It did not step forward when he crossed the other direction, but when he moved clockwise again, it stepped forward into a blue square. It wouldn't explain the significance.

Note: Agent Faraday had previously stepped across SCP-1384's shadow without incident. It refused to explain the significance of Dr. Ho.

Rule 6: SCP-1384 steps one square to the right when given a coin.

Dr. Ho was looking through the contents of his pockets to find a piece of paper. SCP-1384 watched him fish several coins from his pocket, and asked if it could have one. Dr. Ho decided, after some discussion with the surface team, that it was worth testing. He handed it a subway token. It immediately stepped to the right. Further coins given to it resulted in right steps, until it reached the wall, at which point it stopped.

Rule 7: SCP-1384 is able to create or summon some objects upon request.

Researcher Dr. Houck was interacting with SCP-1384 as part of normal containment protocol, and asked if it would like to play a game to pass the time. SCP-1384 waved its hand, and a table with a chessboard appeared in front of it. Researcher Dr. Houck played several games with it. He asked if he could take it with him, to which SCP-1384 agreed.

The chess set was made of a cardboard chessboard and wooden pieces. They were apparently hand-carved. The chessboard had no manufacturer's markings.

Researcher Dr. Houck reported that SCP-1384 has an adequate understanding of the rules, but is not a truly proficient player, showing an unwillingness to sacrifice its pawns.

Rule 8: SCP-1384 is forced to take a step back when certain people enter the hallway.

When Agent Lachner reported to duty, SCP-1384 stepped back from its previous position, back onto a black square. However, when she tried to re-enter, SCP-1384 said, "Already used your turn, love."

Agent Lachner was able to enter two more times over the next two days, each time driving SCP-1384 back. However, it ceased working shortly after. Further attempts had no effect on SCP-1384.

Rule 9: SCP-1384 is unable to step into a yellow square.

Researcher Dr. Houck inadvertently stepped clockwise across SCP-1384's shadow. SCP-1384 started to step forward, but stopped halfway, and returned to its original position. "Blast. Should've been watching. Could've been a bad one, that. Well, I'll get to the side eventually."

Rule 10: SCP-1384 is unable to change form at will. The trigger for these changes is currently unknown.

Researcher Dr. Houck asked SCP-1384 if it could change again after it assumed the form of a skeleton. It replied, "Sorry, lad, it's this or nothing for a bit. It's a rum card, for sure, but we'll pass again in a bit, and with a little luck, you'll like me a bit better, eh?"

Rule 11: SCP-1384 is able to send people elsewhere, or possibly to destroy them.

A D-Class personnel was brought in for testing SCP-1384's indestructibility. It was given a knife and told to attempt to cut SCP-1384's arm, which it attempted several times to no effect. The following exchange took place:

SCP-1384: "Not that I mind so much, but what's with trying to carve me up?"

D-5350: "They told me to cut you, Dr. Houck. I get to go if I do what they tell me."

SCP-1384: "Well, I do understand that. I'd get out myself if I could. Of course, I'll walk out eventually."

D-5350: "Wish I could just up and get out of here."

SCP-1384: "Do you? Well, as you like."

D-5350 vanished. When Dr. Ho asked if the D-Class personnel was dead, or if it could be brought back, SCP-1384 responded, "I didn't kill him. He just went back to the start. I might be able to bring him back, if you ask, but you probably wouldn't like it. Neither would he. He'll be back on his own, eventually. If I bring him back, I can tell you right now I won't get it right. That's for free. I get no advantage from that deal."

Shortly afterwards, the pattern of the tiles changed, and now contained red tiles as well as the original colors.

Rule 12: SCP-1384 is unable to touch any person.

This was previously assumed to be a rule, as SCP-1384 studiously avoided any direct contact with any person. However, when Agent Barnes held out his hand, SCP-1384 accepted it and shook. When asked, it said, "Oh, I was just being polite, you know. I don't just up and prod people. I do have manners. I'm not a Pict, you know."

Actions SCP-1384 is able or compelled to perform, but for which the trigger is unknown:

Step to the left.

Step forward when no one crosses its shadow.

Step backward when Agent Lachner is not present.

Give gifts of chestnuts and bronze knives.

Remove its own head.

Change form.

Know things that it could not learn from conversations that have taken place inside the tunnel (current events, cultural references, hobbies and interests of researchers and agents assigned to it). When Dr. Ho was about to tell it that it had been given a reference number, it correctly guessed that the number would end in a 4.

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