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Executive Summary of Instances, SCP-130-2.

To this date, there have been █████ instances of SCP-130-2 that fall under Procedure Franklin-Sixteen, and with certain exceptions, all have been reviewed by this office. Below are brief summaries of sampled parcels addressed to persons of note both within and outside of the Foundation.

Dr M██████ █████ E██████, 5/130.


Addressee: █████
Summary: █████
Notes: █████

Addressee: Dr. Alto Clef
Summary: To this date, Dr. Clef has had ████ parcels addressed to him in a variety of fashions, up to using valid code-phrases per Procedure Franklin-Sixteen. In each and every case, these parcels have contained a wide variety of means to assassinate the good doctor, tied with either gloating, terse judgments, or even apologies.
Notes: After ██ deaths and $███████ worth of damage to Foundation material, all missives addressed to Dr. Clef are to be thoroughly scanned and opened by remote under Hazmat Three conditions, as per O5-█'s orders. Due to the incident at █/██/20██, only D-class personnel should handle the mail and be within fifty meters until disposed of.

Addressee: Dr. Agatha Rights
Summary: Dr. Rights has had a variety of greeting cards sent to her, denoting such things as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as Mother's Day, from ██████, ██████ ██████, and █████ █████.
Notes: Due to [REDACTED], all such parcels are to be incinerated and under no circumstances are they to be mentioned to Dr. Rights.

Addressee: Dr. King
Summary: Each Arbor Day for the past ██ years, a variety of apple based products have been mailed to Dr. King, including seeds, cider, and brandy. Every September twenty-sixth, a biography of John Chapman AKA Johnny Appleseed has appeared.
Notes: "Christ, what did this guy do to SCP-130? I don't even think he's been to South Africa!" — 5/130

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