Document 1201-█
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Events of ██/██/20██, Area 1201

Foreword: █████ recorded incidence and observation of the manifestation of SCP-1201-2. The entity was questioned alongside researchers keeping pace with the movement of the entity on a pre-constructed motion track. The entity was visible for 15 seconds before disappearing with Agent Sanders into SCP-1201.

SCP-1201-2 manifests 40 meters from SCP-1201. Subject appears covered in a viscous pink fluid, with mild burns covering the body. SCP-1201-2 appears to regenerate to typical appearance in the space of 12.3 seconds before righting itself and sprinting toward SCP-1201. Agent Sanders attempts communication.

SCP-1201-2: You again, there, boss! HOWDY FUCKING DO?

Agent Sanders: Your compliance with testing protocol would be greatly appreciated.

SCP-1201-2: Sure about that? Sure you ain't gonna fuck everything up?

Agent Sanders: …yes.

SCP-1201: You better not be a fucking noob.

SCP-1201-2 grabs Agent Sanders by the right leg and disappears into SCP-1201.


Document 1201-█: Personal Notes

There was no sign of any place where we could have arrived, no entrance, no device for travel. I checked my pulse, felt along my skin: slightly elevated heartbeat, and I was mildly warm. I would have to say that at that time I was also fairly distressed, so I apologize for any inaccuracies in advance.

After the entity released my leg and dropped me I found myself on the surface of a very small, empty, rocky planet. The sun was at least three times as large in the sky, if it was the sun we know of. I would not be surprised if it was Mercury, although this thought was briefly quelled as I could see what appeared to be a large, flaming serpent making loops in the distance on the sun's surface.

Strangely enough I did not have trouble breathing or staring directly into the sun, and I was not at all affected by the intense heat. When questioned, 1201-2 responded with "It's just fucking atmosphere." When questioned if this was the place it always returned to when SCP-1201-2 entered the well, it responded "That would be lame as fuck."

1201-2 appeared to be running in place for a few brief moments before the next event happened. I found that I could not advance either. When questioned I was told that "It's fucking countdown." So, I remained walking in place as 1201-2 was doing.

I fell forward on my face after hearing a large crystalline chime, and 1201-2 began laughing and issued a slur of insults before disappearing far ahead of me. When I got my footing, I found that moving was rather effortless, and I was running at about three times as fast as I normally can. The experience was quite exhilarating if you don't mind me saying.

I asked it where we were going. It told me that "We gotta find Beth and kill that bitch." Like you, I wasn't entirely sure who Beth was or why 1201-2 wanted to kill it, so I just continued running alongside 1201-2. In time I could see an enormous black mass of tentacles floating in the distance. I asked 1201-2 what it was and it told me it was "Fucking cheap as shit." When I asked to clarify the specific nature of the entity, 1201-2 told me "It's just fucking overpowered."

So, being a bit hesitant, I slowed down a bit and let 1201-2 take the lead. When we got a bit closer, it spoke. I'm not sure I can recall its exact words, but it kept referring to 1201-2 as its "bitch" and that "he sucked so bad". 1201-2 was visibly upset, and told it that it "should make the first move". That's when the entity, which I'm assuming to be 1201-3, advanced on 1201-2 and began whipping its tentacles wildly at it. The motions themselves were peculiar in the sense that each separate attack by 1201-2, and 1201-3 did not differ in motion in the least bit, and was accompanied by a matching "cry". I'm fairly certain I saw 1201-2 instantly right itself about four times after being struck by the tentacles.

Yeah, right… after that it… 1201-2 told me "I'm getting low, fucking help me you fucking noob." Which I have to say was completely nonsensical because he had just allowed the thing to attack him in the first pla- I'm sorry I'm getting off track here.

1201-2 retreated, froze in place, and begun glowing in a green light. I was forced to attack the entity myself or run from it as its attention was now turned to me. I was caught off guard momentarily by a blinding light emanating from 1201-3's center, and unable to move for one reason or another. 1201-2 told me that "If I wasn't a fucking noob, I could 'glitch' stuns". I'm not entirely sure what he was referring to, but after one or two seconds I could move again. That's when one of its tentacles pierced through me… I saw an explosion of gore from my chest, but I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever, and the gore itself disappeared into the air. After seeing this I was a bit more motivated to approach 1201-3 and speak to it as I was sure it could not harm me.

I continued running toward the creature, trying to ignore the circling clouds of tentacles and gore around my body. I asked it what it was, but there was no response. It seemed rather focused on attacking me. After a short time I started moving more slowly and I could hear a loud, heartbeat sound in my head.

I could see 1201-2 circling in on it from behind out of the corner of my eye. The heartbeat noise in my head was deafeningly loud at that point, and I could barely move, and that's when I heard 1201-2's voice yell "You lost, bitch!", followed by 1201-3 exploding.

A voice, the location it was produced from I cannot specify, asked 1201-2 "How it got a fucking NPC in a deathmatch." before I reappeared at area 1201.

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