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Autopsy Report of SCP-1026-B

After the accidental neutralization of SCP-1026-B, its body seemingly lost its anomalous properties, appearing to be a normal human cadaver (identified as D-5582). Dr. ███████ requested permission to perform an autopsy on the entity. The following report is an audio log recorded during the autopsy.

Dr. ███████: The date is ██/██/██. This is Dr. ███████, performing an autopsy on the body of SCP-1026-B, which was killed [DATA EXPUNGED]. I will begin by making an incision in the subject's abdomen.
*25-second gap*
Dr. ███████: I have just completed the first incision into the subject's abdomen. I can see no internal organs aside from a single large sac attached to the subject's vertebrae. I am attempting to open it…
*19-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The sac is full of… fog, for lack of a better word. It appears to be much denser than air, as it's not flowing upwards. I'm taking a sample of it for later analysis.
*21-second gap*
Dr. ███████: I am now attempting to open the subject's thoracic cavity.
*64-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Subject does not appear to possess a normal thoracic cage… Instead, there are two curved plates attached to the spinal column in its place. There appears to be a pair of organs beneath these. I will attempt to remove them.
*69-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The organs appear to be solid; I see no sign of any fluid or gas inside. I'm taking a sample for later analysis, and will then attempt to examine the skull.
*276-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The skull appears to be abnormally smooth. Cranial sutures are absent, as is the nasal cavity and most other topological features. The eye sockets are present, but lack optic canals and orbital fissures. The jaw… appears to be fused to the rest of the skull, and there are no teeth. I'm going to attempt to access the brain cavity now.
*150-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The brain is entirely absent. The interior of the skull seems to be full of "fog" similar to that found in the abdominal organ. I'm going to take another sample.
*10-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Sorry about that. When I attempted take a sample, the "fog" began glowing… I'm going to try again.
*6-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Just a minute… I've got a headache all of the sudden…
*12-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Jesus Christ, this hurts… What the-?

The log was ended due to an unexpected loss of power in the autopsy room. When a security team entered, they saw no sign that an autopsy had taken place. SCP-1026-B's body was intact, and Dr. ███████ claimed to have no memory of what had happened. A subsequent autopsy revealed that SCP-1026-B possessed normal human physiology and no anomalous properties whatsoever.

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