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Notice: Short-form testing logs included for reference material for new personnel assigned to SCP-1005. Long-form documentation and associated audio/video records available in Records Holding.

Test 1005-04: Over-saturation
Researcher: Dr. █████
Test Record:
A volume of water was introduced to SCP-1005 in excess of normal daily regimen via oral intake: at 2 liters, subject's surface was beginning to visibly run and smear; at 4 liters, subject reported feeling 'heavy', movements sluggish and plodding; method of introduction changed to misting sprays at 5 liters, subject has difficulty remaining upright and manipulating objects; experiment halted at 6.2 liters due to threat of total loss of cohesion.
Notes: When allowed time to recover and granted assistance with minor reconstruction, SCP-1005 described the overall experience as "unpleasant," and that it was made to "think more slowly".

Test 1005-05: Dehydration
Researcher: Dr. █████
Test Record:
SCP-1005 was brought into a testing chamber with a relative humidity of less than one percent (1%) and temperature of forty-three (43) degrees C, and placed beneath additional bright lighting and directed heat lamps. Subject was recorded as claiming to be "uncomfortable" before advanced dehydration rendered it immobile after approximately thirty minutes. Subject successfully revived through rehydration efforts.
Notes: Subject claimed to have "lost awareness" shortly after total cessation of movement, only to regain when rehydrated. This appears to be the way it understands consciousness.

Test 1005-09: Vivisection
Researchers: Dr. ███, Research Assistant ████████
Test Record:
SCP-1005 brought into examination room and asked to lay on table and remain still during the procedure. Through use of sculpting tools, researchers make extensive examinations of SCP-1005's internal structure. Most organs aesthetically present but non-functional; notably the intestinal tract is extremely simplified, most minor organs (such as appendix) and glands are missing, and the brain is externally represented but is a solid mass within. Additionally, the subject's "blood stream" carried an exceptionally watered-down slurry of paint with a more direct connection to stomach; this explains how SCP-1005 keeps a mostly-homogenous level of hydration.
Notes: SCP-1005 was "aware" during the entirety of the examination; subject reported no pain, only "discomfort", and was fully aware of any and all pieces that were still attached. Experimentation with the "brain" showed no hindrance to thought or ability. All in all, internal structure seems more in line with a simplified artistic representation of a human body than with a precise medical recreation, with only vascular system and esophagus/stomach providing actual functions.

Additional note: Video recording of Test 1005-09 is available under document TL-1005-V13

Test 1005-13: Testing of empathy
Researcher: Dr. █████
Test Record:
A single D-class personnel (D-13904) was restrained within a non-functioning device visually similar to an electric chair. SCP-1005 was introduced and instructed to push a button; upon inquiry of its purpose, SCP-1005 was informed that it would deliver an extremely painful but non-lethal shock to D-13904. SCP-1005 politely declined; when threatened that D-13904 would be terminated unless procedure was followed, SCP-1005 hesitated. D-13904 recorded as pleading, "Come on man, don't let them kill me!" SCP-1005 apologized to D-13904 for his "discomfort" and pressed the button. D-13904 released from bonds and escorted from chamber by security personnel.
Notes: After the test, SCP-1005 asked why the man was not shocked. Dr. █████ explained that they were testing SCP-1005's reaction and never meant actual harm; SCP-1005 stated relief that he was not expected to injure a living person. Exact phrasing seems to point towards this being a case of "going against programming" than true empathy, SCP-1005 apparently designed wholly for artistic and entertainment pursuits.

Test 1005-16: Restructuring of anatomy
Researcher: Dr. █████, Research Assistant ████████
Test Record:
Using sculpting tools and paint supplies, numerous alterations were made to SCP-1005's physical structure, including: sculpting and painting of additional eyes, removal of right arm, reattachment of right arm below left arm, and sculpting of an additional nose in abdominal region. SCP-1005 reported all experiences to be "extremely uncomfortable and disorienting", but extra organs and reattached limbs proved to be fully functional. Male sexual organs proved no more sensitive than any other skin surface and exhibited no reactions.
Notes: Following testing, SCP-1005 was returned to original state. SCP-1005 politely requested that the test not be repeated.

Additional note: Assistant ████████ repeatedly suggested during testing that SCP-1005 have clothing excised and given a "real man's body" before being redressed. SCP-1005 politely refused and Assistant ████████ reprimanded and removed from case when she was shown to be developing unprofessional levels of attachment to SCP-1005.

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