Doctor S███████'s Personnel File

Legal Name: ██████ █████ ██████

Title: Doctor S███████

Known pseudonyms: Soulless, Soul, Solace, Solis

Profession: General Researcher

Comments: Lack of general moral fiber somewhat disconcerting. Has a fascination with any SCP's considered 'creepy' or 'frightening'. Sometimes needs to be reminded not to be excessive.

Doctor S███████ has had at least fifty-seven failed attempts made on his life over a period of six months. Weapons used have included standard kitchen knives, a wide variety of firearms, several of Doctor S███████'s documented SCPs, fire, and an on-site nuclear device. Though no confirmed attacker has been found, extended hospitalization on his part, and several notes found in his office point to Researcher Gargus.

Additionally, Doctor S███████ has a large collection of cords scavenged from various places, each lovingly labeled with the date, month, hour, season, equatorial alignment, and humidity of the day of recovery. Doctor S███████ keeps the cords (being mostly of the extension, bungee, or spermatic variety) in his top left desk drawer.

Important Contributions to the Foundation:
SCP-797 - "The Curious Poltergeist"
SCP-979 - "Stoneware Rabbit"
SCP-747 - "Children and Dolls"
SCP-1771 - "Seasonal House"
SCP-1551 - "Repeating House"
SCP-1252 - "A Half-Formed Idea"
SCP-1353 - "Comforting Centipedes"
SCP-2772 - "Real Life Memorial For A Virtual Non-Existence"
SCP-2552 - "A Delusion's Desperation"
SCP-2442 - "Sometimes Therapy Is Merely Painful Truths"
SCP-2992 - "Everything Flows Towards Cadence"
SCP-2882 - "Overwriting Myself For A Faraway Dream"
SCP-2662 - "Cthulhu f'UCK OFF!"
SCP-2909 - "The Kind Of Neverland One Never Wishes For"
SCP-2353 - The Mannequin That Will No Longer Put Up With This Shit, Honestly
SCP-414 - "Regardless, I Might Prefer Myself Sick"
SCP-5995 - "The Viper And The Newborn"
From Unknown Admirer to Unknown Admiree - A tale about SCP-1204
The Special Bond Between Child and Mother - A tale about SCP-1782
Seasick Sharks - A tale about SCP-7475-J
The Slow Asphyxiation of Undiluted Ardor - A tale about SCP-682-CU
I Wish To Be An Asteroid, Burning To Nothing - A tale about SCP-1959
The Melody Of Autumn, Passing Into Winter - Dystopia entry involving the Scravecrow, Oneiroi, AWCY, and a rogue disco ball.
They Who Find Darkness Loving - Avery and his pseudo-hallucination Ichor!Lament.

Senescence, Consumption, Persecution - A tale for the Rat's Nest canon
A Eulogic Elegy For The Dreams - The dreams are dying. They have run out of people to dream them. A Rat's Nest tale.

Prologue: Water Coalesces And Descends As Rain - Part of Constellation Starfish
Rain Leaking Through A Vendor's Roof - Part of Constellation Starfish
Siren's Song - Part of Constellation Starfish

To The Dreams He Is No Nobody - The Oneiroi Collective pity Nobody, you know. They really do, because they know his pain even when he cannot. Perhaps only those who are not truly real to reality are capable of understanding what it is like to exist in a state where you are not real to yourself.

A Softer Place:
'dad', you're too fucking late - Dr. Wondertainment mourns the loss of his son.
sex at frigid temperature - Gears and Iceberg, two pieces of interlocking clockwork, teeth jammed against each other and neither piece able to move on.
maybe god will forgive you if we both beg - Able and Cain and forgiveness and pain.
all i ever wanted; all i ever deserved - Nobody still believes that as long as Light is okay, everything is alright. She can't see her own tears.
help me my (love for my) daughter was born too still - Dr. Rights is a mother to everyone except the one person she thought she'd be a mother to. But she'll always be a mother, in her own way.

Soulless's Challenges Thread

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