Doctor Ronald Stimson's Personnel File
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Science and Research

Name: Doctor Ronald Stimson

Security Clearance: Level 2 (In Cases of SCP-███, Level 5 Access is Permitted)

Location: Site-19

Assignment: SCP-███, Containment and Study

Status: Missing.

Profile: Doctor Stimson's history makes him a target for both the GOC and MC&D. Under no circumstances is he to be assigned to any site in contested territory. Additionally, Doctor Stimson's background makes him largely useful as a consult on areas of interest, including the psychological effects money or wealth have on cognitive decisions and cognitive perceptions of 'worth.'

History: Ronald Stimson completed his PhDs in Neurochemistry and Economics at Cornell University, followed by a brief stint working in criminal intelligence for the French government. He was originally brought "into the know" by GOC operative █████ "Silvermane" █████████. The GOC deemed him unfit for service after his unwillingness to execute a Class-Green reality bender, and Dr. Stimson was slated for mind-wipe and removal. After fleeing the area, Dr. Stimson was located by Marshall, Carter, and Dark, who agreed to help him in exchange for his services.

After learning more about the 'hidden world' behind things, Dr. Stimson quietly made an effort to contact The Foundation, the only group with a similar set of goals to his—the preservation of life. Dr. Stimson managed to defect thanks to Agent ███████, and after thorough screening, was assigned to minor work at Site-32. Following his promotion, Doctor Stimson was given exclusive access to SCP-███.

Note: Doctor Stimson should not be given any chocolate. He is deathly allergic.

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