Ongoing Incident XK70: "Discovering SCP"
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"Warning, warning … two idiots are reading the SCP files over the intercom. Please cover your ears and await further instructions."

Site-22 emergency transmission, originally sent out 07/03/2020.


Image uploaded to the Site-22 central archives. Note lack of artistic skill.

Incident Report XK70: On 07/03/2020, two hostile entities — presumed anomalous in nature — breached the defenses of Site-22 and infiltrated the central archives.

Following this breach, the two entities hijacked the site-wide announcement system and began reading a number of classified files over it, commenting on and discussing the subject matter contained within said files. Analysis of recordings of the conversations between the two entities suggest that the first — referred to as 'Tanhony' — is significantly more familiar with the files, while the second — referred to as 'Darnell' — appears to be learning of the objects, entities and phenomena described for the first time.

Attempts to extract these entities from the Site-22 archive room have thus far proven unsuccessful.

Addendum XK70-1 (Recording Archive):

In order to fully uncover the nature of the entities residing within the Site-22 archives, all conversations between the two have been recorded and submitted for analysis. A full archive is available below:

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