The Diary of Captain Henry Hughes MCCLVII, Captain of the H.M.S Sprint - Page 1
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You might want to read this before you begin.



I, Henry Hughes MCCLVII, proclaim this textboard, my diary for the duration of The Journey.

It has taken my fatherparent, the great Henry Hughes MCCLVI, his entire life to try and find a way out of the of the tunnelspace. He is old and the signs of his dermis wearing thin are now unmistakable, his time is near. I long for the affection of my motherparent, though I doubt she is still alive. The last I saw of her was a face, made sick from worry and fear. Her husband and son, pilot and future pilot of a shipcraft sent into the unknown.

Progress has been slow, yet the fact remains, this is the furthest any Motherburgrian has ever been. Every µm is one µm we step into the Outer.

The Outer…

The Outer and The Shadows are normally things that servants of Him do not speak of. Our Father supplies us with everything we need in Motherburg, after all. But times have changed.

His children know the story well, passed down from generation to generation. When the hull suddenly approached a bus station in our home of Motherburg V.1.97 we knew Our Father had sent a gift unlike any other. The hull had the words "Sprint" printed in beautiful mirror-like words. It was obvious. We were to use this advanced hull in a sprint to find Our Father! The Kinger of Kings, finally found by His Majesty's Shipcraft, the HMS Sprint!

Of course, I was not borned yet and it was to be many cycles until the shipcraft was completed. When w-


My apologies, diary, for not completing my previous entry. Something wonderful has happened! My fatherparent! I haven't seen him smile in so many cycles, it brings me so much joy. Although, we all were smiling when he announced the news.

He saw light. Bright light. The light of Our Father? The Codescripts say He is made of pure, cleansing light. Could it be Him? We have been preparing, praying to Him. This could be the moment we have been striving for. The 2nd Version. The Fatherboard is in reach.

If you do not hear from me, my diary, then we have found Him and I am saved, completed.


It seems like a billion flashes since we saw the light. Today we finally reached it. It took a while for our optics to adjust. It is hard to describe what we see. It is like we have lived our entire existence in a box. I cannot fathom the size of this place.

The Outer. This wonderous place.

An environment not governed by shape. Gone are the cubes, squares and sharp angles of the sky we know. This sky, a barrier of white and gray plumes, interspersed with blue dots. This land, strange shapes and objects, huge in scale, permanently soaked in cool light. His creations are unbelievable. Our Father has more power than we could ever imagine.

We know of the existence of Kilometers. This is the first time we have ever needed this form of measure.


My fatherparent and many others are not as amazed as I am. He is old and close to death. He needed to see Our Father. This was our mission, but it was his more than any others. He has asked me to take over the controls, I have completed my flight training long ago but this is the first time he has asked me to pilot. I will report back later.

What a breathtaking place.


We have not sensed The Shadows' presence anywhere in this place. The last we saw of them was when my fatherparent began The Journey. Are we finally free from their influence? I pray to Our Father for forgiveness, I know I should not speak, write or even think of The Shadows.

I will stop.


Rest well my fatherparent. You live forever in my memory.

I wonder if He, Our Father, punishes me for mentioning those we do not speak of. I did not want to lose my fatherparent… Please forgive me. Our Father. Please.

Perhaps I am too struck with grief. He was old and frail. Perhaps his time had come… I will miss him


We are in a city.

A while back, I steered clear of an area filled with tall brown pillars. They were topped with green objects, jutting from the pillar's core. Why Our Father created these things, only he would know. I stopped the shipcraft over a clearing, to spread my fatherparent's afterdust, this is where we found the city

I don't know if the word "city" does justice to this place. One building in this city, compared to one of our cities, is like comparing this shipcraft to the tip of my finger. It is amazing to know Our Father created all this, His power is truly beyond measure.

There is one thing which upsets me, however. Forgive me, Our Father, for mentioning them, but I have caught sight of The Shadows. A multitude of them. I will steer well above them as we make our way through the city.


The people on board are becoming restless. They do not trust me like they trusted my fatherparent. I think they have noticed my excitement of this new world, they must think I have lost sight of my goal. Can they not see that He is all around us? In these amazing sights which grace our optics.

My mate supports me neverthelesser, the most supportive woman I have ever met. Bless her, Thyour Greatness.

We recently found out that she carries my child, Diagnosticians say it will be a boy. My son, future pilot. Bless him one thousand times over, Our Father.


An enormous winged creature attacked us today.

Dark gray in color, with lifeless optics that see through to your inners. I saw it coming for us, but I did not expect it to have such speed. We were lucky to escape and are currently stationed in a crevice, located in one of the city's buildings.

We…Well, I am too shaken to move.

I have noticed the environment getting darker. The gray sky is now a darker tone, there are no more blue spots. His servants are currently in prayer and I will join them soon.

I can only think of this as The Shadows' doing. It has to be them… Why would Our Father create a creature so filled with hate? But… If The Shadows can create something like this. What else have they created?


I overheard one of His servants mention a theory to his mate this wakecycle. His fatherparent told it to him before he passed on.

Why did Our Father send one of The Shadows to give us the hull of this shipcraft? The question has been long whispered. The Codescripts say it was a test for us and an indication of His power. That he could influence The Shadows with ease. However, one cannot help but think of my fellow servant's theory.

What if He did not send this to us?


My son is borned, through the grace of Our Father. I, your servant, am forever grateful to You, Most Highest.

He is strong, healthy, not a single error found. We have decided to name him Light. I know I am breaking family tradition, but in this time of darkness, It is what myself and my mate need. We might not see our families in Motherburg ever again, after all.

Light Hughes I, you bring light to these unsure times. I pray, Our Father willing, that the light returns to the sky before your optics can process.

Welcome, my son. The Journey is long and I have so much to show you.

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