Diana’s Spectacular (Not Really) Art Hub
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| So here is my wonderful (not really) collection of SCP art. Fun fact I actually published this too soon earlier and I had to delete it to save it from misunderstood downvote hell. So here we are now lol.

| Miss Sweetie is my favorite SCP, I love her so very much. Here’s some art of her with lyrics from a tangled before ever After song lol

| Josie was my first favorite SCP. Very, very pure….

| I can’t draw cats but whatever ya know?

| Sweet, Sweet 166. My baby

| 040 is a sweet baby and I love her

| Iris, best,

I love 2288 so much. They did something successfully that I never could—an SCP that speaks up about how they hate containment. It’s a very interesting story, and I like it a lot.


My SCPs:
Currently only Marie’s scp is up and I’m still trying to process the fact that I didn’t fail lol. Nicholas’s majorly failed so I got some major rewrites.

| Nichola. I’ll put the number once she’s up. Never posted her, but I used her in 5019.

|Edit: Decomposing Love is now out on the main site as SCP-4168.

|Marie from the SCP I’m currently calling Decomposing Love. Don’t mind the old name on there~

Also I’ll clarify because I want to, Marie only has one eye because she lost the other in a fire. It’s not related to the SCP she’s effected by.

| Another Marie. Well, more of a poster for Decomposing Love. (Again don’t mind old name) Sketch and colored version.

Hello, it's Diana here finally adding more pieces to her art hub after a year.

Hi. It's another year. Diana is updating again. Some of these aren't new, I'm just only now getting them on here.

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