Assistant Researcher Devereaux's Personnel File

f1Le c0RRupt3D.

Can someone from IT fix my goddamn file already? -A.R. Devereaux

No. -IT Department

Why not? -A.R. Devereaux

Fine you want your file? I'll show the shit you've thrown together. No more, no less. -IT manager Benny

Thanks…uuuuhh…I guess. -A.R. Devereaux

Items Cataloged by Assistant Researcher Devereaux:

SCP-1974 - Debating Tub and Communist Water

SCP-2010 - No EyePod

SCP-2997 - Ashes of the Fallen

SCP-006-CU-EX- Cuddly Cwawies

Documentation Updated by Assistant Researcher Devereaux:

SCP-263 - "Cash or Ash"

SCP-757 - The Fruit Tree

Works referencing the works of Assistant Researcher Devereaux:

Anart Antics by Agent Daniel "TwistedGears" Navarro

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