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I have always been a firm believer in the proposition that even in the most preposterous of myths, there lies a kernel of truth.

- Lord Theodore T. Blackwood, 1883


Introduction: The Foundation, in its current incarnation, dates back about a hundred years at most. Parent organizations, such as the ASCI and HMFSCP, go back a couple centuries more. But the anomalous has always existed.

In the days before the unexplainable could be safely tucked away and hidden beneath the all-encompassing Veil, they became our stories, passed down through literature and oral tradition. Over time, specific details may become exaggerated or forgotten, or be intentionally altered and absorbed into wider religious narratives.

The Department of Mythology and Folkloristics, one of the Foundation's oldest divisions, is tasked with studying the role the anomalous has played in the development of myth and legend. Much of this involves sorting fact from fiction, although occasionally, these stories from ages past may offer unique clues and insight into anomaly protection and containment protocols.

Contrary to popular belief, the Department's work is not restricted solely to the study of ancient mythology. More modern legends and folktales are of equal interest - this can include anything from medieval myths to fairy tales to urban legends.

SCPs involving this Department:

SCP-6078 – Peekaboo Island – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

SCP-6078 has been depicted on maps of Europe dating as far back as the tenth century, where it is variously identified by names such as Bracile and Hy-Brasil.

SCP-6087 – The Voice-Taker Cometh – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

The Voice-Taker's experience has given him a strong appreciation for the value of speech, and an even stronger disdain for children who take theirs for granted by telling lies, using swears, and neglecting their nightly prayers.

SCP-6097 – Granny Rat Tail – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

Its most distinctive feature was that of a long tail attached at the base of the spine, liked by witnesses to that of a Rattus norvegicus (common rat), with a single, swollen eyeball protruding from the tip.

SCP-6132 – The Eyes Beneath the Ice – by Bread_TyrantBread_Tyrant.

No one should have to drown in the cold as people watch and laugh.

SCP-6193 – Der Wolpertinger und Der Tierpräparator – by NotOrteilNotOrteil.

SCP-6193 is the designation for 6 chimeric entities, originally located in the German state of Bavaria.

SCP-6311 – Under the Bridge – by TanhonyTanhony.

In their time, this lore was how humanity taught itself about the dangers it couldn't possibly hope to understand — and we still have a whole lot to learn.

SCP-6410 – The Right Tool Kami – by Maxyfran73Maxyfran73.

Due to SCP-6410-1’s nature of a well-established piece of folklore, cover-up procedures are to be focused on practical effects, game show pranks, and engineering tests. Amnestic use is available, but not recommended.

SCP-6505 – The Church Grims – by arthcymroarthcymro.

On 09/05/1999, an SCP-6505 event was activated in the St Illtyd's Church's graveyard in Bro Morgannwg, Wales. The activator, Cadi Iolo, was visiting her father's grave at the time.

SCP-6587 – Medieval Bestiary – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

However, all species presented in SCP-6587 appear to correspond to those whose existence was unknown to medieval Europeans. These include animals native to the Americas and Australasia, contradicting all modern historical understanding.

SCP-6623 – The Wandering City – by Dr MonedDr Moned.

SCP-6623 is an abandoned Dunwich class nexus located within a pocket timeline, accessible via numerous Ways within the Patagonia region of South America.

SCP-6796 – Come away, O human child… – by arthcymroarthcymro.

4 minutes into the treatment, Mr. Quince experience a tonic-clonic seizure. During the episode, Mr. Quince underwent physiological metamorphism, with their sclera darkening, ears tapering, body hair increasing density, skin taking on a light green pigmentation, and an increase of 50cm in height.

SCP-6835 – Phantom Airship – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

Tempting as it may seem to dismiss such stories as mere guff and claptrap, on my reputation as a scholar and a gentleman, the following account is as veracious and indisputable as the skies above.

SCP-6854 – Where the Cogcows Roam – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

SCP-6854 is a species of biomechanical entities superficially reminiscent of domestic cattle (Bos taurus), sparse populations of which are found across the North American continent.

SCP-6979 – Night Parade of a Single Demon – by Maxyfran73Maxyfran73.

SCP-6979 events were first believed to be the work of a serial killer, sensationalized by the media as part of Japan’s urban legend surge during the decades of 1970 and 1980. It wasn’t until 1982 that emerging detection technology allowed for proper classification as an anomalous entity.

SCP-7420 – Worst Case Scenario – by RhineriverRhineriver.

At 12:00, thousands of anomalous entities began emerging from all sinkholes formed during SCP-7420, causing worldwide panic and disarray.

SCP-7433 – Ghosts Like Us - by Gumpy_HoGumpy_Ho

She was so pretty, just like you. She had these eyes you could stare at for hours. You could fall into them like dark pools. She never looked back at you, though.

Tales involving this Department:

Brasilic Folklore and Mythology – by Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd.

While literature from this era remains scarce, many of these tales have survived due to the island's rich tradition of oral storytelling, and have been translated and summarized by the Foundation Department of Mythology and Folkloristics.

King Greenshield - A Fairy Tale - by SmaptiSmapti.

King Greenshield, King Greenshield, I beg of ye please,
Hath you seen my husband since he crossed the seas?
Two months hence he sailed with the Black Prince to France,
Tell me, King Greenshield, have you seen him perchance?

Fae Myths and Legends – by Cassandra_Prime does not match any existing user name.

Site-120's relationship with Esterberg has given us an amazing opportunity to hear first hand accounts of myths from Fae and learn about their culture.

Nx-02 – by arthcymroarthcymro.

At some point, during the Roman invasion of Britain, the Mabyn government collapsed for an unknown reason. During this collapse, Nx-02's control was taken by the Fae and removed from baseline reality.

Writing Tips: There really aren't any hard and set rules on writing an article for the Department of Mythology and Folkloristics. My only real suggestion is that articles utilizing this Department evoke a sense of wonder. If you're interesting in writing about them, it's a safe bet that you're interested in real world legends and mythology - which is good! But if you want to write an SCP or a tale inspired by folklore and fairy tales, I would strongly advise putting a unique spin on the source material - simply writing about a banshee, a werewolf, or a skinwalker without any twist probably won't cut it.

Writing stories about invented myths is not only allowed, it's encouraged! If you have an idea for an imaginary legend and an interesting story behind it, by all means, write it - that's what this Department is for. There's plenty of potential for fleshing out the mythology of the Daevites, the Mekhanites, or the Antarcticans - heck, even older civilizations, like the Children of the Night or Sapiensaurus.

And above all else, as with anything else on this site, have fun!

- Dr Leonerd

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