The Battle of the Toys: The Defense Of Hive Skittles
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"You know what, Em, working here isn't so bad," Junior Research Karly Gonzales noted.

Senior Researcher Emily Sze looked at her. "What makes you say that?"

Karly put together some of her Mega Blok figurines while having snacked away at the Skittles. "I mean, yeah, the work's hard, but the pay is good, the working conditions themselves aren't bad, and this break room is the best!" She crammed a few more Skittles into her mouth before continuing. "I mean, candy and Lego! This is the best!"

Emily stifled a giggle, watching Karly barely containing her easily excitable nature. "Karly, you realize those are Mega Bloks, right? They're not actual Lego, more of a ripoff series." Karly stuck her tongue out at her, before their watches began to beep.

"Ah, back to work, then!" Karly placed her figurines and her creations near the Skittle jars, and she hopped off with Emily back to her station.

Unknowingly, SCP-387 was nearby, and Karly did not read the part about Mega Bloks.

Jack felt something was off in the air.

He has felt this feeling before, perhaps in a past life, but now the feeling is stronger. Like a temptation, an unrighteous urge, calling to him.

Something horrible was beyond the Great Crystal Tower of Rainbow Orbs. Something landed there with the force of a pouncing cat, and it was slowly beckoning to him, calling, no, RAGING at him to come to complete his calling.

His mind went blank as he began to go berserk.

The Fortress-Monastery of the Inward Halo chapter stood proud, in its corner of Hive Skittles, known to the locals as Blocksville. The Space Marines of the revered chapter regularly interacted with the town populace, a callback to their hallowed lineage to the Salamanders of old.

Terminator Chaplain Deonus sat at the fountain, preaching to the gathered children about the importance of faith, about the importance about their belief in the Emperor, when he heard a mother shriek in the distance, and a police motorcycle crashing into a pole. The children, all curious, began to wander towards the sound of that horrible noise. Deonus, the hundreds of wars having tempered him, immediately called for his brothers' aid, and powered his Crozius before marching over, the servos in his suit carrying his impressive form over to the crash site.

The gathered children and officers moved aside for the Chaplain, as he approached the site of the crash, expecting to find a woman merely hit by the out-of-control vehicle. Such was tragedy in a large hive, he assumed. His armored fist casually picked up the damage motorcycle, when he felt unholy limbs touch his armor.

The motorcycle carried the remnants of Jack, horrifically mutated by the powers of Chaos, attempting to lash out at him. With contemptuous ease, Deonus stomped down on the spawn's head, ending its pitiful life. Before he could look up, he saw the horrors of the Warp spewing its bastard creations all over Blocksville, the rampant signs of corruption making its way through the streets.

"WHO DARES DEFILE THE SANCTITY OF THIS HIVE?!" His ancient voice, magnified by his armor's vox-boosters, was enough to cause a few officers to fly. Hefting his Crozius and his storm bolter, he stood in front of the mewling wave of mutants, banging his fist against his chest. "FACE ME, WRETCHED SCUM, AND I MAY GRANT YOU YOUR ABSOLUTION IN DEATH!" The mutants screeched and rushed him as one, while Deonus rushed forward, his Crozius alight in a killing blaze.

"Karly, what did you do?!" Em looked in the break room in sheer horror at the Lego firefight taking place.

Karly, along with Researchers Harris, Jordans, and Jays, looked into the room with the same level of horror matching Emily's face. "I was just building with Mega Bloks! I didn't know THIS would happen!"

Harris laughed. "Guess someone didn't read all the paperwork." He watched a mess of a minifig hit the glass, its individual components shattering as if the person hit a forcefield at Mach 10. "Well, this isn't our mess, so you have to deal with it yourself."

Karly's face dropped. "Fine, fine… stupid seniors…" She donned her goggles, and grasped the knob handle, her clipboard ready to shield her from stray projectiles.

It was clean-up time.

"TASTE NOCTURNE'S DUST, CHAOS TRASH!" Terminator Chaplain Deonus lifted his Crozius overhead, and brought it down with the Emperor's righteous fury, utterly destroying the mutant's head. Beside him, Brother-Captain Adaris swung his hammer around, launching a nearby car at unholy speed and destroying a swatch of incoming mutants with the impromptu projectile.

As the civilians around them fled the battle, those two imposing marines alone held the main road leading to the Crystal Tower, where the mutants were coming from. Undeterred by the sheer numbers against them, they held their stance, awaiting the next tide of filth to come so that they may cleanse.

However, all became still, the mutants ceasing their motion, while Brother-Captain Adaris and Chaplain Deonus also frozen in time. "Chaplain, the Enemy has come upon us! The magicks of the Warp hold us still!"

However, Deonus felt something different. He looked at his Crozius, its holy field still alight. "No, Brother-Captain," he clarified, "the Enemy is not here. Instead, our Emperor has come, to protect that which is His."

As they were held still, holy hands began to descend from the heavens, taking the mutants up and utterly destroying them. Adaris and Deonus could only simply watch with undisguised awe as those hands took the mutants apart, like blinding beams of lightning, striking the Enemy wherever they stood and cleansing the Hive of their incorrigible corruption. As quick as the hands took the Enemy, it brought back those who were overcome, those who were unfortunate enough to have been overtaken and forcibly warped.

As the Hands finally stopped the grand cleansing, one of its fingers reached down, and gently stroked Deonus on the head. The hand finally withdrew, and as the overflowing presence left, both Space Marine officers felt the motion return to their bodies, their Power Armor spirits finally obeying their wills once more.

"Chaplain, praise be to the Emperor, for He forgives and protects!" Adaris hefted his hammer high, in praise to their Savior.

Deonus, however, was a bit more off-kilter, still mentally recovering from having been personally blessed by the God-Emperor… herself? "Surely the Empress has more taste than those hot-pink nails, correct?"

The five researchers finally put the Mega Bloks away, sealing it in its container.

Karly sighed. "That was such a pain in the ass, separating each piece!"

"You have to be sure, otherwise they would continue to act up," commented Harris.

Em looked at the bustling city once more, only to see… "Karly, look!"

All five looked, and Karly just about passed out from the sight.

The chaplain she touched had commissioned a giant golden brick statue of her, and the minifigs were giving it worship!

Emily sighed. "I think you won the office betting pool this month, Karly."

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