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Some say that the "normalcy" we enforce upon the world, is unnatural, and a limitation to evolutionary standards. Some claim that our "SCPs" are not anomalous, but in fact normal to the natural world, and that we simply "Do not understand it." It's a shame they think that way, but I hope one day, we can rescue those who have fallen into the darkness, and bring them back into the light.

They aren't completely wrong however, this state of "normalcy" is a facade that we have created, but not from a lack of understanding. Quite the opposite actually. We simply know too much. You see, with all our power, and scientific research, we've learned a lot about the state of our world, and how easy it can break.

Allowing even the most benign anomaly into the public sphere is like breaking an open valve. You see, the dangers caused by the normalization of anomalies, increase exponentially. It starts off slow with small benefits being made, but quickly, it snowballs out of control, with reality tearing slowly, but absolutely. And it continues like that until there is nothing left by an empty point in space with hume levels of absolute zero, and not a fragment of our world is left.

I should know.

At any rate, the matter is; the rate at which anomalous activity is expanding with every coming year. If life on Earth is going to remain, stricter regulatory measures must be set in place, and I will not tolerate any exceptions.

- Eideon Rusak [Site-17]

The world is cruel, it doesn't have to be ugly.

The following containement procedures for the anomalies below have been cleared by Eideon Rusak at some point in the past.

[SCP-6395] - Thoughts are Overrated

As the mayor of the humble town, I want to thank you pleasantly for letting us continue to live here.

[SCP-6487] - Pigs Can't Fly
If a member of personnel not a part of the primary research team would like to assist in an SCP-6487 exercise, they must schedule an appointment no less than five hours in advance.

[SCP-6817] - "Esther"
SCP-6817 is a female humanoid that has the inability to hear human voices in any capacity.

[SCP-6397] - A Good Girl
Mobile Task Force Kappa-9, otherwise known as "Bad Boys," is an MTF comprised in its entirety of canines.

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