Item #: SCP-857-D

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Impossible. For convenience's sake, the physical object suspected of manifesting SCP-857-D is to be stored on a shelf in a locked glass-fronted cabinet in Dr. █████'s office in Site-████. A web-cam is to be trained on SCP-857-D at all times, monitored by security personnel (or anybody else who feels like it). Even this minimal level of security is likely useless in terms of containing it. Regardless, it needs to be observed with something approaching reverence at all times in a probably futile attempt to prevent it leaving the facility. When Dr. █████'s office is not in use, personnel may make use of it to directly observe SCP-857-D as opposed to relying upon the webcam. Individuals who fall into obsession concerning SCP-857-D need to be reminded of the spiritual nature of approaching it - a Quest, so to speak. If unsure, check with an alchemist.

Anyone wishing to make use of the object suspected of being SCP-857-D for either research, religious or personal reasons will apply through [redacted]. Religious groups should be scheduled on different days in order to avoid conflict. If a group is large, the cabinet may be rolled to a room of sufficient seating capacity, then returned to Dr. █████'s office upon completion of activities. Note that SCP-857-D must be observed at all times (see above) to prevent its migration to another physical object. If an observer begins to behave oddly, becomes ill, explodes or otherwise manifests unsavory effects to exposure to SCP-857-D, he or his remains should be removed to the nearest medical facility for physical (and if appropriate) psychiatric evaluation. Termination is unnecessary as if this was warranted, it would already have occurred. For this reason, keep SCP-857-D well away from SCP-293.

If anyone, SCP personnel or otherwise, reaches the conclusion that a different physical object now manifests SCP-857-D, this is to be confirmed using Procedure 857-032 and the new SCP-857-D should replace it. The old SCP-857-D may be discarded, kept for research or memorabilia, or donated to a requesting religious (or not) group. A log (Addendum 857-01) will be maintained of its various manifestations.

Description: SCP-857-D's descriptions come down to us over the millenia from a variety of sources, primarily literary with a religious bent. No two descriptions match. This had baffled scholars for generations until it was discovered that SCP-857-D is not an object per se but a Jungian archetype made real. SCP-857-D-ness is mutable and transfers between physical objects, hence the drastic divergence of opinion as to its appearance, behavior and location. There are several physical objects with current claims to be SCP-857-D, having previously shown behavior resembling it. Some of them may very well have manifested SCP-857-D at some time or another. There is no evidence one way or another that they could not be SCP-857-D in the future. (Note - English lacks many parts of speech useful for this style of discussion and few SCP employees know sufficient Greek or Aramaic for discussion in those languages to be helpful)

The manifestation of SCP-857-D is not limited to any one specific object, merely a single object at a time (as far as can be ascertained). This tends to be an object used for imbibing liquid or dispensing food, current to the time, place and circumstances. This can be as ornate as a bejewelled goblet and as simple as a stone cup. This is not a hard-and-fast rule as it could manifest as a dish, plate, cauldron or stone or even further afield such as a pillar of fire, burning bush or bright, laser-like white light. Researcher [REDACTED] claims to have observed it in this specific manifestation in Grade 9 science class. Her sanity is under debate.

It is fairly widely held that the first manifestation of SCP-857-D was the shared cup used by the historical religious figure Jesus Christ and his disciples at the Last Supper. This was possibly hosted by Joseph of Arimathea, thus making him the original owner of the original object manifested as SCP-857-D. It is also somewhat held that this cup was also present at the crucifixion of said Jesus Christ and was used to collect blood and water emanating from a wound caused by the Spear of Longinus (not currently in SCP's possession but displayed in Hofburg Museum in Vienna, Austria). It is held by some that this or a ritual at the Last Supper may have been the event creating SCP-857-D. Given that it appears to be a Jungian archetype, it is more likely that SCP-857-D has always been in existence and this is merely the first (but see below) documented manifestation. (Again, this would make more sense in Greek.)

This view is disputed by those positing earlier manifestations of SCP-857-D, referencing information from Celtic, Roman, Greek and other sources. Most of these address the positive aspects of SCP-857-D. It has been compared to or even identified as the "Horn of Plenty", the "Cauldron of Plenty of Dagda and the Tribe of Anu", and the "Holy Grail" a source of healing and rebirth (both physical and spiritual). Note that the Philosopher's Stone, (see SCP-349) while having similar characteristics, is a different, immutable object. Drinking from the cup, if that is how it is manifested, may cure disease and/or grant immortality (note the dark side below - it is suspected that the Fisher King may have been granted the latter without the former), or merely dispense or render safe or palatable sufficient foodstuff and/or drink to those nearby requiring it. It may be necessary to prime the pump to enable the desired effect. WARNING - under no circumstances use blood or blood by-products

Few descriptions of SCP-857-D address its dark side (it would hardly be a Jungian archetype without its shadow). An attempt to use SCP-857-D for worldly, nefarious or even trivial purposes can be deadly, hence its Euclid classification. At best its effects in this vein can be described as "be careful what you wish for", "may you live an 'interesting' life" (that being a curse) and at worst wholesale destruction of cities civilizations , entire planets or stars . The depiction in the movie [REDACTED] while wildly inaccurate, may serve as a cogent warning.

SCP-857-D tends to manifest itself where it is needed, bound by few or no constraints (other than unity). The fact that it appears to remain at the Site-████ facility begs questions too philosophical to address here, whether it be blessing or blessing in disguise.

SCP-857-D was discovered on an abandoned cafeteria table in [REDACTED], its previous user having fled, shouting "I'm cured, I'm cured". After a brief struggle, SCP-857-D was recovered by Dr. █████ and transported to a secure laboratory for testing. Its original Keter classification was reduced to Euclid more for budgetary reasons than anything else. Rumours that this was done for fear of "pissing it off" are false.

Procedure 857-032: Procedure for identifying current SCP-857-D

Arrange for observation of SCP-857 by several trained personnel (or anyone else suitable available) either remotely (eg. by webcam) or behind blast-proof shielding. Expose one mildly offensive D-class subject to SCP-857-D and observe resulting ill effects (if any). Clean up resulting mess if necessary. Failure here may indicate either an innocuous object, a different SCP-class object, sufficient spirituality in the D-class subject to avoid adverse effects or subject is a thief and apparently immune. Repeat with more offensive subject. Due to sensitivities of both sexes and [REDACTED], avoid using rapists or child molesters for subjects at all costs.

Expose one spiritual subject to SCP-857-D and observe results. A positive outcome is about the best we have for proof of manifestation of SCP-857-D in the test object. A negative outcome may indicate a different SCP object in play or that the second subject isn't as spiritual as originally thought. Repeat if necessary.

Addendum 857-001: Manifestations since acquisition by SCP

SCP-857-D was originally identified following reports of a magical water cooler just inside the entrance to Building-C at Site-████. As word spread, the area became disruptive to the point where it had to be cordoned off at which point rioting broke out. The next person drinking from the water cooler discovered the "magic was gone". A few days later a coffee pot on the third floor began dispensing an elixir that granted perfect attention span and other benefits. The scenario was repeated. The effect spread to other commonplace items including a variety of glasses, coffee cups, and one memorable evening, the New Year's Eve punch bowl. When that was broken in a scuffle, the current SCP-857-D was identified, rescued and spirited under guard to a laboratory for testing, then to Dr. █████'s office where it remains.

Addendum 857-001-D:

SCP-857-D has been decommissioned.

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