Item #: SCP-723-D

Object Class: Euclid Safe Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-723-D is to be held in a Standard Humanoid Containment Suite. He is allowed 3 square meals a day and is to be allowed one hour of free exercise. Due to the subjects high durability, any attempts to break from containment can be stopped by any means from physical restraint up to and including [EXPUNGED]. SCP-723-D is held within a solid block of 10m x 10m x 10m concrete in Storage Room G-██, Site ██. The Concrete does not need to be checked for damage.

Description: SCP-723-D was discovered during routine D-class termination. After termination was accomplished, the subject proceeded to leave [Expunged] unharmed at all. After testing, it was made clear that the subject is impervious to all physical harm, including aging. He is still subject to the laws of physics however, and is more susceptible to Newtonian physics due to is anomalous nature.

Most forms of physical violence on the subject are not perceived physically, however he can still feel gentle touching or soft physical contact. The subject is primarily docile, but has a negative outlook on all foundation personnel due to the nature of his discovery and shows violent tendencies towards female staff. He has been involved in the injury of Dr█████████ and death of Agent ███████ during attempted escapes.

Details of testing are to be included in log 723-D-1 testing log

Addendum 723-D-01: Due to the nature of acquisition, all future D-class are to be tested more vigorously for anomalous properties. Furthermore, all D-class involved with SCP-███, ███ and ███ are not allowed physical contact with each other at any cost. O5-█

Addendum 723-D-02: After his 5th attempted escape, SCP-723-D has been sealed in the centre of a 10m by 10m by 10m concrete block and is stored within Storage Room G-██. Due to his anomalous nature, he is well equipped for such security measures. Before anyone complains, Read article SCP-723-D Escape attempt 05 then protest his containment measures. Dr. ██████████ is still in therapy after █ weeks after the incident. O5-█

Addendum 723-D-03: SCP-723-D has been decommissioned.

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