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Item#: SCP-547

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-547 is to be contained within a room 15'x10'x10' composed of depleted uranium and several plates of titanium, effectively making the walls around subject's cell 1m thick. The door is also to be made out of the same materials and can only be opened from the outside. SCP-547's containment is only done as precaution, as subject has shown no real hostility or desire to destroy to the staff other than in testing sessions of SCP-547's capabilities. Subject is to recieve any basic human furnishings on request and if given permission by Dr.████████, Dr.███████████, or O5-██, SCP-547 may be allowed a television and a gaming system of his choice for up 12 hours at a time.

SCP-547 is to be constantly be surrounded in almost any form of music, with the exception of Hip Hop/Rap due to an increased show of anger and hostility when playing. Any song that subject requests is to be played as soon as possible. SCP-547's containment cell also acts as a partial buffer, allowing additional time for personnel to evacuate, should SCP-547's normal behavioral patterns fluctuate beyond simple emotions and subject begins to go into the fetal position. All personnel in containment facility are to be evacuated immediately and facility locked down for at least 2 weeks.

Description: SCP-547 appears to be a young, muscular Caucasian male in his late teenage years. Subject is 2m (6'3") and weighs 85kg (190 lbs.). Since original encounter with SCP-547 in Austria near the small village of in 17██, subject appears to have not aged at all. MRI and X-Ray reveal SCP-547's body to be completely human with the exception of where subject's heart would be. After much convincing, SCP-547 was given an autopsy, where surgeons discovered a pure white ball of energy 10x10 cm (4 in) and arteries and veins leading from it in the center of subject's chest.

Once again with much persuasion to SCP-547, temporary removal of ball was performed. Attempted removal of this object proved very difficult, as one surgeon tried to touch it, his entire body was completely vaporized. Eventually a robot arm was used to remove glowing orb. As soon as this object left SCP-547's body, all organ and brain functions ceased instantly. Due to this shocking development, the surgeons quickly put the glowing orb back, and all of SCP-547's bodily functions and brain patterns resumed instantly. Several tests have been done on SCp-547's "heart" and all have revealed any and all organic matter that comes into physical contact with subject's orb are instantly vaporized to nothing.

Once the autopsy was concluded, SCP-547 left the facility to go outside before his opening could be stitched. Armed personnel attempted to stop subject but all resistance against SCP-547 was crushed non-lethally and subdued by subject. After getting outside the facility, subject simply took some dirt from the ground and rubbed the soil into the wound, completely healing the wound in a matter of seconds. SCP-547 then returned to containment cell and refused all requests of interviews for several days.

Whilst in an "idle" position, subject's features are fairly normal; pale skin, dark green eyes, and sharp features that exhibit a handsome young man. Subject's hair whilst "idle" is black and generally slicked back, keeping most of the hair out of his face. IQ tests reveal that SCP-547's IQ is around 140, despite his somewhat carefree attitude. In all aspects, SCP-547 acts as a normal teenage boy, showing keen interest in women, and often displaying an acute sense of sarcasm and a charming nature when engaging with observing personnel.

On each of the subjects limbs are pieces of black armor, made out of an unknown metal. On his right and left hands are two metal black gauntlets that run halfway up both forearms. Upon his feet are two boots made of the same unknown metal that come to mid-calf. All attempts to remove these pieces of armor from subject have failed, it appears only SCP-547 can remove these objects from his body at any time. Recorded tests have shown that each piece of armor that the subject wears has a certain elemental trait to it, his right glove having the power of fire, his left having control of electricity, his left boot being able to conjure and control massive amounts of water, and his right being able to create massive tremors and shatter all known sediments. It has also been noted that when any of these elemental powers are activated, the corresponding piece of armor becomes encased with the element being used and also appears to augment SCP-547's physical abilities.

  • Right Gauntlet: Becomes encased in fire and appears to give SCP-547 limited flight. Subject's eyes become glowing red like embers and hair becomes a living flame.
  • Left Gauntlet: Bolts of blue lightning appear to wrap around the glove and augment 547's speed, giving him amazing movement ability that has been recorded up to 200 mph and physical strikes with his body at over 50 times in one second. Hair becomes extremely spiky and yellow and eyes glow blue whilst sparks of electricity shoot out from pupils.
  • Left Boot: Is surrounded by bluish water that appears to be from the sea. Subject then gains the extraordinary ability to turn whole being into water, making him virtually invincible to all physical attacks. Hair whilst in a solid state of being is deep blue and appears constantly soaked in a liquid that has yet to be identified. Pupils appear to be waves of the ocean.
  • Right Boot: Becomes completely encased in solid granite and gives SCP-547 incredible strength and hardens skin immensely. Hair and eyes become a deep brown.

Additional Notes: Until modern day headphones and more suitable means of playing music were developed, containment and even submission of SCP-547 was near impossible, for his destructive capabilities and strange regeneration abilities through use of the environment made subject's capture extremely difficult. By coincidence, as SCP-547 was about to rip through yet another task force sent out to subdue subject, one agent had left the radio on in one of the transports, playing "███████████" by the band ████ ██████. Upon hearing the music, SCP-547's rampage stopped abruptly as he continued to listen to the song. After the song finished, subject turned himself in gladly under the condition that he be allowed to listen to the music. Really hating that he had to stoop this low, Agent Infred talked 547 into handing over his boots and gauntlets. Infred crossed himself, and made a comment about 'the ends justifying the means.'

After originally being contained in Site ██, subject was then moved to Site ██ after Incident [DATA EXPUNGED]

Original containment cell was constantly filled with classic rock of the current time such as ██████, █████ █████████, ████████ ███████, ███ ███████, █████ ████████, and many others. As the current music changed and grew into many different genres, 547's tastes expanded as well, enveloping many different styles of music, with the exception of rap and hip hop. When finally contained and observed, SCP-547 admitted to only being able to speak English after hearing "███████████" in his capture. After much brainstorming, several scientists gave SCP-547 Latin music, and after listening to several different songs in Portuguese and Spanish, subject was fluent in both. From this point on, subject has listened to music in over 20 different languages and fluently spoke and understood all after engaging in region's music.

SCP-547 claims to have an actual name, "but cannot remember at the moment" when asked to identify itself. Often, SCP-547 will request being addressed by its current favorite band name. Currently, it is calling itself Muse and asks all personnel to address him by the band name. It has been observed that SCP-547 also displays very limited telepathy, ironically this only applies to music and the elements of nature. He claims he knows when he wants a new song, and can identify it lyrically despite never hearing the tune before. It is recommended but not required that all D-Personnel have some familiarity in today's pop music. All observing scientists and O5-██ are to be constantly brought up to date upon SCP-547's current music tastes and most recently recorded abilities in the field.

SCP-547 other telepathic skill is that to actually communicate with nature. Subject claims he can feel the earth around him, and with his own powers, can heal whatever damage may be inflicted; either in the air, water, or the ground. Personnel have said after being in the facility housing SCP-547, the air and water around them feels new and fresh. Subject claims to be responsible for renewing the environment, though he does this cleaning process subconsciously. Rejuvenation of damaged environments, either by natural causes or human means require SCP-547's more individual attention and focus. Several proposals have been made that SCP-547 be used to restore the rain forests of Brazil or clean up oil spills in various parts of the ocean.

Addendum 547-01: After removal of SCP-547's armor, several tests were conducted on the objects along with SCP-547's abilities without the armor on. Subject's abilities are much more powerful and uncontrollable. SCP-547 still can activate these powers at will, but they are no longer restricted to each limb and cannot be formed or aimed, simply being shot out in massive bursts of the respective element. Study of the gloves and boots concludes that they act as conduits that control the elements created by SCP-547.

It is absolutely imperative that only SCP-547 be allowed to wear these items, as any other human who dons these objects will be brutally killed by various means depending on the item worn. Class D personnel who have worn the right gauntlet instantly burst in flames, quickly incinerating the body in a matter of seconds. When wearing the left glove, subject becomes electrocuted, eventually causing the heart to burst. The left boot causes the wearer's lungs to become completely filled with water, effectively drowning them in a few seconds. The right boot causes massive hemorrhaging of all organs, personnel quickly dying in a minute or less due to major loss of blood. These affects only apply to humans as all tests have shown no affect on animals of any species.

Addendum 547-02: SCP-547 is extremely social and most often will always agree to either a chat about various music or an interview with personnel above Level 3 or any O5 director, however SCP-547 has dodged or simply refused to answer all questions regarding his past and how old he truly is.

SCP-547 shows particular interest in SCP-076 after being allowed limited viewing of other SCP files. SCP-547 wishes to have a "sparring match" against SCP-076-02 to see who could beat the other. Due to the destructive nature of both and the catastrophe that could result from such powerful SCPs clashing, all ideas of said fight have been put on hold and put under heavy scrutiny, with Command currently debating the true research potential of both fighting and also the heavy risk of major loss of both environmental and human life. Subject has also recently expressed interest similar to that of SCP-213 despite never being presented any file information or verbal instruction. SCP-547's full psychic abilities are believed to yet be recorded, further study shall be conducted.

SCP-547 also has expressed a great desire to fight and kill SCP-517 and SCP-682. In this interview, O5-██ spoke to SCP-547 through video feed while two Class D Personnel maintained technical apparatus.

<Begin Log>

O5-██: SCP-547, Why-(interrupted by SCP-547)

SCP-547: Call me Coldplay right now if you would please. I have been lately enjoying their new album (skips past small talk between O5-██ and SCP-547)

O5-██: Anyway, after your limited viewings on the files we have on those two monsters, why do you want to kill them? From what you've told us, you have never personally fought or even met SCP-517 or SCP-682.

SCP-547: Because they seem like such great blokes and I'd like to go down to the pub later and have a drink with the old chaps. (SCP-547 chuckles lightly) No…they are, as you said, monsters Overseer. And all they crave are pure destruction and chaos. They, as you have mentioned in your files, must be destroyed at all costs. Plus your little tests tend to bore me, I'd like to go have a real fight once in a while.

O5-██: I see…and what of SCP-076? You have a great personal interest in him, often claiming how you understand his actions and why he does what he does.

SCP-547: He seems like an amazing man, not only to fight against but to also talk to. You humans can't begin to understand what he truly fights for but I know what goes through his mind every time he kills one of your agents…he's like a hero to me, but I promise I won't be causing any major havoc like him any time soon.

<End Log>

Addendum 547-03: After the incident of [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-547 has one final element that he has control over. From what was recorded from remaining equipment of the first few hours of incident, SCP-547 can conjure up massive storms and fierce wind. Gale force winds were noted to be at over 400 mph and massive tornadoes ranking far past F6 on the Fujita scale were recorded to be just the beginning. Being that there appears to be no items that SCP-547 wears to help subject control wind, research has concluded that this is SCP-547's raw power. After waiting a week, heavy downpour of rain and lightning and continued twisters were spotted by satellite imaging and personnel far enough way from storms.

After waiting another week, all storm activity had ceased and remnants of storage facility and all stationed personnel had been deemed missing or deceased. Upon interrogation shortly afterwards, SCP-547 appeared very drained and confused at what had happened, claiming amnesia of the event. For weeks, subjects usual activities were non-existent , often times SCP-547 would be lying about or sleeping heavily.

Despite obvious fatigue of SCP-547, no injuries were present when unconcious body of subject was recovered. It was later concluded that SCP-547 is completely immune to all of subject' displays of power. It should also be noted that the orb inside SCP-547's chest was almost completely dimmed after being examined by medical personnel upon recovery after Incident [DATA EXPUNGED].

O5-level note: On ██-██-████, SCP-547 was terminated by Dr. Clef during a containment breach incident. During the termination reports, it was determined that SCP-547's file had been corrupted by SCP-732, resulting in a grossly distorted version of his abilities. The original text, as written, follows.

Item#: SCP-547

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-547 is to be contained within a 15'x10'x10' room at Site-17. Walls are to be constructed of a ceramic carbon-carbon compound rated for at least 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with a door lined with the same materials (see NASA for details re: procurement of surplus Space Shuttle heat tiles). SCP-547's containment is only done as precaution in case of accidental loss of control, as subject has shown no real hostility towards the staff, and has been very cooperative in all research endeavours into his abilities.

Any reasonable request for changes to his living quarters are to be provided within two working periods. SCP-547's most common request is for music: its tastes tend to run towards alternative rock and similar music. It has expressed an extreme dislike towards Hip-Hop music. As music appears to allow it to better control its abilities (perhaps a psychological side-effect), these requests are to be granted at the soonest available opportunity.

Description: SCP-547 is a young, muscular Caucasian male in his late teenage years, in good health. His real name is not known, but he prefers to be referred to by a series of pseudonyms, often derived from comic-book culture. He currently prefers to be called "Coldplay," a combined reference to his favorite band and his thermal control abilities. Prior designations have included, but are not limited to: "Firestarter," "Pyro," "Elemental," and "Muse."

Subject is 2m (6'3") and weighs 85kg (190 lbs.). MRI and X-Ray reveal SCP-547's body to be completely human with the exception of a radiation-opaque mass located where its heart would be. Exploratory surgery has discovered a plasma sphere, approximately 10cm (4 in) in diameter, located in the center of SCP-547's chest. SCP-547 also possesses a secondary vascular system, running parallel to the lymph and blood vessels, the apparent purpose of which is to transport plasma from the heart to the extremities. Any attempts to extract this organ have resulted in the destruction of the surgical instruments: as further attempts are likely to kill the subject, this line of research is to be halted for the foreseeable future.

Every cell in SCP-547's body appears to have been laced with a dense carbon-nanotube netting, rendering its entire body a highly efficient "superconductor" for thermal energy. SCP-547's ability to rapidly transfer heat from one location to another not only renders it virtually invulnerable to high temperatures, but allows for a modicum of control as well. In one experiment, SCP-547 was able to transfer the "flame" from one candle to another by snuffing one candle out with his right hand while touching the wick of the other with his left index fingertip. In another experiment, SCP-547 was able to completely freeze a glass of water within ten seconds simply by dipping his finger into it and transferring away its heat.

How SCP-547 is able to manipulate heat energy is unknown at this time, but is the subject of further research.

Addendum 547-A: Due to the obvious tactical implications, and SCP-547's eagerness to contribute to the mission of the Foundation, I would like to propose that he be redesignated from Keter to Euclid, and that he be allowed to join the next incoming class of Academy cadets. I can fully vouch for his character, and can, without a doubt, assure the upper-echelon staff that this young man is not only a minimal threat to Foundation security, but has the capability to become a valuable asset who will serve us well.

- Dr. A. Clef (REQUEST GRANTED ON ██-██-████ BY O5-█)

Addendum 547-B: SCP-547 has officially requested permission to challenge Able for entry into Mobile Task Force Omega-7. This request is currently under review.

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