Item #: SCP-531

Object Class: Euclid/Keter TERMINATED: SEE BELOW

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-531 is to be contained in a 20 x 20 x 20 room with any furnishings it requests. To date, it has requested:
-One Cat (short haired tabby who subject simply calls "Baby") APPROVED
-Television with cable APPROVED
-one Xbox 360 with virtually all games for it APPROVED
-A refrigerator to be stocked with food and drinks of subjects choosing (exception: No Alcohol) APPROVED
-One laptop with internet access DENIED
-Laptop with all internal parts capable of internet access removed APPROVED
-Subject has also requested internet access solely for Xbox live, subject seems to enjoy shooting games (specifically Gears of War and Call of Duty 4) and wants to be able to play online PENDING (since subjects computer is incapable of internet access, this may not violate protocol)
-One Dean Flying V guitar w/ marshal amp and various accessories including: 1 Crybaby Wah pedal, 1 Chromatic guitar tuner, 1 capo, and enough cords to be able to use these. APPROVED

Subject is, or seems to be, a Caucasian male between the ages of 19-24 with blond hair and blue eyes, approximately 6 ft tall and weighing roughly 200 lbs. Dr.██████ and Dr.██████████ estimate the subjects mental age about 13-16 years of age, possibly the reason for his easy emotional agitation. Due to subjects nature, all staff interacting with subject must be friendly and outgoing and never respond in the negative to a request. Violation of this will not be punishable by high command, as subject's reaction will most certainly prevent a second occurrence if staff member in question is still alive. We know the subject is aware of its capability's but has stated that it cannot keep them under control when under stress. Due to high emotional instability of subject, psycho analysis is all but impossible, with sessions quickly becoming violent as soon as subject is asked about something it does not enjoy thinking/talking about, which seems to include all subjects relevant to psycho analysis.

Subject seems to have the ability to affect and alter the universe by will alone. As of now no knowledge of how this is possible has been gained, but we do know that the subjects moods seem to be the main form of control he has over the abilities. Around the subject the laws of physics seem to break down. Objects in his vicinity will slightly levitate or begin to pass through solid matter, and occasionally teleport, usually switching places with another object in the vicinity of the subject. This seems to only happen to objects that are not the subjects center of attention at that moment. If subject is in good will, and everything that can be done to keep him that way is to be done, staff around him report feelings of euphoria and elation.

All bruises, cuts or injuries not only seem to heal but vanish as if they were never there, even scars will fade. So far these changes have persisted after person(s) have been removed from subjects vicinity and even after subject undergoes a mood swing. Subject has shown limited control over these abilities, usually moving things telekinetically rather than by hand. If subject becomes agitated, persons near him will begin to feel depressed, irrational, violent and even suicidal depending on the intensity of the subjects mood swing. During the worst of these swings, objects/persons in subjects vicinity will age/decay rapidly if the subject is depressed, when angered, things will spontaneously char and catch fire and red energy will emanate from subjects body. Living things caught in this energy seem to have all the life energy sucked out of them. Thermal images show their body heat literally being "sucked" out of whatever body part is closest to subject. Autopsies of these individuals show now cause of death we are currently able to detect. Since his containment in 19██, subject has shown an increase in his control over his abilities, and also has not aged at all. Current procedures are not for subjects containment, but for protection of staff on Site ██, as Subject is contained willingly, going only as far as to say that he knows he is dangerous if he loses control and has no desire to accidentally hurt anyone else. Dr. ████████ wanted to inquire further but noticed tears on subjects cheeks and that subject seemed to be concentrating extremely hard, presumably to prevent his abilities from manifesting. No questions about the subjects past are to be asked under any circumstances, if the subject brings it up (which has never happened), change the subject of conversation immediately.

Document #982-a: As stated, SCP-531 will have drastically different effects on its surrounding based on its moods. Aside from the aforementioned affects, the following have been documented:

Sorrow: On December ██th, 19██, at approximately 1400 hours, the subject paused mid sentence and cocked its head to one side and seemed to enter a trance for several minutes. No outside stimuli seemed to affect him. After emerging from said trance, subject began weeping, screaming between sobs that he "could no longer feel his mother" and "she's dead".

Security footage shows that with each sob, subject would emit a wave of black energy in all directions. These waves seemed to disintegrate all forms of organic matter at the sub-atomic level, leaving inorganic things unharmed. At the time, subject was eating with staff in the mess hall. All persons in the hall were killed instantly, as were all persons within a radius of approximately 1/2 mile from subject, resulting in ████ casualties. It is unknown if this radius of effect was caused by the walls of the facility blocking the waves propagation in some way or if that is their natural range. Remote access to security cameras and intercom system enabled high command to communicate with subject remotely. After several hours subject calmed down the the waves ceased. For the following weeks, subject demonstrated effects similar to SCP-073, causing all plant matter coming into its vicinity to decay rapidly, but for unknown reasons animals, including humans, were not affected as they usually are when subject is in a similar state.

Jealousy: Recently, subject has realized staff protocols regarding responding to its requests in the negative and has begun to use this to engage in sexual activity with female staff members. Surprisingly, many of them are not only okay with this but sometimes instigate sexual activity themselves. As stated before, when the subject is happy, those around him will be as well. Obviously sexual encounters with the subject create a more euphoric state than would be possible with any normal human partner.

However, on November ██th, 20██, Dr. ████████ who had been intimately involved with subject despite being married was seen by subject meeting with her husband in the mess hall. When he saw them kiss, subjects entire eyes turned black. Objects in his vicinity not only began levitating but flying around, emitting orange or green light and disintegrating. Subject raised his hand as if grabbing someone by the throat, and Dr. ██████'s husband raised off the floor, obviously choking. At this point, the entire facility began to vibrate and staff who were able to see subject reported him "going in and out of focus" despite objects near him appearing normal. Subject shot a blue green "flame" from his palm which engulfed Dr. ██████'s husband, who began to age very rapidly. Thermal security cameras showed a similar effect to the energy emanating from the subject when angry. Dr. ██████'s screamed at this point, when the subject heard this his eyes returned to normal color and subject passed out.

Subject claims to have no memory of the incident, and was appalled when shown security footage of it. Has stated that it wants its deepest apologies sent to Dr. ██████ and her husband, who now appears to be 15 years older. Subject has stated that it would like an opportunity to attempt to reverse the effects of the incident. When questioned on how it would accomplish this, subject said that he "did not know how, but I know that I can". It seems that even the slightest alterations in the intensity/type of mood subject is in result in wholly different abilities manifesting. Due to the very short containment period of subject, only since ████, it is possible the subject may have a near infinite number of abilities. Subjects mental immaturity seems to be the only thing preventing control of the abilities, since in the above mentioned incident, subject seemed to know exactly what it was doing while in the "trance". Possibility of having class D personnel attempt to harm subject to test potential reactions in a combat scenario. Request is pending, currently weighing the massive loss of life this would entail compared to the benefits of having subject in control of abilities.

High Command has issued a statement that while the potential risk is great, the benefits of keeping the subject happy outweigh the dangers of possible random mood swings. Also due to the healing nature of the subject while in an euphoric state, the possible benefits to the foundation could be substantial, especially concerning the loss of life with more malicious SCP's such as SCP-682. They are currently formulating new protocols to prevent a recurrence, and currently have declared that female personnel may only engage in sexual activity with subject if they have already been debriefed and agree not to have any contact of any form from males while on site.

Considering possibility of medically inducing subject into a coma to maintain him in a euphoric mind state, more research into effects of medicine on subject must be done first, risk of subject having nightmares must also be considered.

TERMINATED: See Termination Report for SCP 531

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