Item #: SCP-269-D

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures are theoretical. There has been no testing on this artifact by the Foundation to date.

Proposed containment procedures involve either the construction of an elaborate and ever-changing maze such as the mythological maze of Crete, traditional containment procedures such as those commonly implemented in Armed Bio-Containment Area-14, or destruction of the artifact.

Description: Research indicates that someone attempted to contain a large creature in Vancouver, British Columbia on 27 April ████. Much of the evidence of this event has been intentionally obscured by parties unknown, but what has been determined is that the large creature was roughly humanoid with distinct moose-like features. The creature was described in a wide range of attributes, as with many cryptids, although all reports indicate the creature is bipedal with two arms, moose-like antlers, and a towering stature.

The attempt to contain the creature in a Vancouver warehouse failed, and the creature escaped onto the city streets. Over fifty-million dollars (Canadian) in property damages were caused by the creature. Among those destroyed were a small local bank, a sixteen-wheel truck, and miles of paved street.

Since then there has been a persistent level of sightings of the creature as it moves southward. On 4 May ████ the creature was sighted near the interstate at the Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, Washington by a student at Western Washington University. Two days later it was spotted in Kent, Washington and only hours later near southern Seattle. It continued this pattern until it reached Portland, Oregon. Since then sightings have ceased.

Note from General Bowe: The capture of this creature has been put on high priority by my office, as a mandate of our continued support of the Foundation. Not only does SCP-269-D represent a grave threat to the American public, but it may provide insight into Canadian SCP operations, if any.

Attached from FBI File 889:
The Unusual Incidents Unit has reported minimal findings. Their interviews with eyewitnesses were inconclusive, and provided as much insight into the "B.C. Moose Man" as they did Bigfoot. No human intelligence survey has found anything of value concerning this phenomenon. Each interviewee expressed high anxiety levels and a desire not to speak with us, in spite of their previous willingness to.

There is, however, significant forensic evidence. In spite of reassurances granted to me by the commissioner of the Mounted Police, Canadian authorities were not forthcoming about the incident. The event has also garnered little media attention. It is not in the Canadian national character to cover up incidents of violence in a major metropolis, though my recent visit to Vancouver gave me palpable evidence of physical devastation. The FBI has gathered photographs of the incident's aftermath, showing the wreckage of vehicles, buildings, and city streets. The force required to wreak that much carnage without explosives is matched only by the force of hurricanes.

It is my belief that there is a force actively preventing our investigation. Someone or some thing is preventing inter-jurisdictional communication, minimizing forensic evidence available to us, and coercing our witnesses not to discuss the incident with us.

[Compiled with the aid of rogue agent Bijhan ]

Addendum SCP-269-D-Theta:

SCP-269-D has been classified as decommissioned. SCP-269-D is to be stricken for all records, and its classification shall be reused.

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