Item #: 153

Object Class: Euclid

Standard Containment Procedures: SCP-153 is to be kept in a liquid nitrogen cooling tank appropriate for its size and stored in a standard Foundation freezing facility. Transportation of this object for any reason is to only be approved by Level 4 personnel or greater, and Class D personnel are not allowed to interact with number 153, regardless of clearance level. REDACTED, SEE BELOW

Description: SCP-153 is a preserved human thumb wrapped in ancient linen cloth. It is approximately 6cm long and a brownish color. The object smells strongly of burning corpses.

The paranormal properties of this item have yet to be fully tested or documented, but test subjects report heightened feelings of hostility to minorities and foreigners, as well as a sudden surge in patriotism while holding it on their person. Test subjects have also exhibited an extreme possessiveness over the object after testing has begun, becoming very paranoid about its safety.

Legend states that this is the mummified thumb of the Wallachian national hero Vlad Ţepeş, better known as Vlad the Impaler. Legends also say that it possesses "magical" qualities and grants its holder "power equal to the strength of their heart." Testing proves inconclusive (see Test Log 37-A).

Object 153 was recovered from northern Germany after police recovered it from the scene of a murder-suicide. Eight victims had been kidnapped (three women, four men, one child) and impaled on long wrought iron spikes that were mounted on the wall of the suspects basement. Suspect committed suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly in the neck with a pair of meat shears after police attempted to detain him for questioning. During autopsy, several pints of blood were found in his stomach and further DNA testing proved it to be the blood of the victims discovered in his basement. The object was then confiscated by police and turned into nearby site 11 where it was contained and remains to this day.

Addendum 1: Hey, has anyone seen this SCP? I think we lost it or something. Kondraki, look into this for me, would ya? Clef

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