Item #: SCP-135

Object Class: Euclid Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: To keep SCP-135 from causing harm to the surrounding personnel or environment, it must be enclosed in a titanium container when not in use. SCP-135 is known to be very dangerous, and should not be used except during testing. Any personnel attempting to use the object without authorization should be terminated. SCP-135 should only be handled by D-class personnel, and remote manipulation and control is only allowed to personnel of level 3 and above (with specific clearance for the object). Any personnel testing SCP-135 should use extreme caution and must wear an anti-radiation suit while handling the object.

Description: When kept in close proximity to an object, SCP-135 will usually mimic its form. Different forms recorded so far are a mobile phone (measuring 10cm in length and 4.5cm in width), a CD (Led Zeppelin - Mothership [2007 pressing]) measuring 13cm in length and 15.5cm in width, and an electric guitar (Gibson Les Paul [Standard Premium Plus]) measuring 4.5 metres in length and 1.5 metres in width. The original form of SCP-135 is unknown. Electrical items placed near SCP-135 have been known to become defective, and broken beyond repair. Personnel which have used SCP-135 in mobile phone form have been known to turn against other personnel situated near the object, and react violently towards them. It has also been known to kill animals such as rabbits, frogs and parrots. These animals have been known to begin pulsating and react violently towards the object. Tests on these animals have concluded that their brains deteriorated. As of yet, it is unknown why. SCP-135 was found in the remains of the spaceship which crash landed at Roswell in 1947. SCP-135 was discovered and moved to Site 19 on 15/11/47 after having killed a large number of wildlife within 15 metres of the spaceship. When used, SCP-135 has been known to glow yellow and green, but this phenomenon does not always occur. Tests have concluded that SCP-135 is very radioactive, including beta particles, gamma rays, neutrons and two unknown types of radiation.

Addendum 135-D:

SCP-135 has been decommissioned.

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