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Item #: SCP-122

Object Class: Neutralized(Formerly Safe)

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-122 is welcome to walk around Site ██. Due to budget restraints involving SCP-122, it is to be fed low grade canine kibble daily(see Document-122b), at 6:03AM, and 5:05PM. All waste excreted by SCP-122 is to be disposed of accordingly, preferably through the incinerator (See Document-122a).

SCP-122 is a large canine, approximately 1.5 meters in height, and 2 meters in length. Along its scapula are(at least in relation to the rest of its body) small wings, approximately half a meter in length. These wings are covered in black fur, and are similar in structure to a bat's wing. Due to size restraints, the wings are useless. SCP-122 has shown remarkable intelligence, going as far as proving to a research team(who, with further investigation were determined to be soundly sane.) to have the ability to communicate via written language. It has described itself as a young male of the species, rather small for its species, describing itself as a "runt". It is not aware that it is the only one of it kind known to SCP, and trying to explain this to it has lead to vicious retaliation. Testing shows a 63.5% correlation between SCP-122's DNA and the DNA of the domestic dog. There have been several complaints by SCP-122 on the quality of food it has been getting(see Document-122b).


To: All staff related to SCP-122

From: Dr. Tibor

Regarding some recent complaints about the smell of SCP-122's feces, it is under my approval to use the incinerator to dispose of this waste.


To: All staff related to SCP-122

From: Gen. Roth

I am sorry to say that it is not appropriate to use 50% of the budget going to Site ██ in buying a SAFE CLASS object lobster, steak, imported wine and whiskey, and other sumptuous items! If it continues to complain about it, I am going to put him up for termination!

(See Document-122c)


Gen. Roth was attacked by several D class personnel today in retaliation to his memorandum to the general SCP-122 staff. As much as I love SCP-122 as the other worker on it, I remind you that making our higher ups put it up for reclassification is never a good idea. I have to pull several strings to reassure O5-6 that 122 is not, in fact, psychic, and cannot control minds. Gen. Roth is being transfered to a different site, so you shall not need to worry about him. Please, try to keep the violence down.
-Dr. Tibor

Addendum 122-Incident 239-B:

SCP-122 was inadvertently transformed into solid crystal by SCP-244-ARC and killed by Kain Pathos Crow during Incident 239-B (Clef-Kondraki). SCP-122 had been locked into the incident area at the time and upon seeing Crow, it attempted to attack him, possible out of some fight for dominance within a pack hierarchy. It continued to attack Crow until it was neutralized.

Final Addendum 122
Upon further investigation and review, I have discovered a possible correlation with affection towards SCP-122, and inevitable death. Dr. Tibor's recent death due to cancer is an obvious example, as are all the D-class personnel who attacked Roth. As far as I'm concerned, this is of little importance, and impossible to prove due to Crow's actions. Seriously, a tranq could've worked just as well as a crystal.

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